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NOTE: Download Links automatically expire after 7 days and/or 4 downloads per product. Links can be reset by letting use know by clicking the Red Support Button at the bottom right of any page, and we’ll be happy to help. If you need download links reset, please include your order# in the support ticket. Sorry our ESP is on the fritz. 🙂

Also, all product files are computer ZIP files and they must be downloaded to a computer or laptop. They can not be downloaded to a tablet or phone.

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Working with your downloads: As I’ve mentioned, all product files are in zip format. They need be unzipped before the content inside can be used. If you are not familiar with zip files, please check our FAQ – Information page for details.

Also, the correct programs are need to be used to open or work with the files in the zip file. Some folks try to open a file with the wrong program and think the file is bad. 99% of the time the file is not bad.

Here Are Some Breakdowns:

  • PSD’s and images files – Require a graphic program such as Photoshop or Gimp.
  • Website Files – Including, HTML, PHP and even .htaccess files need to be opened with a web page editor program such as Komposer.
  • Word DOC files – Require Microsoft Word or Open Office.
  • ODT Files – Need the Open Office program to open and edit.
  • PDF Files – Need a PDF reader to view or read. Also, PDF files are not meant to be edited.

Links for all the above and more can be found on our Resources page.