Advanced Guide To Internet Marketing


Time to amp it up and throw out some power tips to increase your online business.

If you’ve read my previous post, Beginners Guide To Internet Marketing, you’ll know I covered many of the basics when it come to making money online.

Don’t go any further if you have not read the previous guide.

Unless you’re already a rockstar in the space.

In that first part, I kept it simple for a reason. I did not want to overwhelm you with too much at once.

As humans, we often tend to over complicate things. We sometimes make them “seem” more difficult than they really are.

Of course I am NOT saying you can work an hour a day and make a million. If that was the case, everyone would be rich. And you probably wouldn’t be reading this because I’d be sitting on some beach or some topical island sipping fruity drinks.

I am only trying to say, don’t make it harder than it already is. When you do, you limit your opportunity for success. You can set yourself up for failure, even if your intentions are good.

You’re smart, I know you can do this.

And I know you can create a business that pays you well.

Or you can greatly improve what you’ve already built.

So, it only stands to reason, there should be a guide for some more advanced tactics. Not that I am a guru or anything, just what I’ve learned along the way, mistakes I’ve made over the years, that I want to pass on.

And no worries, these are all things you can handle.

After all, you’re a marketing powerhouse, right?

So let’s get to some simple ways you can jazz up your biz and add some OMPH to what you’re doing.

Let’s get to it…


If there was one skill that could have the biggest impact on any business, it is without a doubt, copywriting.

Think about it for a moment…

Most everything we do is really about selling is it not?

If you look at every part of your website or blog, almost every part has some sort of promotion to it.

Let’s take a closer look…


Post or Article Titles – This is what get’s your visitors attention, or it doesn’t. And frankly this is one of the most important parts of your blog. If your titles don’t grab them, so they want to read more, they are gone and might not be back again. They don’t read your content, they don’t see your advertising. So it only makes sense to test your post titles.

Actual content – Okay, content is for learning, teaching, information, but honestly, every post you create should have some call to action, some promotional links or blurbs. If not your leaving money on the table. Not saying you need to turn your posts into banner or link farms, just saying you should be selling. Remember, if you’re not selling your not making money. I am not saying you should split test your content, though you could, but all your call to actions within the content could and should be tested.

Engagement – If you want to build a following for your blog or website, as you should, there should be plenty of calls to action for your visitors or readers to engage with you or your content. It could be as simple as “What do you Think?“, or, better yet, “What do you think about ________?” It’s amazing how many bloggers end their content with nothing. Why? Engagement shows you have other readers, other visitors, it probably even re-enforces your authority and expertness. It builds trust. With all that, your visitors will be more likely to click your promo links or banners and more likely to BUY.

Social Sharing – We know social media is SO important these days. In my opinion, it is somewhat the new SEO, surely the new traffic sources. The new linkbacks (called social signals). Here again, you need to ask people to share, even tell them to share, maybe give them a good reason to share. Sometimes visitors need a little nudge or reminder.

Money Money:

Gotta make that money right? How else you gonna buy your bling? It’s why we are all here banging away at the keyboard.

Of course we will be talking about ads and promotional links.

Sadly though, it seems so many marketers drop the ball in this area.


Simple. By not testing their ads.

Been guilty of it myself.

It’s all about Conversions.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Doesn’t matter how much content we put out, how many hits we get to our sites, if that traffic doesn’t convert into hard cold cash, we not going to be adding much to the bank balance.

As I’ve already said, copywriting is the selling part, so in essence it is also what converts our site visitors into paying customers. Whether they buy your product or an affiliate product your promoting, nothing goes into your pocket until they pull out the credit card or login to their pay pal account.

Obviously, the key to conversions is testing and tracking.

If we are not testing and tracking our advertisements, we have no idea how well, or how badly our ads are doing.

And to be honest, from my experience, most banner ads don’t get jack for clicks.

Not saying all banners are low converting, just saying many of them are. Just from my own testing. And of course it depends on what your promoting.

The BIG problem is that most marketers just slap up banners without a thought. Either they don’t think about how they “might” convert, or they don’t care.

Been there, done that.

You might be asking, what makes for a high pulling advertisement?

While there is not one perfect ad for every niche, market, product or service, and there are many variables, here are a few things to test or what to look for when choosing your ads.

  • Animated images – These types of ads help draw the visitors eye to the ad itself. It grabs their attention, and that’s half the battle. Ad blindness be gone. Color can also have an impact on clicks.
  • Emotional text keywords – If you know your market, you’ll have a pretty good idea on which keywords will help to get the clicks. If you not sure, here’s a simple way to get the best keywords, visit the salespage for the product. Not saying to “steal”, just get ideas. If your promoting a good converting product or service, the salespage is likely to be loaded with selling words and phrases.
  • Banner click buttons – Many banner images come with some kind of call to action, or some kind of button. This is another aspect you can test, such as different text on buttons, like “Click Here Now”, “Free Report”, ect.
  • Position – It’s no secret that ads perform differently depending on where they are located on the site. You could test different locations to see what gets the highest click-thru rate.

I know most of us don’t create our own ads, so the above can be used as a guide when choosing banner images from say affiliate promo material.

That leaves us with…

  • Promotional Text Links – Something else that should be tested and tracked. Both the link text and the position can and should be tested. Just changing a word can have a huge impact on conversions, I’ve seen it happen.

Now, I don’t want you getting all frazzled, thinking you need to become a copywriting ninja to make any money.

Not saying that at all.

I am only saying, you could increase your earnings if you started learning how to create copy that works and to test everything you can. Even if it’s a little at a time. Even if it’s little tweaks here and there. Little changes can make a big difference.

I think the problem is that copywriting can be intimidating to many, and this is the reason why most people don’t learn it.

My Friend Sherman Smith has some good copywriting tips for you here:

8 Copywriting Formulas To Engage Your Blog Audience

5 Hypnotic Elements To Write An Effective Call To Action

Okay, enough on that. Let’s move on…


Shall we talk more about money?

Of course!

Another key to generating a healthy flow of cash online is income diversification.

As they say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Especially when it’s getting close to Easter.

Seriously though, it’s never wise to rely too heavily on one income source. Or promoting one product or service.

What happens if that one source of cash disappears?

Your scrambling to find a replacement and your losing money till you find one.

Same goes for not promoting only one platform or market place. What if, for example, your selling only Clickbank products and something happens to your account? Not saying it’s going to happen, but just in case, you need to cover your you-know-what.

This also applies to payment processors, depending on only one solution and it’s not longer usable puts you in a bind. Cuts off the money source. No bling for you!

Over the years I’ve seen it all, affiliate programs going belly up, payment processers not processing any more. Sadly I’ve also lost money in some of those situations.

Don’t be like me.

This section is pretty simple, so I won’t go into great detail.

At the very least have backs ups lined up, for that “just in case” moment.

Speaking about money…

TIP: When you’re creating ebooks or reports, instead of placing direct links to affiliate programs, use a URL redirect. You know the ones that make links like, Once your report or PDF is out there, sitting on other peoples hard drives, you can’t change the links. No bling for you!

Think out of the box

Have you brainstormed and thought of every way you could profit from your site? Cover all the affiliate programs? Selling your own products, such as Ebooks? Maybe a membership section? What else can you do? Course you know the super easy way to have your own ebooks and reports… Private Label Rights.

Here’s a great inspiring story about thinking out of the box when it comes to filling your pockets with some dollars when you’re selling your own products from my friend Richard Martin:

$10k In One Week – And How To Find A Laser Focused Affiliate


Let’s face it, there is NO shortage of things to sell online.

That’s the easy part.

Just with affiliate products alone, you’d have to live to be a 1000 to even come close to running out of stuff to promote.

Doesn’t even matter what market or niche you’re in, there is a product or service for most everything you can think of.

Did you know you can sell elbow grease? Seriously.

But, the most important part of your business is going to be traffic.

Bar none.

You could have amazing content, killer products or services to promote, but if no one comes by your site, how much are you going to make.

When I use to do work for offline clients who wanted a website, I always told them the same thing. A website is like a store out in the woods, no one knows about it until you build roads to it.

Your smart, you know you need visitors to make money.

But you need to be careful…

I hate to admit it, but I’ve been guilty of being lured by the sweet siren song of google search traffic.

It can be very addictive.

It can be very profitable.


It is NOT long term. I don’t care what any SEO guru says, search engine traffic is far from sustainable, and not very reliable.

My last good run was about 4 years, and that was abnormal, compared to other years in my business.

Of course I am not saying you should not try for search engine traffic, you should, I am only saying, don’t depend on it too much.

I say that, but I know some of you will fall prey. I know because I’ve been there.

Google has slapped me around so much over the years, surprised I don’ t have permanent black and blue spots. No they are not liver spots, I ain’t that old!


I’ve seen my traffic disappear overnight, along all the sales it was making.

Sure you can see where I am going here.

To build a business that generates a stable (as close to stable of possible) income, you need to dip your toes into as many traffic sources as possible.

Yes, I know that sounds like common sense, but don’t be like me and put your business in the hands of only one or two traffic sources. Believe me and hear me now, it WILL come back to bite you.

Back in the mid 90’s, I was using a particular traffic source. I built these little mini sites and submitted them. I was like money in the bank. Every site I created and submitted made money, every single one.

Until this particular traffic source changed their entire business model and my lonely sites were no longer welcome.

Ouch. No Bling For You!

Sure you can guess what happened to my income.

The part that relied on that gold traffic spout was gone pretty much over night.

In this section I just wanted to emphasize that you’re playing a losing game if you count on one main source of visitors.

What’s the solution?

Traffic Diversification. Your eggs in many different baskets.

Some ideas to spread the traffic out:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Following and Sharing
  • Viral Reports and handouts
  • Blog Commenting
  • Listbuilding – Email Marketing
  • Blog Subscription boxes
  • Link Trades (done in strict moderation)
  • Blogger Social Sites
  • Video Marketing and Sharing
  • Content Locking
  • Document Sharing Sites

How many of these do you use? Hopefully you use more than one or two.

Of course it’s not the end all, be all list of traffic spots, but it’s what my tired brain came up as I type this. It’s more than enough to get you thinking.

Don’t forget to think out of the box, like how you can re-purpose your content. For example, when you write a blog post, you could easily and quickly create a PDF of it, and put it up for download, or upload it to document sharing sites.


Henry Ford was quoted as saying:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

― Henry Ford

It’s so incredibly true and many people don’t think about it.

I get it. I live in the real world too.

Sadly we are surrounded by negativity day in and day out.

I rarely watch the news myself. It’s 99% BAD news and around here, they even use scare tactics to try and get people to watch their doom and gloom, scare every one about everything, crap content.

Don’t think many people realize they are being radiated with the negative content.

Not saying you need to bury your head in the sand. Just be aware and maybe limit yourself from those negative channels in life.

The point I am trying to get to, is that you HAVE TO believe in what you’re doing. You HAVE TO believe that you will succeed.

If you think you won’t succeed, you won’t.

Simple as that. I’ve proven that one many times. My wife is a witness to many of those events. I even got her hooked.

I’ve also proven that if I think with an abundance frame of mind, that’s what I attract.

Ya, sounds like I am getting into all that Law of Attraction stuff, and I kind of am.

To me, it goes a little beyond that.

I’ve found it to be three basics concepts:

  • Believe in yourself and what you’re doing
  • Positive mindset
  • Taking action

Sounds so simple, yet SO powerful. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Try it for every a week or two, you WILL be amazed. And when you make those millions, don’t forget my island.

Here’s a great post about Mindset by my Friend Carol Amato: Mindset Is A Terrible Thing To Waste


There is a saying, that “No Man Is An Island’, and this could not be more true when it comes to making money these days on the interwebs.

I am an example that you could be a one-man-band and build a business. I say “could” because I don’t believe it’s as do-able these days.

While it might still possible to be a loner, you’ll get much further ahead if you are more social.

It’s hard to get around that aspect of the internet.

That means you need to have profiles on all the social networks that make sense and are worth your effort. At the very least you need to hit Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Like I said, use the ones that make sense, that give you a return on your time investment.

There was a big story not long ago about Copyblogger dumping their Facebook page. Not that facebook doesn’t work, it just did not give them enough of a return.

Don’t go dumping your FB account, just make sure your getting something back from your time spent.

Most importantly, you need to engage on the social sites. I know from experience, just having a social account and even adding followers, does not translate to traffic of sales.

There needs to be some engagement with people on those platforms. Again, it’s not like you have talk to every person you have in your circles, or retweet every tweet, just make the effort to make connection. I guarantee it will come back 10 fold.

And have some damn content on your social accounts! Sorry to use such strong language, but it amazes me how many people add me, I check out their account and there I NOTHING there.

Why would I want to follow you, or be your friend when you are literally not providing anything?

Not going to happen. No follow for you!

It’s really pretty easy. Find some interesting content? Share it. Read a great article? Share it. Read a good social post? Comment.

It’s not rocket science folks.

I’ll be the first to admit (raising both hands), that I’ve neglected social media for far too long.

Sure, I had all the accounts, I even build up followers and friends. But with little engagement on my part, I wasn’t seeing much of a return.

I am not the social guru, so I’ll end it with, get started and engage on social media.


You’ll find an interesting video interview about “Being Everywhere” on social media by my friend David Leonhardt:

David Leonhardt on how to “Be Everywhere”


Wanna know the fastest way to grow your business?

Invest and Reinvest.

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my business over the years, not putting money back into it.

You know that for any business to succeed, it needs to grow. Without reinvesting in your business, your business probably won’t grow, at the very least it will be slow growth.

Actually I probably should have named this section, invest as well, huh?

I say that because it’s amazes me, how many people I see who don’t even want to pay for proper hosting, let alone tools or services that could help grow their business.

How do they expect to generate an income on line?

It’s not likely to happen.

I understand being broke, I was there many times over the years.

I get it. I still remember it.

And yes it’s very tempting to use free stuff.

I get that too.

But… and it’s a VERY big but…

If you want any chance of making money online, you have to put some money into it.

Do you want to make cents or dollars?

You have to invest AND reinvest.

That means, stop using free hosting or free blogs and get a real paid host.

Free will only get you so far.

Free is for someone who needs a hobby. Paid is for those who want to build a real business that makes more than their job, so they can be their own boss.

That means putting money into to your business. Or putting money back into your business.

You could set a threshold. Say, using 20% of your profits to reinvest in your business.

Here’s an example. You’re doing email marketing. When it starts making you money, use some of the money to buy say solo ads to grow your list even bigger. Use some of that money to buy ad space, to grow your list even bigger. Use some of that money to pay for tools that will help increase your earnings from your list.

That is just one example. The same could be applied to most any model.

Let’s make it even easier…

In its simplest form, or formula, making money on the internet comes down to this:

Website + Advertising + Traffic = Income

Yes I know, there are some variables to that formula.

But that has been a major point I’ve been trying to get through.

If your business is not working, if you’re not making money, you just need to look closely at each part of the equation above. Well, you should be testing and tracking anyways.

You need to investigate the variables.

If you have a website or blog and you have ads on your site, the next step is to know if you’re getting traffic. If you’re getting traffic and not making sales, then you look at the conversions of your advertising.

Of course you need to get enough traffic to convert in the first place, but I think you see what I mean.

As I’ve said, it does NOT have to be complicated. Follow the above formula and inspect each part as it relates to your business, website or blog. As you narrow it down, your more likely to see what is not working.

Well, there you have it. My version of an Advanced Guide To Internet Marketing.

I have not covered every single aspect to generating cash online, but between this and the Beginners Guide, you should be off to the races and have NO excuse if you’re not making money.

One last thing is that you should always be learning. That is not a license to keep buying every single shiny new object that comes out, don’t even think about it, but do further your education and you’ll continue to increase your earnings.

I also created a PDF, if you want to download this post for later reading. Link below:


What are your thoughts? Do you have something to add? Feedback? Bring any snacks?

I’d love to hear what you have to say, leave a comment below.

And don’t forget to share this on your social networks by clicking the sharing buttons. It would be appreciated!


Title Experiments Free – Split Testing post titles on your wordpress blog with this free plugin.

Blog Post Headline Analyzer – Free tool that will analyze your post titles and even give you suggestions.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer – Another free tool that analyzes your headlines to determine their emotional marketing value, or EMV.

Ads Pro – Powerful wordpress advertising plugin. I’ll be honest, I am just trying this one, so I am not going to say it’s the best, just yet. I’ve actually had a hard time finding a good plugin. But it’s worth checking out.

Google Analytics – Free tool you can use to test just about anything. From pages to content to squeeze pages and so many other aspects of your website.

Byte Of Data – My Buddy David Hartshorne’s blog that is loaded with all kinds of tools and website stuff that can help you kill it online.

Ron Killian
Full time internet marketer since 1999, Digital product creator and sales, including private label rights. Enjoys helping others build their own successful online business.
Ron Killian


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Ron Killian
Ron Killian
  • Carol Amato

    Hi, Ron,

    Great article – yep, You’re absolutely right! We as humans do have a tendency to complicate simple things.

    Yes Siree, knowing how to write good copy is absolutely key, and something I didn’t start focusing on until a few years into my business. I couldn’t agree more! :-)

    Tracking and testing is also something I did not focus on until I was a few years in. Was not a numbers gal until I decided I didn’t have a choice, and now it’s fun!

    Yeah, I’ve definitely been avoiding the single point sensitivity – being paid by one or two people. Having a J.O.B. is dangerous in my opinion because what if that one person decides he’s down with you? Much better to be paid by multiple people. Love my MasterMind Coaching Club for many reasons, but this is one of them.

    Thinking outside the box is definitely a necessity in this day and age of the noise and clamor online where everyone is scrambling for a piece of the pie. Setting oneself apart is needed and mandatory if we expect to succeed.

    Thanks so much for your kind mention of my article, Ron – it all starts with a success mindset, that’s for sure. :-)

    Excellent, comprehensive article, Ron – will be sharing out.

    Take Care,

    – Carol :-)

    • Carol Amato

      P.S. Love the Henry Ford quote, so applicable!!! :-)

      • Ron Killian

        One that’s been etched on my brain cells for a number of years now. So simple yet so incredibly powerful. If more people only understood the power in those few words. :)

      • Ron Killian

        One that’s been etched on my brain cells for a number of years now. So
        simple yet so incredibly powerful. If more people only understood the
        power in those few words.

        • Carol Amato

          Well said, Ron!

          Forgive me (I always have my marketing hat on), that quote should have been a tweetable! :-)

          • Ron Killian

            No, your absolutely right. There’s a few i probably could make tweetable. Actually I was just looking for a plugin like that the other day. Which do you use? Think it helps your site?

          • Carol Amato

            Hi, Ron,

            I have a tutorial for that!


            In my side bar, under Most Popular Articles, there’s a link for video tutorial: Simple Last-Minute Tweak Unlocks Free Traffic

            Please click that and watch short video. You can implement this into each and every blog post.

            I use it for images also that I create sometimes for each unique blog post.

            Love it, and yes – increases shares and traffic back.

            Hope to help. Have a blessed weekend.


          • Ron Killian

            Thanks for the suggestion. I did check it out and you explained it well. Good video. I got lazy and opted for a plugin. Little easier and quicker.

          • Carol Amato

            Fair enough. However, if you ever want to create a Tweetable anywhere, this code is so versatile. By the way, since doing that video tutorial, I found that %20 which represents a space in code, can also be a plus sign: + So, this makes the message much easier and quicker to edit and change. Have a great day. :-)

    • Ron Killian

      Thanks for stopping by Carol.

      Same here, I put off learning copywriting for many years. Did not realize the power it could have in what I was doing. Well, think most people don’t realize it as well.

      You got it, I’ve seen to many affiliate programs and payment processors go out. Not to mention the shady people running some of them over the years. Sounds like your coaching program is a good income producer for you.

      Funny how many copy cats come along when something new and big comes out. It’s like people would rather copy than innovate. And they sure don’t seem to understand that predecessors are most often no where near as hot.

      Glad you enjoyed it, and as always, thank you for your comment :)

    • Ron Killian

      Thanks for stopping by Carol.

      Same here, I put off learning copywriting for many years. Did not
      realize the power it could have in what I was doing. Well, think most
      people don’t realize it as well.

      You got it, I’ve seen to many affiliate programs and payment
      processors go out. Not to mention the shady people running some of them
      over the years. Sounds like your coaching program is a good income
      producer for you.

      Funny how many copy cats come along when something new and big comes
      out. It’s like people would rather copy than innovate. And they sure
      don’t seem to understand that predecessors are most often no where near
      as hot.

      Glad you enjoyed it, and as always, thank you for your comment.

  • David Hartshorne

    Hey Ron,

    I brought along an Easter Egg for you – but not sure which basket to put it in:-)

    Well my friend you have certainly ‘amped up’ as you put it above. You have gone to town and given us everything on a plate. Thanks so much for sharing your journey and your experiences – the good ones and the bad ones. It really helps to put things into context when you lay it out like this Ron.

    Thanks for the mention in your Resources section. I’m sharing your epic post now!
    Happy Easter!
    – David

    P.S. – Welcome to the Disqus Club! Couldn’t resist joining Carol and me?

    • Ron Killian

      Thanks for the Easter egg! Thought it smells a little funky. How long you had that one around the house?

      Actually, this year will be my first grand child’s Easter. We just packed a bunch of plastic eggs for her to hunt tomorrow. Should be fun.

      As for the post, I’ve tried my best to put out what I’ve learned over the years. But still learning myself. If your not learning your not growing?

      You have some great content on your site, it’s worth telling others about it. Course they might want to stay clear of the funky Easter eggs :)

      Always good to see you David. Thanks for the visit and the kind words.

    • Ron Killian

      Thanks for the Easter egg! Thought it smells a little funky. How long you had that one around the house?

      Actually, this year will be my first grand child’s Easter. We just
      packed a bunch of plastic eggs for her to hunt tomorrow. Should be fun.

      As for the post, I’ve tried my best to put out what I’ve learned over
      the years. But still learning myself. If your not learning your not

      You have some great content on your site, it’s worth telling others
      about it. Course they might want to stay clear of the funky Easter eggs

      Always good to see you David. Thanks for the visit and the kind words.

  • Justin Temple

    How are you Ron?

    This post is highly detailed and valuable for internet marketers. Thank you for sharing this awesome content. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Love that.

    • Ron Killian

      I am doing great. Thanks for asking. How are you Justin?

      Appreciate your comment and kind words. :)

      It’s a great quote and one that has stuck with me for many years.

      Hope to see you again real soon.

  • Metz

    Internet marketing is the process of promoting a brand, products or services over the Internet. There are lots of benefits in internet marketing not just for the marketers and businesses, but also the customers can benefit from it. This strategy is important because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions.

    Using this line of attack, you can go beyond your walls and by marketing on the Internet, you can overcome barriers of distance. Moreover, this enables you to personalize offers to customers by building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences.

    To wrap it up, this guide will be very useful. Very interesting. Great post!

    • Ron Killian

      Your right, internet marketing has many benefits.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

  • Sunday

    Hi Ron,
    Awesome post I must commend! You did a great job creating and publishing this post. The ideas are spot on and very practical. Indeed, it is an “advanced” guide, and both newbies and experts will benefit from the details.

    I love your take on mindset as one key factor for successful online business. Every reality begins with our believe. If we can just stay positive and take action then the avenues of success will become easier for us!
    I have shared the above comment in where this post was found!

    • Ron Killian

      Thank you for your kind Words Sunday. Sure I probably forgot something along the way, but I hope it’s a good start for those who want to earn online.

      Your spot on, the mind can be very powerful, both negative and positive. If more people realized the power.

      Appreciate the comment. :)

  • Sherman Smith

    Hey Ron,

    What an extensive post you written! You went on pretty much all the details that we all should be focusing on when it comes to doing internet marketing.

    I particular like the fact you emphasized how important it is to check your analytics! I overlooked this for a while. The main reason was that I didn’t have a clear understanding of h ow to use Google Analytics and didn’t see the importance. I was using solo ads and ppc, and i was getting leads everyday. But my sales weren’t that great. This is where GA and other analytic tools come in handy. You must know how your campaigns, websites and blogs are performing so you can make the changes you deemed necessary.

    I also liked when you said

    “When I use to do work for offline clients who wanted a website, I always
    told them the same thing. A website is like a store out in the woods,
    no one knows about it until you build roads to it.”

    I like this analogy!

    You definitely want to build links, share, comment, etc. in order for people to find you. What use is a blog or website if people don’t know where you are? You will be doing yourself much harm if you do. And you’re right, we shouldn’t be putting all of our eggs in one basket! Like you mentioned, there were many people that got slapped by Google some years ago, so it’s best to diversify your resources for traffic.

    I also appreciate mentions and sharing my two posts on copywriting and CTAs. These will catch the attention of your audience and give them some direction of what to do next. If you don’t have an attractive headline, that is attractive to your target audience, then your blog posts will be sitting ducks. Also, have a call to action matters a lot even though you may figure that adults know what to do if they want to subscribe or share a comment, but you would be surprised.

    Thanks Ron for sharing this great post! This post definitely gives some great guidelines on how to become successful with internet marketing!

    I found your post on under the category of internet marketing

    • Ron Killian

      Hey Sherman. Good to see you. And thanks for the thoughtful and detailed comment.

      You’ve hit a important point, testing tracking and tweaking. Good to hear your making your away around GA, I am still figuring it out.

      Glad you like the store in the woods analogy. Course we need to build the right roads and highways, so they can find you.

      Agreed for sure, building links, sharing, commenting and everything that goes with it, is so important. Still plenty of slapping going on, even these days. I’ve lost count myself. :)

      Happy to share your work, it’s great content and deserves to be shared. We’ll be calling you the copy pro soon enough. Copy master? And it’s so true, though it sounds bad, we do need to tell people or even remind them to take action. Never hurts.

      Glad you enjoyed it. Hope it helps people get ahead online.

      Don’t be a stranger. Thanks again for Linkedin! I keep forgetting about that site.

  • Richard Martin

    An extremely accomplished post Ron. Big Macs all round.

    I particularly like how you broke it all up, with traffic, mindset and reinvestment being the key ones for me.

    I’m a big believer in reinvesting in my businesses, especially at the start. And just because people look at it as an online business, it really is no different to an offline business where you need to invest in better equipment, better training advertising etc. It’s a major bugbear of mine – I have students for my eBay courses, they will make a few hundred in their first month and go and blow all the profit on a fancy watch, or some new threads. NO, NO, NO! Reinvest ALL of that – especially at the start. it’s the only way to grow.

    I don’t suffer from SOS much anymore, but I do invest in quality courses. I’ve just been through a course (which was over $100), but that course was top quality and will push me out of my comfort zone and enable me to do something I’ve always wanted to try.

    Great post Ron, sharing this one out now.

    • Ron Killian

      What do you get when you cross a hamburger with a computer?

      A Big Mac!

      Thought you might like that one. Along with @carolamato:disqus and @davidhartshorne:disqus :)

      I really had a taste for a Whopper but since your buying… Onion rings too?

      Thanks for your comment Richard. Sure appreciated.

      Isn’t it funny how most people treat an online business differently? With a brick and mortar, real world business most people get they need to invest and put money into their business, to stay afloat and grow. But with an online business, it’s like some people don’t even want to pay for hosting. Just amazes me.

      Your smart to reinvest right from the beginning. Very smart. Wish I’d have been that smart. Well, your running a real online business, the right way. Great advice about reinvesting it all in the beginning.

      No more SOS for you? Awesome to hear. I’ve scaled down a lot of the years. Like you said, I am all for further education and continued learning. Just hard to find good ones. Same stuff over and over.

      What course did you get?

      Good to see you. Seems like you’ve been hiding lately. Secret project I think.

      Don’t be a stranger.

  • Ivan Bayross

    Hi Ron,

    You’ve chosen the right point to kick off your Epic Blog post, Post / Article title. You can arrest the attention of most site visitors (except the most jaded perhaps) with at great Post title. That said, site visitors most likely scan the Blog posts sub-headlines as well very quickly to reassure themselves that its worth their time reading through the Blog post content.

    Hence, the Blog Title and any of the sub-headlines within the Blog post content must be properly formatted to stand out from the rest of the content. That way you, the Blogger, are crafting your Blog post content in such a way that it encourages engagement with the site visitor.

    Do you recommend having a call to action that is let’s say an affiliate link within Blog post content or is it good
    enough to have the affiliate Ad image in a sidebar adjacent to Blog post content? Which approach would you recommend?

    Social sharing, there are a ton of free WordPress plugins that do exactly this, I’m often surprised at how many
    Bloggers seem to ignore this little gem entirely. If you make it easy / simple to share a Blog post on a social media stream AND your content adds real value to your site visitor, it’s very likely that your site visitor will share your Blog post content on their social streams making this content visible to all the people who are connected to their social media stream, which is great exposure for your Blog post.

    • Ron Killian

      Welcome Ivan. Good to see you here.

      You are correct, the post title and sub titles are important. i know I need to work on my sub titles. And of course formatting, still not happy how my posts look. Think it’s getting better though.

      I am bad at not using enough CTA’s. I personally think inline, or in the content is best. Sidebar ads just don’t get the clicks. Think it’s also some what in the ad blindness area. I will be testing this alot more in the very near future. Obviously, tightly related ad content is important, something many bloggers do not take advantage of. Although some times it’s just not possible. But with new plugin’s it’s sure making it easier and with tracking, it can be tweaked.

      No doubt there are plenty of sharing plugins. Too many I think some times. Actually I am trying out a new one right now. It comes with stats, so hopefully it will give a little more insight.

      I don’t see that many bloggers not taking advantage of social sharing, least not from my travels around the web. But I do see many bloggers who do not take advantage of, or push social “following”, which in my opinion is the most powerful aspect. Not that I am an expert, but following can bring people back, more so that one-shot sharing. Course, just my opinion :)

      Thanks for the comment Ivan.

      • Ivan Bayross

        I like your idea of using Images for Headlines Ron, they definitely add a touch pizazz to your Blog post, but I think that well formatted text Headlines are the ones that have a great deal of appeal to search engines. SE can read and understand text based headlines they cannot read images or so I’m told.

        You are totally correct CTA that are within the flow of Blog post content, and somehow tightly bound to the Blog post content itself normally get the greatest click throughs. I guess its a natural instinct for humans to click links that point to related material out of curiosity. Here I believe that the – Link Text – needs to carefully worded to trigger that response.

        Yes! I agree that a lot of Blogs that I read regularly seem to overlook the fact that if their Ads and Blog content are closely related the number of click throughs ought to rise exponentially. That’s really money in the bank. To be honest, even I am guilty of this. I find it tough to identify and use closely related Ads which fit / enhance my Blog post content. Hence I end up using the same old Ads and then obviously get the same old click through rate.

        Oh! Yes, following is a ton better than sharing when it comes to getting people to keep revisiting your site. No question about that. Having said that spending a couple of minutes checking out a site visitors profile on their social stream first, before following is what I recommend. Much better than – UnFollowing – later.

        I had a great comment on one of my Blog posts, I followed the guy, only to have my Twitter stream clogged with religious tweets, simply had to UnFollow the guy. A couple of tweets a day would have been under the radar but this was like 4 tweets per hour. Sad that. Hence, I learned the hard way to check and then follow. It was one of my regulars who pointed out that my Twitter stream was suddenly delivering – Religion – rather than Tech. That was the embarrassing part.

        Thanks for engaging Ron. Have a great day ahead of you always.

  • Chery Schmidt

    Good Morning Ron, Great article filled with some very good advice, I guess I really never thought about uning emotional text keywords and I had to giggle when I read your idea on how to find then HEHE ->> Not saying to “steal”, just get ideas. OK I will do that Hehe

    I really enjoy the way you write it really just pulled me right in. Good to meet someone else who doesn’t like the news, why would you want to hear about as you say ( all the doom and gloom?) Crazy Right?

    Thanks for sharing and do have a great weekend ahead.. Chery :))

    • Ron Killian

      Good to see you Chery.

      Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it.

      Yep, just to get idea’s, never taking :)

      Oh the news, it’s bad. Here at least, every single commercial uses scare tactics to get viewers. Every single one. Incredibly sad they feel the need to go to those lengths to get an audience.

      Thank you for your comment and have a great weekend yourself!

  • mark newsome

    Excellent article Ron!

    And it’s obvious, that while in the trenches, you’ve definitely been doing more than simply taking notes!

    You offer an extremely powerful and practical guide for successfully marketing online. Irregardless of the products and or services you may wish to promote!

    Or whether or not your are the product creator and or you’re looking to do so as an effective affiliate marketer. And I also really love and fully appreciate your extremely practical advice about traffic diversification.

    Failure to heed your excellent and extremely practical advice, has and will continue to lead to the eventual downfall to many aspiring online marketers!

    Excellent post, and it will be my complete pleasure to share it!

    • Ron Killian

      Hey Mark,

      Sorry I am late to the comment. Thank you for your comment and the kind words.

      Glad you liked the guide. And of course I appreciate the sharing!

      Hope to see you around here again soon :)

  • Carol Amato

    Hi, Ron,

    Just checking up on you, my friend, to see how you’re doing!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!


    • Ron Killian

      Hey Carol,

      Thanks for the check up. Doing good, just had a lot to do recently. Switching hosting, switching the store platform, just busy. Can’t wait till it’s all done and I can relax a little. Get back to blogging and commenting. Get back to “normal”. Soon. :)

      How is everything with you? I know you are always busy. Hope Biz is good?!

      I’ll talk to you soon.

      • Carol Amato

        Aw, bless your heart. Those are some big projects. I can understand why you’ve been a little quiet. :-) Doing well, and enjoying life. We head out Monday to travel to Pensacola – my son is graduating from college, so I’ll have a week off with my family. :-)

        • Ron Killian

          Well, my new hosting moved everything for me, which is ALOT of stuff. It’s amazing, like they just picked it all up and placed it down on the new hosting. Like I never moved. Everything is the same, just on a new and much better host. I use to move my own stuff, what a dread, boy was I

          Awesome to hear about your son. Sure you are super proud! Graduating college is no small feat. What is his field of study, or degree?

          Week off with your family is always a good thing. We need to enjoy it while we can, right? Kids grow up WAY to fast. Seems my kids where little not that long ago, now it’s little grandkids. :)

          Thanks again for checking in. If I don’t talk to you, enjoy next week :)

          • Carol Amato

            Yeah, it’s great that they migrated your stuff over. There is software to do that quite easily that they can use.

            He graduates with 2 degrees because he was a double major. Business Management and Marketing. :-) He also finished a semester early, which is no easy feat with one major, much less two. He’s developed a strong work ethic, for which we’re so happy. He’s landed a good position with a solid company for a management training position, and also has interests for online business… Wonder why. :-)

            Thanks much – yeah, we’re really looking forward to it.

            Take Care,

            – Carol :-)

  • Kingsley

    Hey Ron,

    I am late again to the party here and on for this post, but better late than never, :)

    You certainly deserve all the accolades from everyone else about this post. It’s very detailed and very well written! Others who said this can be sold as a product are right – there are many so-called IM information products out there that don’t reveal as much as you have done in this post.

    Obviously it’s because you have been there and done that, as far as IM is concerned.

    It’s always better to learn from someone who has the years of experience that you do. I started early 2000s right after University and always thought that was early, but hearing you talk about “back in the mid 90’s” made me look pretty newbie in IM, :)

    About copywriting, you are right – it’s a skill that can have the biggest impact on any online business. Most of those who have made huge killings online have been either great in writing their own sales copies or have hired the help of the very best copywriters! I remember the days of John Reese making a million dollars in 24 hours with this TrafficSecrets Launch. I doubt if that and other awesome product launches by him and the likes of Frank Kern would have succeeded without great copies. So, yes, you are right about this.

    About money, you are right there again – money is certainly important. While it’s wrong to concentrate on only money to the point of letting it control us, it’s necessary to have money in the back of our minds when we get into IM. It doesn’t make sense to completely forget money only to get stuck in the middle because you need money to proceed, :)

    About traffic, I like the points you made regarding not depending on Google. How true! Talking about the many slaps you have received from Google, you are certainly not alone; we all got lots of slaps in the course of doing IM. But unlike you and the smart few today who have learned to NOT depend on Google, too many other people are still doing just that. Of course they will learn the hard way.

    Those who haven’t been slapped WILL definitely be slapped, even if they do everything right. I have always believed this – Google sometimes, intentionally slaps people RANDOMLY, whether they are guilty or not, just to confuse the heck out of all of the so-called SEO experts.

    That’s why you are so right about “you’re playing a losing game if you count on one main source of visitors”. No matter how fantastic any particular traffic source is, it’s still best to diversify, as you recommend.

    Thankfully you listed out several traffic options that have worked and still work very well. For those who think these are too many traffic methods to try, consider this – most people will only try out one or few, so you stand a far higher chance of succeeding if you try out more!

    About mindset, you hit the nail on the head with the Henry Ford quote! A lot of people have failed not because what they were doing wouldn’t work, but because they didn’t believe they would succeed. And yes, you are right about part of the problem being negativity. It’s bad when others are negative around you, especially your friends and loved ones. What’s worse, however, is when YOU are negative about you and your chances. I have seen that happen a lot. Heck, I have been guilty of that in the past and still am, sometimes. We just have to always remind ourselves to stay positive. And like you recommended, it starts by surrounding ourselves with positive news and positive people!

    About social media, very valid points you raised once again. No man is an island, indeed. We see social media growing faster than initially thought possible. Those who have refused to recognise this are getting left behind. Didn’t one author write a book “Adapt or Die”. It’s now very true with today’s IM landscape and social media is one of the areas to adapt in, or die, :)

    About re-investment, you are right as well – most people don’t re-invest. It’s much easier to make the money and spend it, with the hope of making more. Sadly many have had their plans crushed when the money stopped coming, re Google slaps or just the previous methods no longer working. So, in IM, just like any other offline business venture – nothing lasts forever. When the money is coming, it’s smart to reinvest, not just in the same business but others.

    In conclusion, I really enjoyed reading this! I also like how you included links to other helpful posts on the various aspects you touched on. I have read most of the posts and can confirm they are high quality. The resources you included at the end are also very helpful. All in all, this was extremely well done!

    Thanks again, for writing and sharing this on I have since “kingged” it, just like the many others did before me. And we all “kingged” it, not just because we like your smiling face 😉 but because you delivered on this excellently well!


    • Ron Killian

      Hey Kingsley,

      Good to see you again. And of course, I appreciate the very detailed comment. You are one of the “Kings” of comments. Plus they are high quality. So it it means being a little late, it’s all good :)

      Also, glad you enjoyed it. Of course it doesn’t cover all the details, but if it helps some one, I am happy.

      Sorry, but gotta get back to it. I’ll talk to you soon!

      Thanks my friend.