Welcome! Thought I’d post a little about me, so you know who your doing business with. Or if your wondering who is behind the site, and that there is a REAL person running the shop.

Ready for the exciting story? No nodding off now…

My name is Ron Killian. I Live in Michigan, USA. I am married to an amazing woman, who’s partly amazing because she’s put up with me for over 29 years. I have three great kids who are all adults now and 2 incredible grandchildren who keep us on our toes and laughing all the time.  The saying, “They grow up fast” is SO true. In my down time I enjoy woodworking, gardening and just being outside (when it’s not too cold out. It does get fricking cold here some times).

I don’t live in a fancy house and I don’t drive erotic cars. Really don’t want to either. I like being a regular guy with a regular life.

If You Are Sceptical…

I get it, it can be a concern as to who you do business with. So I thought I’d post a few things that will put your mind at ease.

Here are some places:

Warrior Forum: https://www.warriorforum.com/members/ron-killian.html

Warrior+: https://warriorplus.com/member/Ron%20Killian

JVzoo: https://www.jvzoo.com/sellers/user/48594


I started a business online back in late 1998. I was so tired of working for some one else, that I couldn’t take it any more.

It wasn’t even my last Boss, he was a great guy, it was just the “working for some one else”, that I’d had enough. Plus I was SO tired of working when some one else told me to. Some one else scheduling my life and dictating my free time.

If you REALLY want to know more on how I did it, more of the details, you can check out my free report: Tipping Point of Success and Failure.

Back to the tale…

I noticed others who were making cash on the internet and I took the plunge. I worked my butt of and was making more than my full time JOB paid within about 6 months. Just so you know, I am NO genius, I did not discover any “secrets”, no GURU whispered the secrets of the universe in my ear, I just worked proven methods, that still work very today.

Why so many people think they need to reinvent the wheel? Nothing wrong with new ideas and new techniques. Only saying people tend to forget that there are plenty of ways to earn online that have been around longer than the net. Well, most of “those people” get sucked into the latest shiny object.

I’ve been full time ever since. My first 10 years online I was an affiliate marketer, selling other people’s products and services. I actually miss some of the aspects of affiliate marketing. It sure has it’s benefits. Lack of responsibility being the best part.

After 10 years I grew kind of tired of the affiliate game, well, because the niches I worked had it’s issues and I sold off everything I had at the time. I started this site and have been selling my own products ever since. I still do a little affiliate marketing, email marketing and product creation. You’ll also see an occasional WSO from me here and there.

[SIDE NOTE: Affiliate marketing still works very well, I don’t want anyone to think I was saying anything different.]

Maybe I am odd, but I find online business fascinating and love private label rights products.

Am I an odd duck?

I enjoy helping people and love to see others succeed. I am always up for talking “shop” as well. So if you need anything or just want to chat, hit me up. Yes I know that sounds like marketing schtick, but it is true.

Also, I pride myself in superior customer service, so if you need anything, have any questions, or even complaints, don’t hesitate to contact me. Rest assured, I take care of EVERY customer, EVERY time.

Why Do I like Working Online?

Actually the reasons are probably not what you’d expect. I love my online business because of the freedom and the possibilities. I don’t do it buy fancy sports cars or huge million dollar mansions. Not that I am against any of the bling. The best part of owning my own online business is I work for myself and work when I want to. I make my own schedule. I want to take a day off I do it. I want to take a nap I do it. I want to spend time with family or friends I can do that any time I want. And more importantly I don’t miss those important events.

I also like the fact that I don’t have to worry about paying my bills. Gone are the days I struggled to support my family when I use to worked for some one else.

Not mention the possibilities are endless. I can make as much as I want. No more of those pitiful job raises that never pulled me out of the debt hole.

Of course I don’t say all this to brag. I am sure there are plenty of people who make more dollars than me. I only say all this to impress upon you, that you can make it too. Seriously. If you have doubts or you have not made money online, or not enough, let me remind you it is all very possible. Old saying.. if I can do it, so can you. Something like that.

The internet has really leveled the playing field. Open to any tom, dick or harry, susie, jane or beth. Or [inset your name here].

You also have an in. Me. If you want to know how to really earn online, and how to use PLR to put some serious cash in your Pay Pal account, you need to check out the PLR Newsletter right now. Don’t delay, don’t put it off. Isn’t it your turn?

Think that’s about it.

All I can come up with right now. Well, just that I am an Aries, enjoy long walks on the beach and collect antique nut crackers. (Okay, maybe not).

DISCLAIMER: I was told not to talk about the aliens any more. Sorry.