Getting REAL Comments to Your Blog

Just a quickie today. (get your mind out of the gutter!)

If your new to blogging, nothing is more thrilling and exciting is when you start getting comments.

Not only are you stoked that people are actually reading what you type…

Your even more thrilled when they leave comments that go on about how good your post or article is.

Then you realize it’s just spammers and automated link builders. 

Dang, bummer, dang.

But there is a solution…

There is a easy way to get legitimate comments to your blog. Did I say easy?


Comment on other people’s blogs.

Now, there needs to be a disclaimer here…

This tactic will probably NOT bring you buyers or customers. It could but honestly it’s mainly going to bring you other bloggers who are leaving comments so they can get links and traffic back to their own blog.

Of course there is NOTHING wrong with that. It’s what bloggers do, it’s what I do.

My point is, it is a a way to the ball rolling when it comes to getting REAL, GENUINE comments to your blog.

It’s going to help turn your blog from looking like a ghost town to something that just might be worth your visitors time.

You could amp it up even more and find blogs that use something like CommentLUV. It’s a good way to drive traffic and get comments to specific posts.

That’s it for today.

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below.

Roger Over and Out.

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Ron Killian


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Ron Killian
Ron Killian
  • Torsten Mueller

    Hi Ron,

    I think commenting on other people’s blog isn’t just good for getting links back to your own content, but also for establishing relationship to others within your niche as well as expanding to other blogger’s audience and showing your expertise.

    For this is it always recommended to leave a meaningful comment rather than saying something like “Hey nice blog!’


    • Ron Killian

      Yes, commenting has many advantages. Sadly most people don’t take the time to leave a good comment. Oh well, always be those.

      Plenty of good ones out there though :)

  • Enstine Muki

    Hey Ron,
    I have no idea if you read my post last weekend on blog commenting. It’s the cheapest and fastest way to promote ones blog.

    I love the point you raised in this post. I remember when I got into blogging. The first comment on my blog came from Ileane of basicblogtips. I was so excited to see her around my blog.

    I started off my blog with commentluv premium and GASP so there was little spam. Before blogging, I was running a platform for bloggers so I got already known to some few who quickly came to my new blog and started engaging. so I didn’t really experience the spam experience in my early days.

    Commenting is one top reason I get to meet with many bloggers, including you ;). It’s an exercise I don’t think I’ll ever stop as long as blogging remains. There are many benefits and one of them is social proof.

    I’ll prefer 20 comments from bloggers than a blog that looks deserted. I remember I have been approached by many advertiser who pointed out the number of comments on my blog as their point of attraction.

    There is really need to grow ones comments as it positively affects business.

    Short but interesting piece Ron

    BTW, you don’t have commentLuv 😉

    • Ron Killian

      As always, good to see you stop by Enstine. I agree, comments on your own blog are much better than tumbleweeds taking over.

      Actually I commented on another blog just today, though it now escapes me as to which one. But it talked about how many bloggers get excited when starting, but when the results don’t come in as they had hoped, they lose hope and often give up. But my comment was that, one thing that can lift the spirits is when you get comments. Gives you renewed hope. I am surprised how some bloggers don’t comment on other blogs, or engage with fellow bloggers or socialize, you can tell because they don’t have, or get many comments.

      Of course comments don’t always mean dollars in the pocket, but it can be something that keeps you going till those dollars do come in, or get you to those dollars.

      And yes, you busted me, I don’t use CL. Been thinking about it more lately. It’s been worthwhile for you?

  • Okto

    Hi Ron,
    Interesting topic you have started here. I think that’s the fact about blog commenting, it is the easiest way to get links ( but I like to say it is the best way to get to in touch with other bloggers). This is how bloggers get socialize. There’s not limit in blog commenting, we can get in touch with every blogger around the globe.

    Thanks for the post. Wish you have a great week.

    • Ron Killian

      Thanks for the comment Okto.

      Your right, commenting has so much potential, only limited to our time.

  • Sherman Smith

    Hey Ron,

    That’s one of the wisest thing you can do is to comment on someone else’s blog. Some consider it work, while others like myself consider it a joy to meet other bloggers who have solutions and are going through the same things I’m going through. This is where the engagement and synergy is built.

    One thing is for sure is that it shows social proof. People want to be part of the “in” crowd. When other bloggers and people in general see the engagement rolling, then they want to be a part of it. On top of that, it’s very attractive to search engines which gives them the reason to rank your blog quite well!

    Thanks for sharing the post! Have a good one!

    • Ron Killian

      Good to see you again Sherman. I agree, it’s not work, it’s networking and can make all the difference in the world. I am also surprised how many blogs I see without comments. Not that difficult to get the conversation started, even on some one else’s blog.

      Have a great day.

  • Emmanuel

    There is no doubt the power of commenting can’t in anyway be under rated but as to how to go about it is what many find themselves wondering.

    I am a firm believer of whatever goes around, comes around as well. Commenting on other people’s blog is of course the ideal way to go for the other way round, they are likely to comment on your post as well.

    Hi Ron. it is really interesting to know you have being on the internet since 1999 when I was only 8 years old.

  • Alliwilson

    Yes, commenting on other’s blogs do not just help in building new and strong links, but it also helps in building good relationships among readers and his blogger.

  • Swapnadip Chakraborty

    Hi Ron,

    It is really good to see when visitors start sharing their views after reading my post.

    I think that commenting is really a great effective way to promote your blog and to connect with other bloggers. We can exchange our thoughts trough it.

    So keep commenting………

  • Don Purdum

    Hi Ron,

    There are so many benefits to blog commenting! I have made some amazing friends who are influential bloggers who not only comment and share my blog (and I there’s), but they actually refer clients to me because we serve the same audience but in a different way!!! I’ve been blessed to earn $10’s of thousands from referrals from other bloggers.

    That’s gold! Especially after months of getting to know one another. Many times I will eventually have a phone call or Skype meeting and that makes it even more personal of a connection.

    The key to me is that you’re right, bloggers probably aren’t going to buy from us; although I have had a few do that.

    We have to remember we have three different types of audiences:

    1. Primary – these are prospects or customers
    2. Secondary – these are influencers who serve the same audience we do but in a different way
    3. Everyone else – who may or may not move into the other two categories.

    Another benefit is the learning that goes on between us. I’ve learned a lot from over the years from reading really smart bloggers in my niche and engaging with them. That has really helped my business.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas Ron. It’s great to be on your blog for the first time and I hope you are having a Happy New Year!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Ron Killian

      Hey Don, good to see you here for the first time. Come on in and have a seat. Just don’t hog the Cheetos.

      Your right on, commenting has SO many benefits. Sadly though many people don’t take the time to do it right, and reap the rewards like you’ve mentioned. Their loss I guess.

      Awesome to hear it’s worked so well for you. And yes of course the learning itself can be MORE than worth the time. You make a good points.

      Don’t be a stranger. Hope to see you again soon.