WordPress Blog Forget Me Not Checklist


Part of my online business model is creating and selling turnkey websites that run on wordpress. Such as these: PLR Websites, Digital Turnkey Stores.

Although I’ve setup 100’s of wordpress sites, without fail, it seems like I always forget something.

Every single time.

That or I am just getting old and the brain cells are far and few between?

So, I thought Hey, why don’t I create a checklist for myself, so I don’t forget anything important.

Then I thought Hey, maybe others could use it as well!

And you’re probably thinking Hey, ya I could use that!

Obviously some of these are common sense or no-brainers, but I figured it would be best to cover every single part and piece I could think of.

I don’t know about you, but I often forget the easy and simple things as well as the big and important ones.

Let’s get to it…

Theme Layout


This is an obvious one, but I thought I’d cover a few things. First off, don’t be a theme switcher like me. I am real bad at installing one theme, taking the time to set it up, then I see another one I “think” I like better. Now if it’s a brand new site, changing theme’s won’t be too big a deal, but start getting traffic to it and you’re probably going to confuse your visitors. Red pill? blue pill?

One of the questions I see come up on the forums pertaining to wordpress the most often is, “Which Theme is best?”.

Or, “Which theme should I use?”.

Sorry, but it’s like asking “which car should I buy?”

How the heck can anyone know the answer to that?

How about a blue one? Pink one? Hybrid? Hotrod?

Not to mention we all have different tastes.

I am no expert, but the best suggestion I can give is to write down exactly what you want your blog to do, or how you’d like it to look, function, or what features it needs to include.
Then go from there.

Make sure the theme you choose it also mobile friendly and responsive on all devices. Must have these days.

Comment System



A blog without comments is a ghost town. Least in my opinion. It can also go to show social proof, visitors might think that you just might know what you’re talking about, how you interact with others (actually quite important), give you the opportunity to show off your personality and so much more.

I am not going to go into great detail on this one because it’s covered pretty well in a round up I posted here: Blog Comment Management System Shakedown

Make sure you have a system set up and that it works properly. And for the sanity of your visitors and commenters, install one that is easy to use. I was on a blog the other day, every time I replied to a previous comment, I was bounced to the bottom of the page, so I couldn’t see or re-read the comment I was replying to. It’s kind of frustrating.

On another note, you might want to think twice before you lock in your comments to only one platform. I know some blogs have Facebook only comments, but some folks don’t want to link up their facebook account, I am one of those and I know of others who feel the same.

Don’t get me wrong, places like Facebook are huge when it comes to potential traffic. I am NOT saying you should NOT use this tactic, I am only saying be prepared that you might lose some comments and you might get some flack about it. Just something to keep in mind.

One last thing, be decisive. I say that because switching systems can wipe out an old one. For example, I had wordpress comments on my blog, but switching to Disqus, stripped out all the links in old comments and the Gravatars no longer work on previous comments. Let’s just say, my old comments don’t look so pretty.

My prefered comment system is: Disqus Comment System

Social Buttons
Another no brainer, but it has to be said and a couple thoughts on the subject. There are so many social button plugins these days, many free, so there is NO excuse not to use them.


I was on a blog the other day that only has social share buttons at the top of their articles, like right under the title. Now, if you think about it for a millisecond, the visitor has not read the content yet, so they probably don’t know if they want to share it “yet”.

Not saying it’s a bad idea to have them up top, but you do need them down at the bottom as well.

Better yet, what “seems” to be the best is the floating bar to the side. I have not tested this yet (trying to figure out how), but it makes sense. No matter where the reader is, the share buttons are right there, ready and easy to click. No mess no fuss, no scrolling up and down.

How many people do you think will scroll around to “find” your share links? Odds are probably not many. Don’t make readers work to find them.

My current preference: Easy Social Share Buttons

Social Follow
While most folks put up social buttons on their blog, quite a few actually miss the follow buttons. I am talking about those ones where your visitors can click to follow you on each social platform.

Obviously, This is important because it is another way to get those precious visitors back to your blog. It is also a way to get people in your circle, build social signals and get them in “your” world.

Instead of chasing followers down, why not let them come to you? I can tell you from experience, it’s ALOT less work.

My choice of Social Follow Buttons: Social Feather

Social Counts

Another option that’s come about the last couple years are the buttons that show the actually number of shares, or how many times the buttons have been clicked.

Same goes for followers, where the count is shown for each social site.

Thing is, if your blog is new, or you don’t have traffic yet, you might want to turn that option off. We don’t want to remind visitors, or show them that you don’t have the hits. Right? It’s all about perception. But of course, if you’re getting shares, turn on the counts and show off.




I’ll admit I was late to the party on this one. That is, using a plug-in which lets you designate a certain text or multiple text snippets as links that when clicked will post the given content to the visitors Twitter account.

Honestly I think I was a little reluctant because it seemed like I would be tooting my own horn. Like, “Dude this sentence I wrote is so frickin awesome you must share it” kind of thing. Like people who call THEMSELVES experts. But we need to step out of our comfort zone and do some self promotion if we hope to get ahead. It’s all good.

My Tweetable plugin of choice: Better Click To Tweet

Sadly wordpress blogs are prime targets for hackers. It’s like windows operating systems, there are so many users, it’s a big market for the bad guys.

Oddly some people seem to think they won’t get hacked. Not good my friend.

I think of it this way, it’s not “if” you get hacked, it’s “when” you get hacked. Use to be they targeted sites that had traffic or income they could siphon off, but the new tactic is to use sites to send phishing emails and setting up phishing pages.

It happens to all sites big and small.

When choosing a security plugin, at the very least it should cover the following:

• Block Bad guys

• Firewall

• File Scan

• Login blocks

I am not a security expert, so I’ll end it here, just to say these days it is a necessary plugin.

Before I give my personal choice, I wanted to note that I’ve tried others. One that comes to mind is iThemes Security. The one thing I did not like about it is that it blocked login’s when there was repeated attempts to log in. Problem is, if it was your main login, you could be locked out of your blog. There might be a setting to change this, I have not investigated that far, just something I noticed.

My Security plug-in of choice: Wordfence Security

Spam Protection
The hackers are not the only ones that want a piece of your site, spammers are the veterans, they’ve been taking advantage of wordpress sites for many years.

Since most security systems take care of the bad stuff, comment spam is what’s left.

The easy way to stop the comment spam is to use a good comment system. Ones like Disqus, or Comment LUV can take of it for you.

Now, if your still using the default wordpress comment system or similar, I am not much help. Gee, thanks alot huh? These days my comment system stops my spam for me. And plugins I’ve used in the past stopped working.

Let’s face it, stuff happens. Sometimes we delete stuff by accident. Or we switching hosting and forget something. I’ve done that. Ouch.

Our hosting services are not always perfect either. We’ve all heard the horror stories. Sites or blogs getting deleted. Things going missing. Doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.

Or we get hacked and discover we don’t have the original files.

A good friend of mine, wrote up a outstanding post about backups not long ago, you should check it out for more details: World Backup Day

I don’t currently have a plug-in recommendation, as I am still exploring some options.

There is one thought though, we should always have all our site files on our computer. As I’ve mentioned before, when we use WordPress, we can get lazy and install theme’s or plugins in the dashboard. It’s so easy, right? But when we do that, we don’t have the files on our home computer.

Contact Form
Not super important, but it should be a necessary part of any blog. Often readers might have a question about a product or service you’ve blogged about, or they might need some reassurance something works, or even validation that you’re a real person behind the blog.

Without a contact form, how will they get in touch. Could be lost sales or income. Other bloggers might want to ask you to guest post on their blog. Missing opportunities.

Over the years I’ve lost count how many people have contacted me with a question or two, and after I help them, they place an order or buy something from me. I believe many times it’s just the fact that you show you are a real person behind the site, product or service.

I personally prefer Gravity Forms, but it’s not for everyone and so people don’t want to spend money on their business.

A free and reliable option is: Contact Form 7

You could create content to your fingers bleed and comment on every other blog you could find, but to really grow a stable source of traffic, you need to build a list. No questions.

Ya, you probably already know this.

Nothing really new.

But are you doing it?

An easy and simple way to build a band of fans is to use a “Subscribe to blog” option. This is where your visitors can sign up to get emails when you put up a new blog post. It’s not exactly “your” list, but it’s something. It’s a start.

The plug-in I use is Jetpack. What’s nice about this is that the subscriptions go through WordPress.com. It’s good because WordPress.com is a huge trusted site, which means, those emails have a very good chance of getting through to your subscribers and more importantly, they will be more likely to hit the Inbox and not the junk, trash or promotional folders.

Some would argue you should use your own autoresponder service, ones like Aweber. Not saying they are wrong, I am only saying, that deliverability will probably be better with the former option.

Again, something to keep in mind. your choice.

On the other hand, using a service like Aweber, you have more ownership of the list and you could send more that updates notices.

Obviously, there are also other several tool you can use to build a list. I am not going to go on about the subject because there are so many options and everyone has their own opinion, likes, dislikes, ect.

The main point is, if you want steady traffic in your business, you need to build a list. Also, you need to communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis.

If you want to extract the maximum profits from your list, be sure to check out these: Email Marketing Gold Vault. The money can be in a list, but only if you know how to use your list.

My current Recommendation is Thrive Leads.

Caching Plugins
It’s no secret that search engines like Google are using your sites speed as a factor to rank it. Makes sense, who wants to wait around for a web page to load? And G Loves their searchers so much, they don’t want them to suffer from page load wait. Ya, I just made that up :)

There are a number if options to speed up your site. First is a caching plugin. Or a combination of plugins. Another aspect is you optimize your images.

On a side note, sometimes, sometimes, no matter what you do to your site, no matter the plugin you add, your sites slowness might be your hosting. I know all too well because I recently changed hosts because of the slow speed. Just changing where my websites were hosted raised my speed score by 8 points. Granted it’s not a huge jump, but it’s a good bump and every little bit helps.

I am not saying to dump your current host, but it’s something you need to check.

Current Speedy my site up plugin’s are a combination of: W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize.

Advanced Additions



I must put up a disclaimer before we continue. Okay?

It’s very easy to go plugin crazy. There are so many “cool” things you can add to your blog and if your techie like me, you like having cool stuff on your blog.


Remember, every plug-in you add, could reduce your blogs load time or draw more server resources.

So, none of these are necessary, but might be useful.

Just be careful your don’t bog your blog down.

I wanted to mention these additions because I believe they can be very useful.

Fixed Widget
Also referred to as a Sticky Widget. With this plugin, you can set some of your sidebar widgets so they always show in the side bar. They “stick” there no matter how much your reader scrolls.

It’s useful for bloggers who create long posts. With long posts, the sidebar ends up with so much empty space. So why not keep something there all the time? Like advertisements or Optin forms.

My current recommendation: Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)

Unlimited Sidebars

A blog sidebar by default usually has a one set of properties. Meaning you can only have one side bar.

Obviously, this type of plugin Allows you to choose a given sidebar per page or post. Many new themes already have this feature built in, there are plug-in options to achieve the same purpose.

With unlimited sidebars you can create new sidebar setups.

The beauty here is that you can better target your advertising. Say your page or post is about email marketing, in this example, you could apply a sidebar that has only, or mainly, email related advertising and links, giveaways ect. People are likely reading your page or post because it’s something they are interested in, so why not show ads that target their interest? Think you might have higher click thru rates and higher conversion?

Umm.. ya I think so.

I don’t currently have a recommendation because most of the theme’s I use have this feature built in. Sorry.

Shrink And Track Links
Here’s another very useful type of plugin that comes in handy in a couple ways.

It’s allows you to take ugly affiliate links for example, and turn them into something like: yoursite.com/super-product.html. Of course it can be used on any link, affiliate or your own.

First off it makes your links look MUCH less like a money link. Which I believe can help increase click thru. Might not be much in reality, but every hit counts right?

The other advantage is that with the right plugin you can see the clicks your links get. Data like this can be used to determine the best traffic sources, or who sends the most hits. One could create specific links for specific traffic sources and track the results. One could have multiple links going to the same end target url.

Most importantly, in my opinion with this type of plugin, is that you can change the target url at will if you need to. Say an affiliate program your using goes out of business, disappears (hopefully not with your commissions), or they just stop selling a certain product or service. It actually happens quite often. When you use a plugin like this, you can change the target link and instantly, every link you’ve put up changes as well. This is even more useful for links off site, such as links in PDF’s or ebooks. See the power here?

If one was smart, they would use this for every link they put in their PDF’s, content, ebooks, reports, ect. So they have the ability to change links as needed, when needed. It is one of the few ways to control outside links.

My recommendation: Pretty Link

Advertising System
Here’s something SO many bloggers miss out on, tracking their advertisements.

Yes, I’ve been guilty myself.

For most bloggers, they pick ads or banners they think will do best, or ones they like and that’s it. I’ve done it. Pretty doesn’t always sell though.

But… what most do not realize is that click thru rates for banners or ads can vary SO greatly.

We only have so much traffic, right? Since this is a fact, it’s only in our best interest to squeeze every penny out of every visitor as possible, right?

Don’t mean to sound crass, but that was the best way I could think to drive the point home. No squeezing people, okay?

You could be leaving money on the table if you do not test and track your ads so you can discover exactly which ones pull the highest clicks.

I am not going to get into the numbers because I already did it in this post: Advanced Guide To Internet Marketing.

My current Recommendation: Wp Advertising Pro System

Okay, that’s enough. I don’t want to turn any one into a plugin junkie. It’s too easy to get addicted. Think I have a meeting to go to today. :)

Important Note


It’s amazing how many blogs I see with things that don’t work. Hey, I’ve been there as well. Actually have a few things to fix on a couple of my blogs right now.

If you’re like me, you can get caught up in all the cool stuff you can do to your blog, and it’s way too easy to end up with 50 plug-ins and a slow site. I’ve done it, and I am not the only one.

I also created a PDF, if you want to download this post for later reading. Link below:

WordPress Blog Forget Me Not Checklist

You can also download an actual checklist here:

WordPress Blog Checklist

Over to you. Did I miss something? Do you have anything to add? Comments? Feedback? Suggestion? I’d love to hear what you have to say, so leave a comment below.

And if you’ve found this useful, please click the share buttons and spread the love. Wow, that was REALLY corny huh?

Ron Killian
Full time internet marketer since 1999, Digital product creator and sales, including private label rights. Enjoys helping others build their own successful online business.
Ron Killian


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Ron Killian
Ron Killian
  • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

    I know you have something to say. Speak up :)

  • http://byteofdata.com/ David Hartshorne

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the mention on World Backup Day – seems ages ago now, but it was only a couple of months!

    I was using BackWPup as my WordPress Backup. It’s free. Then I also added VaultPress for $5/month. Its from the Automattic team. The good thing about this plugin is that it stores your backups on their servers AND when you restore you are restoring from their servers to your host. If you had to upload from your own computer to your web host you could be waiting a while, unless you have some awesome upload speeds. Nowadays I’m on Pressidium Hosting and the backup is included :-)
    For personal backups I use Backblaze at $5/month – no brainer!

    Going to check out Social Feather…

    – David

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Hey David,

      Mentioning your post was adding a good resource to content that explained it better than I could. More than I know on the subject.

      Might not have been ages ago, but it was many words ago huh? :)

      I remember Vaultpress from your post. I looked at it, but have not yet signed up. To me a perfect solution would be daily back ups both locally (your hosting) and to some cloud up in the sky somewhere. Hopefully a big fluffy one.

      Yep, you have some awesome hosting now. Bet it’s a load off your mind. Years back i use to have a host that did daily backups. Too bad their support went south. Daily backups seem to be a real rarity these days with web hosting.

      Thanks for the comment. Talk to you soon :)

  • http://www.shermansmithblog.com/ Sherman Smith

    Hey Ron,

    And again another great post my friend!

    This will be a post that the audience I’m targeting can relate to. We all need some type of checklist to make sure that we have everything we need in it’s place. There are many of times where we tend to overlook the important stuff like Security which was my mistake. I paid for it a couple of years ago and I finish purchased a security system called Sucuri and they got rid of the malware that was on my blog.

    But yes, this is something I’m going to have to bookmark and it will be a great idea to add to a future roundup post!

    Thanks for the share Ron! Have a great week!

    I found your post on kingged.com under the category of Blogging


    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Hey Shemanator,

      Thanks for the kind words. As I said in the post, I forget stuff all the time, pretty much every time. And figured I might not be the only one. Plus seems people like to have a checklist, makes it easier to go down the list and less chance of missing something.

      Security sure is important these days. Doesn’t matter how big or small your site is, if they can find a way in, they can use it.

      Question is, what did i miss?

      Glad you enjoyed it and i appreciate the stop by and the comment :)

  • http://internetmarketingblog101.com/ Freddy Gandarilla

    Hey Ron!

    Very valuable post you got here!

    I’m loving the list you are sharing. Very helpful for those starting out with their WordPress blogs online!

    I recently was looking for a Text Tweet plugin – I finally found a good one, thanks to you brother!! 😉

    Let me add one powerful plugin, for the security of your WP Blog Site – this plugin is one of the best plugins to protect you against Hackers; it is called Rublon.

    This Rublon Plugin sends you a confirmation link to your email – before letting you log in to your site. And, of course, you can set ‘Trusted Devices’ so you don’t have to keep confirming when you log in.

    It is a great way to protect your site from hackers for sure!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list!

    Have a great week, Ron!

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Hey Freddy. Good to see you back. :)

      Glad you liked the post. Sure I probably forgot something?

      Also happy it helped you with a tweet plugin. It’s been working well for me and it’s so easy to use.

      Have not heard of Rublon. I’ll have to check it out. How long have you been using it?

      I just get nervous with security plugins. You hear the horror stories of people getting locked out of their blogs.

      Appreciate your comment!

      • http://internetmarketingblog101.com/ Freddy Gandarilla

        Yeah I have heard about those horror stories as well!! lol

        I have been using the Rublon for a few months now. Not having any issues so far.

        It is a very neat and simple security plugin!

        Just try it out and see if you like it! 😉

  • http://www.kingged.com/ Sunday

    Hi Ron,
    This Forget-Not-Me-Not Checklist is helpful! The security, backup, Caching Plugins, and Spam Protection details are must haves when it comes to setting up WordPress blogs.

    I am not saying that other details are not important but it is important to consider security and privacy as top most when setting up websites.

    Nevertheless, it would be invaluable to bookmark this post for future reference!
    I shared this comment in kingged.com where this post was found.

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Sunday is back :)

      You are spot on, security is so important these days. Bad guys are out in force looking for any hole to creep in. Not a matter of “if”, but “when”.

      Glad you liked it. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your comment!

  • Chery Schmidt

    Hello Ron, I love checklist’s. they just make things so much easier HUH> I am not sure if it is age or if this is just Life HEHE

    Now for your list, I was quite impressed, I haven’t set up 100’s of blogs but I have set up a few and let me tell you I would never have thought about back up being something to do right away.

    I am going over to check out World Backup Day right after I push submit, backing up my blog is something I do need to think about HUH?

    Wow this article is power packed full of awesome information..

    Thanks for sharing..

    Chery :))

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Hey Chery,

      Think we can all use checklists, no matter how long we’ve been doing it. Age “might” have something to do with it..lol

      That are we just get caught up, or busy with so many things.

      For sure Check out David’s post. He covers the subject in more detail that I could. Working his way to WordPress Wizard?

      Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your comment! Talk to you soon.

  • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

    Hey Steve,

    Long time no see. Glad you dropped by. Did you bring snacks?

    Glad you liked it. I didn’t forget anything?

    Appreciate the comment. Don’t be a stranger. :)

    • http://plrvideodirect.com/ Steve Dougherty

      Ron, Hello Again.
      There were 2 plugins I didn’t see on your list that I have in my ‘bundle’ to be installed on all sites.
      The All In One SEO Pack ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack ) & Google XML Sitemaps ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator )
      There may be other plugins that do similar tasks but these are regularly updated and help the Google juice flow.

      And once again I forgot to bring the snacks – sorry 😉

      • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

        Good call Steve. You got me :)

        I was trying to keep it basic, bare bones and frankly the post was getting SO incredibly long. But those two should be necessary additions. See, knew I’d miss something.

        Thanks for the reply and the input, very helpful. Have to see about adding those.

        You have a pass on not bringing snacks this time :)

  • http://www.carolamato.com/ Carol Amato

    ➤ Hi, Ron,

    Boy, you’re providing such value here! Love it!! What you call a Check List, for me, is an SOP, or Standard Operating Procedure.

    Same thing really. Anything duplicatable, or anything that is done more than once in my business, has an SOP created for it. This way we can increase speed at which it is performed and decrease chance for error. My VA loves them. I do have to update them occasionally as things change.

    Just did a major overhaul to my Daily Tasks SOP because I’ve added several new platforms for sharing on, and also updated my Blog Promotion SOP to include more platforms. I would be up the creek without a paddle without my Standard Operating Procedures and frameworks. Love this!

    I think your last point about testing everything is key, very easy to overlook, and prevents a lot of heartache.

    Thanks for this! Hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week.

    Talk soon,
    🔹Carol Amato

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Good to see you Carol. Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully the checklist will help people. More so those who might be forgetful like me :)

      You right, with some editing it could be a operating procedure. Never even thought about it. Though, that has given me a product idea. Thank you.

      I have never used VA’s. but I have written up guides for when my wife and daughters have helped with the biz. Saves me repeating myself. But can see where these could make life easier if you have VA’s.

      And sounds like yours are always up to date.

      Gotta test don’t we? Learned that first hand many times, when I later realize something is not working, or not working correctly.

      Thanks for your comment! Hope you have an awesome week ahead!

  • http://www.opensourcevarsity.com/ Ivan Bayross

    Hi Ron,

    Loved the intro Ron, saw so much of me reflected there that it was quite a surprise.

    Great advice on choosing the most appropriate theme. Simple succinct. Looks great, delivers the functionality
    that you’ve documented and is responsive.

    A Blog without comments is a ghost town.

    Truer words have not been spoken. Unless site visitors engage with your content extensively, I wonder if its even worth having a Blog at all. The Disqus commenting system is an old tried and tested one used on a ton of Blogs.

    Social buttons, I favour those that gently hover either on the left hand or right hand side of the Blog page and move upwards or downwards as the reader navigates through the Blog post. These are not obtrusive and always available when needed. One does not have to bother about placement position as well.

    Making it easy to tweet a great line from within the Blog post, one click and its done. This really works, I can assure you from past experience.

    The information you’ve delivered on Security and Spam Protection is really terrific.

    Thanks for sharing this Blog post content with us Ron. Loved the read.

    I came to your site via a link on Kingged.

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Good to see you Ivan. It’s been a while.

      I might be the worst when it comes with theme switching. SO often I find a theme, spend the time tweaking it, only to later find another that I think is “better”. Probably don’t want to know how much time I’ve wasted in that respect.

      Yes, without comments, it does make you wonder if it’s worth it to blog. Well, you sure don’t get the bang comments can add.

      Agreed, social buttons that hover over to the side seems to be the best route. Like you said, they are always there ready for the readers to click. Though they don’t always align properly. Think it’s an issue with some people who visit here. I need to check that.

      Yep, getting more tweets out is always a good thing. Wish I’d done it sooner.

      Glad you liked it Ivan, and thank you for your comment :)

  • http://JoyHealey.com Joy Healey

    Hi Ron, That’s a really useful checklist, thanks. When I start a new site it’s easy to forget something so I’ve bookmarked your post.

    A lot of the plugins you mention I already use and love – but I did get to the stage of plugin overload and had to cut back. Many I couldn’t even remember why they were there.

    I’ll make a note to try Better Click To Tweet, because the last one I tried played up so I had to remove it.

    One plugin I love is Broken Link Checker – always have that installed.

    From bitter experience, do have a backup on your owb PC too. Despite having a paid solution the only way I managed to recover a site recently was from my own PC backup.

    Thanks for such a useful list, Have a good week, Joy

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Nice to see you Joy :)

      Glad you liked it. Very easy to forget things. Course doesn’t help with so many parts to wordpress these days, so many “things” we can add. I know what you mean, I’ve had plugins that I can’t remember if they are even needed any more. lol

      The better click to tweet has worked well for me and it’s oh so easy to use.

      Broken link checker is another good one, thanks for mentioning it. I’ve used it in the past and sure better than checking links by hand.

      Backing up to your home PC is a must in my book. Nothing wrong with the online solutions, but like you, sometimes they don’t work out 100%.

      Thank you for your comment Joy. Have a great week yourself. May the month build your downline quickly!

  • http://JoyHealey.com Joy Healey

    PS – I’m certainly one of those people who won’t use Facebook comments on my personal profile. My family get very unhappy and uncomplimentary if they see business posts. I only want those on my fan pages. Joy

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Your not the only one who likes to keep your facebook personal. Same for me and I’ve heard many others who have the same thoughts. Family usually doesn’t understand the “biz” anyways.:)

  • http://www.smartincomedetective.com/ Richard Martin

    Hey Ron.

    It’s a great idea, and I’m in that boat of yours – I always have to log in to another site to remember which plugins I have installed. A list makes sense, and this is a great start for anyone building out their Wp site.

    Interesting what you say about testing. I found 2 or 3 things broke on my blog over the past week – sometimes it is a visitor that finds the bug because it is hard to find and test, but for sure, testing is important (school boy mistake here: when I was in my first 6 months, I had an opt in form that somehow wasn’t connected properly to my list provider. God only know how many leads I missed out on!)

    Kudos Mr Killan.

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Hey Richard,

      Good to see you. Oh ya I’ve done that, checked other sites I built to remember what I might be forgetting. Done that SO many times.

      Yes broken things. I see it on so many blogs and websites. See it on my own stuff. Think we get busy and forget to check or double check? 6 months without your opt-in form working correctly? That must have been a big bummer. Stuff happens doesn’t it?

      It sure helps when visitors let you know, but seems few do or will. Don’t know how many times I’ve thought.. “Why didn’t some one tell me?”. lol

      Thanks for stopping by Richard and I appreciate the comment :)

  • http://www.carolamato.com/ Carol Amato

    ➤ Hi, Ron,

    What a fantastic post – awesome guide, and I’ll definitely be sharing this with my students. You’ve done quite a bit of work to get his in tip top shape so as to take the guess work out of it for anyone starting up their WP blog. Love it!

    Yeah, I agree with you. Too many plugins cause speed issues, but they certainly are alluring! I love to check out new ones. I do need several plugins to make certain core elements of my funnel work, so I have to be careful. The sticky widget looks good to me, and may be trying that one out.

    For broken links, I’ve switched to an online service (free) that I have my VA use, so I could delete another plugin.

    Facebook profile, for me, is mostly for family and friends and my business page is where I share links, etc. I have a lot of family and friends strewn all over the world, and I enjoy keeping in touch via FB.

    Excellent job, Ron – Spreading the word…

    Have a lovely weekend.
    ✨Ciao Ciao,
    Carol Amato 😀

    • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

      Hey Carol.

      Great to see you. Sorry for my big delay in responding. Locked myself up to finish a major project the last couple months. Finally done. time to breathe again.

      Thanks for the kind words about the post. Glad you like it. It did take some time to put together but sure worth it, if it helps folks. And use it myself :)

      Oh the plugin’s, that are like the sirens of old times aren’t they? SO easy to get caught up. They dress them up so nice and pretty.

      What free online service do you use for broken links?

      Facebook for personal seems to be a recurring theme. I know I’ve unfollowed alot of “people” from my personal account. Trimmed down to friends and family. Your sure not the only one. I did create some business ones, but have not done much with them. Something else on the to-do list.

      Thanks again for your comment and greatly appreciate the sharing. You rock!

      Talk to you soon.

      • http://www.carolamato.com/ Carol Amato

        No worries at all, Ron, in fact, I’ve been working on a big project myself and been a little out of rounds lately. Back at it, however, and loving it.

        Actually, my VA uses Xenu Link Sleuth which is a download, but definitely does a more complete job than the WordPress plugin.

        You can read about it here: http://wptavern (dot) com/how-to-check-for-broken-links-on-your-site-using-xenu-link-sleuth

        I add anyone as a friend who is decent on my personal Facebook profile, after all I do want them checking out my business page in my info. However, as far as what I post to my feed – I keep it personal usually.

        You are most welcome! Have a great weekend. 😀


        • http://www.theplrstore.com/ Ron Killian

          Thanks for the heads up on the link checker Carol. Will check it out. :)