4 Proven Hotspots to Sell Your Info Products

If you know me, you’ll know I am a little too excited when it comes to information products.

No, it’s not just because I sell private label rights products.

I have plenty of good reasons to back up my “excitedness”.

Why do I think creating and selling info products is one of the best ways to generate income on the net?

Glad You asked…

Here they are:

  • One time Creation – You only need to manufacturer (create) the product one time. Once you’ve created it, you could sell millions of copies. Create a ebook once and sell it for years into the future.
  • No Shipping – It’s digital. Your visitors shop, pay and download without you needing to lift a finger. I know there are many people who make good money selling physical products, such as on Ebay. Of course it can be a good route for some folks. I personally try to set up things that run on their own. Not a matter of being lazy, it’s working smarter.
  • Automation – As I’ve said, the entire sales process can be put on auto-pilot. You could have a website selling your info products 24 hours a day 7 days a week, almost completely on automatic. I say almost only because there are time a customer might need assistance, on rare occasion pay pal not working 100%, customer questions, ect. But honestly, in over 5 years, I don’t get that many support requests. Here’s a good example of an automatic money machine: Turnkey Digital Stores. Sorry, that sounded a little hypey, my bad, it’s true.

I’m not saying creating or selling info products is for every one. Nothing is. There is no one size fits all when it comes to working online. Guess I get too excited?

So, let’s get to the hotspots…

Warrior Forum

I know not every one is a fan of the WF and I can understand why. I get it. But there is one undisputed fact, there is a TON of buys visiting the site every single day.

Being that it’s a forum, you are of course allowed to have signatures for your posts and you area allowed to link to your own products and websites, just as long as you don’t use affiliate links.

But when I talk about selling info products here, I am mainly referring to the WSO section, which is the Warrior Special Offer sub forum. This is where you can post up your own info products for sale. Just a quick glance, right this moment, there are over 6,000 people viewing just that forum. Think there are  a few buyers in there?

I personally have found WSO’s to be hit and miss. Although, I’ve always at least broken even, can’t say it’s ever been a loss. I’ve had some sell like gangbusters, while others sell slowly.

The big key of course is the topic of niche of your product. You need to provide products that are hot. Right now for example, Offline marketing is hot. Kindle is another. SEO will probably always sell. Think you get the picture.

I am sure not saying, you can join the forum, put up a WSO and be rich by Christmas. It’s some what of an art.

Here’s some tips for getting the most of a WSO:

  • Regular Forum Member – It’s like anything, when people trust you, they are more likely to buy. If they don’t know you, how many do you think your going to sell? Seems like common sense, yet I see marketer after market come to the forum, have hardly any posts and they put up a WSO, which usually bombs. Believe it or not people even try it with “zero” posts.
  • Niche That’s Hot – I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating because I can tell you from experience, not everything sells on the WF. One way to research and to watch the WSO section and see what is selling. Simple.
  • Promote Your WSO – While it’s not necessary, it is required if you want to get as many sales as possible.  Because it’s a forum, your post moves down the list with each new WSO added, and it does move pretty quickly. Before you know it, your sale is off the first page. From experience, you will make sales after page 1, but they do slow down. Best way to advertise is to put a link in your signature and add some quality posts to the main forum. You could also put links on your websites, or social media accounts.
  • Quality Product – Shouldn’t need to be said, but sadly this is not always the case when it comes to WSO’s, there are plenty of crappy ones. So, if you want to stand out and build some long term success, put out a fantastic knock-them-dead product. this could be the place to build yourself a reputation that carries over beyond the forum. Or, done wrong, could kill your reputation.
  • Limited Quantities – This is where the scarcity principle comes in handy, when supply is limited, you’ll have a better chance of selling out. People don’t want to “miss out” on anything. Course, this might not work for you, but I thought I’d mention it.
  • Dime Sale – Here is a tactic many marketers use with success. Basically it means, the price for the product increases by a certain amount for each one sold. Something like a dime for every sale. Here again, buyers don’t want to miss out and end up paying more later. Many marketers hate it, but it does work.

There is one advantage the WF has over all the other platforms listed on this page, SOCIAL PROOF. Since it’s a forum, forum members can post replies to your WSO thread. Naturally if done right, you’ll have all the social (and more “real”) proof you need to sell plenty of copies of your product.

Smart marketers will contact members before they launch to give out review copies and ask for reviews in the thread, and these turn into testimonials. I say more “real” because these are people posting in real site, not some text testimonial on a sales page.

On a side note, you can set your WSO up for affiliates using Warrior Pro, or JVZoo. Something to keep in mind.

Cost – $40 per WSO and per Bump.

Another side note – I personally have not found it profitable to bump my WSO’s. But that depends on what your selling and what your end goals are. For me, either my WSO sold out, or the first run only broke even. Thing is, each bump is going to be less sales than the last run and usually much less than the first posting. People have already seen it or already bought it, so your pool of potential customers dwindles. So if your first run only breaks even, it’s most likely you won’t even cover your bump on future runs.

Now if your running a WSO to build a list, then bumps could be worth it because your getting a lead, which if used right, could be worth much more than a sale.

Pros: Huge potential pool of proven buyers. Instant payments into your pay pal account.

Cons: Price of listing and bumps. Must provide your own sales system.

Rules for WSO’s: Main product must be original, but bonus items could be anything (here is where PLR comes in handy). The price must be better than anywhere else it’s being sold.

For more about running successful WSO’s check these out: Warrior Forum WSOs.

JV Zoo

You won’t find a forum here, but you will find a marketplace. Well, sort of. I’ll explain. This site is more of a sales system, a place you can easily put up your info products. It also has a market place (public product listings), and a built in affiliate system.

The big key with JVZoo is that it has the built in affiliate platform. Meaning, once you “add” your product, you can make it private, or you can make it available for affiliates to sell. Obliviously this is one of the best features, the opportunity to have others sell your product around the world.

What I like about the system is that it’s easy to use. Once you add a couple products, you’ll be a pro. :)

Another useful feature is that you have control over affiliates. Before any one can promote your product, they must request to do so. Here you have three options, instant commissions, delayed and deny.

This is important because scammers are always on the look out for instant commission programs, which they use to purchase items with stolen pay pal accounts. They get their commission right away, but later, your stuck with the after math of their fraud. To many good people have lost their pay pal accounts because of this type of fraud. But they will skip delayed payouts. So it’s some security.

Pro’s: Lower cost listing, as it’s a percentage of sales, so you only pay if you make a sale and this is all done for you automatically. Instant payment in your pay pal account. There are also many powerful options, such as upsells, membership integration and more. Instant payments into your pay pal account.

Con’s: Not really a con, but somewhat an inconvenience, that you must approve affiliates. But it also protects your pay pal account, so that one could go either way.

Rules: None in particular, just common sense, nothing illegal.

Rap Bank

I will admit I don’t have as much experience with this one, but thought it was important to include it. Here is another site that is similar to JVZoo, as it ‘s a sales system and marketplace. Actually it was born from the RAP (Rapid Action Profits) script, which of course is a program internet marketers install on their websites to sell info products. It’s quite a robust system at that.

I can not say the exact reason the Bank came around, but I am guessing because the original RAP script is out of the reach of some folks and this was a way to provide a less-costly option. I am sure it was also to create a place for everyone selling with the rap script to list their products, draw in affiliates and have a marketplace.

The one draw back to this system is that you don’t have as much control over your affiliates. If you choose to make your product available to affiliates, any one can promote it, even the scammers I’ve mentioned above.

There are two ways to get listed with Rap Bank:

  • Script Owner – If you own the RAP script, you can add your product with no extra cost.
  • List-N-Earn – Without owning the RAP script, it is a one time fee of $20 plus a small percentage of the sales.

Pro’s: Marketplace that could bring in sales and potential affiliate sales.

Con’s: Higher cost per listing over other platforms. No control over who can promote.

Rules: Not many that I know of, besides common sense, nothing illegal.


Big Tip – Something important you have to remember, to make good money, or mad money, you need a sales funnel. As you probably know, profitable marketers start out with a low cost entry product and push higher priced upsells in the backend. I only say this so that you don’t think you can just throw up only one main product and have a down payment for your mansion.

If your stuck or struggle with information product creation, here’s a whole slew of useful information:  Information Product Creation.



I saved this one for last for a reason. And, maybe saved the best for last? I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you what Amazon is and why you should give it some thought for selling your info product. We’re talking about the largest retailer online with millions of customers

As you well know, Kindle is red hot right now and ebooks will be popular for some time. So, turning your info product into a Kindle book can be a smart way to go.

Now, I am not saying you can throw up a new Kindle book and sit back and count the money. Sorry, it will take some work, and the reason I saved it for last. I takes some marketing, so social networking, some promotion. It also helps to have good reviews and more some from verified buyers.

But here is the deal… the pay off from this platform alone can completely blow away anything else on the net. One of the biggest reason’s is that Amazon is happy to alot of marketing for you, after all, the more books you sell, the more they make. They have a vested interest.

Original Product

This is the main factor with Kindle, your product must be original, and yes they do check, not like you can fool them. Least not any more. Not to say you couldn’t get idea’s from other works, such as PLR. You knew I was going to say that didn’t you? Seriously though, I’ve found it much easier to re-write something, than to start completely from scratch.

Pro’s: Incredible potential, possible millions of customers.

Con’s: Depending on your niche or market, you could be up against some established big competition.

Rules: Must be original work.

More information about using Amazon can be found here: Kindle Publishing.

Okay, my fingers are getting tired, so I’ll end for now. Sure I forgot something. I’ll add as I remember.

pdficon2 Download this post as a PDF:  4 Proven Hotspots to Sell Your Info Products

What’s your thoughts? Anything to add? Leave a comment below.

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Ron Killian
Full time internet marketer since 1999, Digital product creator and sales, including private label rights. Enjoys helping others build their own successful online business.
Ron Killian


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Ron Killian
Ron Killian
  • http://plrvideodirect.com Steve Dougherty

    Great post and valuable info Ron.

    I agree with your thoughts on bumping WSOs, or rather not bumping.

    Between your own and your affiliates promoting for you, you will likely see sales even after your WSO drops off page 3 (that is when you can bump).

    On a side note..,

    I really like the look of your WP 2014 theme. I especially like the stationary menu bar up top.

    Keep up the great work my friend & have a happy holiday season.

    – Steve D.

    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Great to see You Steve.

      Well, I am sure no WSO expert. And I guess part of it is that I usually don’t do unlimited quantities, so that’s a different animal altogether.

      Thanks for the comment about the theme. I updated WordPress yesterday, saw the new theme and hhmmm. I’ve been looking for a new one and so far this one seems to really fit my needs. Still paying around with it. My only con is that I wish it had more admin options. I like theme’s you can mess with, without needing to dig into the stylesheet.

      On a side note, you’ve probably seen the new WordPress admin too right? Is it just me, or is it VERY nicely done? I love the new admin. Christmas has come early for me. I’m a weirdo :)

      Hope to see you back soon. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  • http://www.actionbloggers.com/ Ashish

    Wonderful post, actually I’m new here.

    Well to be honest with you, I haven’t created any product till now but was thinking jump into this stuff and your tips are really helpful. Indeed warrior forum and amazon are the favorite places to sell info products and get the sales in short time.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Good to see you Ashish.

      Yep, WF sure is a site to sell your wares. Hope you do well with it.

  • http://www.donnamerrilltribe.com Donna Merrill

    Hey Ron,

    I’m familiar with all you mentioned above except Rap Bank! Thanks….I can look into that.

    I’m currently just about to put my product on JVZoo. It’s my own so it is a little scary when it comes to affiliates. I just don’t want them to contort the product as sometimes people do. But what the heck. Gotta start some where right?

    I love the Amazon platform. I had a few niche sites in the past and used it. Pretty good ROI when it comes to that one.

    Thanks for this informative article!


    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Nice to see you Donna.

      Least with JVzoo you can delay payments to keep out the scammers. Think your starting with the right place, as it seems like the place IMer’s are using and promoting from. Just don’t be surprised if you get many affiliates, but few actually promote. Hate to be negative, just what I’ve experienced. But does seem like the best place to find them. Just make sure to promote for affiliates yourself. Well, sure you already know that.

      Thanks for the kind words. Hope you see you around the ole place again real soon :)

  • http://imwithsusanvelez.com Susan Velez

    Hi Ron,

    Great tips on where to sell your info products. I just released a WSO and while it didn’t do that bad, it wasn’t that great. I agree with you that you have to have social proof in order for people to buy from you.

    I did bump my WSO since I was always able to make my money back and it has been helping me build my list. So basically, I’m building a list for free.

    I haven’t tried Amazon but would be interested in giving it a shot. Thanks for sharing these resources with us and I hope you have a great day.


    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Good to see you Susan. :)

      Congratz on doing a WSO, most people don’t even get that far. Not bad is better than terrible :)

      Ya, social proof sure seems to be a big key there. While back, a WF member contacted me about reviewing a WSO he was going to be launching. He also contacted a number of other people. Think it was only a day or two and his thread had like 3 pages or more of replies. I don’t know how well it did for him, but I can guess it was pretty successful. That will be my strategy next time.

      Great to hear it helped build your list, that’s always worth bumping.

      If you ever need a review, let me know, happy to help when I can.

      Hope to see you back again soon.

  • http://www.NateLeung.com Nate Leung

    Hi Ron!

    Your site looks different than I remember it last time. :-)

    As one of my goals for the upcoming year is to come out with my first product.

    With what you said about creating your own products. The fact that you can create it one time, and you get paid over and over. No hassle of having any kind of products sitting in your garage sitting there waiting to be shipped.

    The second one you mentioned is ‘no shipping’. Who wants to run to the post office every time you make a sale? That is the beauty of having a digital product. You can sell them even when you’re not on the computer! You can even make sales when you’re sleeping!

    The third and last one on your list is ‘automation’. The entire sales process does takes some work, but in the end it’s worth it. Once you have a foundation in place, tweak if necessary and throw traffic at it.

    Awesome all around post Ron!

    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Hey Nate!

      Yes the site is different. I was not completely happy with the previous theme, so switched one that I think will work better for me. Well, hopefully better for my visitors. You think it looks better or worst?

      Good idea to get your own product going. It’s been working well for me, for some time. And yes, as you said, there are SO many benefits to digital products. And of course, automation is my favorite part of the model. Why not work smarter and spend less time “working” when we can? Hope it does well for you, just get it out there :)

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • http://madlemmings.com Ashley @ madlemmings

    Hey Ron
    Some great information in here.
    I must say that this area of marketing is mostly completely new to me. I am working on a video course, as I have realised that selling your knowledge is the only way to truely make money online.
    So this info will come in handy when I am ready to go!

    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Great to see you Ashley.

      Your right, selling your knowledge is a great way to profit. And the only cost is accessing some brain cells. Hope your video product does well for you. Just don’t procrastinate like so many of us (myself included), and get it out there!

      Hope to see you back again soon. :)

  • http://tim-bonner.com Tim Bonner

    Hi Ron

    I’m the same as Donna. I’ve heard of all of the hotspots apart from Rap Bank.

    One day, I’d love to get my own product out there and I know in this day and age it’s really easy to do.

    The problem is without promotion and, as you mention on the Warrior Forum, social proof, no-one’s going to buy your product.

    Still, you’ve given me food for thought for 2014!

    Have a great weekend.


    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Good to see you Tim.

      Well, with the warrior forum, you can always contact other members to review your product before you put it up for sale. Build your own social proof. Pretty easy process. I am sure you know some folks there, probably some that you’ve connected with through your blog, or through commenting. I’d be more than happy to give a review or testimonial for you if you ever need it. Sure there are plenty of bloggers that would help you out as well.

      So, actually, you have no more excuses now :)

      You better get crack’in!

  • http://www.shermansmithblog.com Sherman Smith

    Hey Ron,

    Nice write up here. I am familiar with them all except for the Rap Bank you mentioned.

    I hear a lot of people using JV partners, mainly to build their email list. I never use JV before but I’m interested and learning more about them. It sucks that you have to keep an eye on scammers. I’ve already had a problem with hackers on my blog as you already know, and I definitely don’t want to lose my paypal account. Hopefully the scammers would be obvious for me to cancel their request.

    But anyways, Thanks for sharing this information! Happy Holidays!

    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Thanks for the comment Sherman.

      Ya, sadly there are too many bad guys looking to profit from others. The key seems to be, delaying payments for people you don’t know. Bad guys want the instant payments so they can get the cash before any one notices they’ve used a stolen pay pal account. JVzoo sure makes that easy, giving you the option to set up a delay and you can even see how many sales the requester has made with the system.

      I have not done much in the way of JV’s either, but is sure does is a very appealing way to drive traffic and sales.

  • http://www.tricksmode.com Itender Rawat

    Hello Ron,

    Warrior Forum and Amazon a popular and best spot to sell digital products. I’ve been getting good outcome from amazon from a new book.


  • http://netmarketsuccess.com silviu

    Hi Ron,

    I am here, on your site, again. Fine article about were to sell info products. I don’t like Warrior forum. I don’t know why. Maybe there are too many people there who care only about their products and business. This was my impression when I checked it. I may be wrong but … .

    The rest of the hot spots seem OK.

    Well Ron, I didn’t forget your comments and your wonderful analysis you made for me and my site. Now that I’m back in business I will come here more often.

    A Happy New Year for you and your family

    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Good to see you again Silviu. Ya the WF has it’s good and bad. Although, if you spend enough time there, you’ll see there are many good people and many peole sharing some great tips, idea’s and marketing information. Maybe you just haven’t seen all the good :)

  • http://internetdreams.com/ Samuel

    I am going to work on my second ebook in this quarter of 2014.

    I need to figure out when I need to produce my first product ebook and sell it.

    Thanks for the article!

    – Samuel

  • http://www.kingged.com Sunday

    Hi Ron,
    I agree with you that Warrior Forum is a great hotspot to sell information product.

    I know of many Internet marketers who are making money with the WSO. Amazon is also great but it is very competitive unlike other platforms discussed.

    Nevertheless, making money from any of these hotspots will require the marketer to commit to quality and trusted service delivery to clients!

    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Thanks for the comment Sunday. Good too see you here.

      Just some places I’ve used to sell digital products. They’ve worked for me :)

      Hope to see you again.

  • http://www.shermansmithblog.com Sherman Smith

    Hey Ron,

    I’ve heard of all of these except for Rap Bank.

    I plan on writing an ebook this year on blogging and I do have an eye open for places I can promote it. I never used any of the platforms you mentioned to promote anything but now at least I have a general idea of what to expect whenever I use them.

    I can definitely imagine how competitive Amazon can be. I do a lot of shopping there myself I do admit I only look for the popular stuff on their from popular authors.

    Thanks for the share! I hope you had a great New Years!

    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Good to see you again Sherman.

      Rap bank was before most of the others (besides amazon of course), but frankly I feel it’s fallen to the side. Just not what it use to be. So I don’t think your missing much there. Hate to say it as it had so much promise. Well, you don’t improve and innovate, you get left behind, right?

      JVzoo sure seems to be the place. They are always adding new features, it’s grown quite a bit. And of course their marketplace has grown greatly.

      I did have a great New Years. Actually we had our Christmas then, as my son was out of town for Christmas.

      Hope you had a great holiday season!

      Hope to see you back again real soon :)

  • http://www.startbizquitjob.com/ Naomi Dinsmore

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the great information about Warrior Forum. They have helped me gain a lot of positive and negative reviews on products I have considered buying.

    But I never knew that it was that type of forum.

    Thanks for the info!


    • http://www.theplrstore.com Ron Killian

      Hello Naomi. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Hope I did not paint a negative picture of the WF forum. It is a good forum and well worth taking the time to be a contributing member.

      One of it’s strong suits is that it is not just the biggest internet marketing forum, but it is also one of the biggest IM type marketplaces.