Can You Really Earn Online?

make money online

It’s a question I’ve seen and heard often over the years.

Actually I received an email today asking just that. I am not writing this to “pick on” any one. Not at all.

We shall call him “Frank” to make it easier. And so I don’t have to keep saying, that person that emailed me.

Anyways… Just seemed like a good blog post. Maybe it would help others.

Clear out the cobwebs and more importantly, clear out the doubt?

The person that emailed me basically asked if it was really possible to generate an income on the interwebs. He has doubts.

He is not alone, many people have the same thoughts.

Well, doubt no more…

Did you know:

  • Amazon earned $59 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2018. (did you see the “billion” in there?)
  • Facebook earned $13.23 billion in the second quarter of 2018. (again… billions)
  • Ebay earned $2.6 billion in the first quarter of 2018 (do I have to say it? Billions)

Those are only a few off the top of my head.

My point is very simple… there is HUGE potential to earn on the internet.

And come on, you know there are millions of people on the internet every day. And you also KNOW people SPEND money online.

You probably already know all this. So why the frickin doubt? Seriously?

Excuse my language but it had to be said.

That one thing off the table right?

The reality is, Frank was really asking if “He” could make a good living on line.

Actually it’s an easy question to answer. And the answer is…

I have no clue.

I don’t know Frank. I don’t know his experience or knowledge when it comes to internet marketing. Even more importantly, MUCH more, I don’t know how motivated or driven Frank can be. I don’t know if he has that… never quit attitude.

See… it’s like this… I’ve been online since 1998 and over the years I’ve many friends fascinated that I could and was earning a living online. I even tried helping a number of them. I say tried because it was a total waste of my time. Well, there was one friend that actually followed what I said and gee, he made money. Who would have thought. Not saying I am some expert. I am not bragging either. I only showed him what I was doing, which was following a proven method that generated an income. As they say, why re-invent the wheel?

My point is… every one wants money, but few of them have what it takes to make that a reality. It has nothing to do with being smart. You don’t need to be a techie geek smarty pants to make money online.

It is that fact most people don’t have that, “I am not going to quit. It’s going to work and I am going to figure out how to make it work“.

Sadly I’ve stopped helping friends build an online business. Got tired of wasting my time. And for the record I am not a jerk. Not usually.

Recently some one bought one of my ready to sell plr products. It is literally the easiest product I have. I made it as simple as possible. They even come with a Pay Pal sales system. There are only two steps. Edit a couple lines in a config file and upload the site files. That’s it. Once set up, they are ready to put money in a pay pal account. They said they couldn’t be bothered (to learn even a couple simple skills) and wanted a refund. Wow. Really? Do I need to say more?

For many years I held the belief that Any one could make money online. Over the years I amended that belief to… Every one has the opportunity to make money online. It is a level playing field.

As I said, every one wants money, but few of them will even be bothered to learn even simple skills or have the needed 100% determination.

I am sure some might think I am being a jerk. So be it. But, many people need a kick in the pants. And honestly, if it gets their knickers in a bunch, they do not have what it takes to make it online.

Once again… this is NOT picking on Frank, he just ended up being a part of the post. He seems like a real nice guy. And I believe he has what it takes.

Hang on… I am going somewhere…

We’ve decided there is plenty of potential, just from the few examples at the beginning of this post. If you are in the internet marketing niche, or want to be, you can get even more inspiration by getting free accounts with JVzoo and Warrior+ and see first hand how much money people are spending online by the number of sales some of the products generate on those platforms. It’s pretty amazing. Even more proof of potential.

So the next big question is… HOW to earn online.

Another easy answer.

By starting with proven models that has worked way before the internet was even a thought.

There was a time, industrious individuals sold stuff door to door. From vacuums to magazines subscriptions. It is actually offline affiliate marketing. Selling other people’s stuff. Look at Mary Kay. Or all the beauty products and home parties that are just selling other people stuff. Can you say Tupperware? (are they even still in business?)

It’s obvious that when you start with something that works, you have a much better chance for success. It also gives you a way to learn more about how things work online and all the other ways to earn.

Not only does affiliate marketing work, best yet, there is almost an endless supply of stuff you can sell. What to sell is the easy part.

Often the problem is that many people over complicate things. They tend to make it more difficult than it really is.

My formula for earning online has always been simple:

Something to Sell + People To Sell It To = Income


Why does it need to be complicated?

So when some one asks me what they should do online, I almost always recommend Affiliate Marketing. Not only has it been proven to work (for many, many years now), it also offers the most freedom. Since you are selling some one else’s stuff, they handle all the customer details including payment, shipping, support, ect. You never have to talk to any one. This means you can work when you want, from where you want. Your ONLY job is to put your affiliate offers in front of potential buyers. Make it easy right?

My first year online, doing affiliate marketing, I was able to take almost 3 months off, because traffic was flowing to my sites and the dollars were coming in. Just to show there is plenty of freedom with the model. Honestly I really miss that freedom. So much that I might make it my main model again. I’ve been thinking lately.

You could take it one step further… by using email marketing to promote your affiliate offers. A captive audience and even bigger income potential. Presto.

The other part is you HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. I know that is obvious. But I see SO many people that talk about it. Talking about it makes you zero. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard, “I’ve been looking in to it for years. Looking in to it makes you zero. Worst yet are the people who say they’ve been trying for years and have never made any money. Ya, okay. That’s for another post.

One last  thing…

Frank made a valid point… few people share their income stats. He is absolutely correct. There are a few brave bloggers that post the skinny, but they are few and far between.

And I hate to be negative, but who’s to believe income claims unless you have huge credibility anyways? Sadly it’s to easy to fake sales stats screenshots. It’s been done many times. Not to mention all the scammy sales page that are littered with images of exotic spots cars, huge mansions or 100′ yachts and the marketer could be living in his van down by the river.

I will tell you this, I’ve been online since 1998 and I’ve always made more than a full time job. Some years have been awesome, some have been a little lean. The lean years were my own fault, like depending to much on Google traffic. I don’t say that to brag. I only say it to further prove that there is money to be made online and models like affiliate marketing DO work. Unless fake income screenshots would help you more.

I will also tell you it does take effort. Some days you will have doubt, some days you will be totally frustrated. It can be difficult. But the ones who succeed, are the ones who keep going no matter what. It’s worked for me and I am no genius.

Even more I can tell you that the freedom is SO STINK’IN incredible. You should try it. If for some reason you want to know about my thrilling story, you are welcome to a report I  wrote some time back: The Tipping Point Of Success And Failure.

In the End…

Again, it’s easy… if you want to know if there is money to made online and how much… you’ll have definitive proof… by doing it. Revelation 🙂

Okay, I’ve gone on long enough. Hope this helps. And of course be sure to click the share button. It will earn you good Karma.

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Oh, I almost forgot… you said you were bringing Taco’s, where are they?

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