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You’ve found the free stuff page. Over the years I’ve had many of the same questions asked so I thought I’d put together some reports to address those questions and help get you started in the right direction. Feel free to download anything on this page. The easy way would be to right click and save as to your computer.

If there is anything you would like to see here, please let me know and I’ll do my best. Also, I’d love to hear if you find the reports here useful.

NOTE: These are here to help my customers. You may pass these on to others, but you can NOT edit the reports here, you can NOT add your name to them, and you can NOT use them as your own. Didn’t think I’ve have to say that, but guess I do.

Private Label And PLR Related Reports:

Selling PLR and Digital Product Using WordPress – Quick report I created that covers exactly how to use wordpress to sell plr and digital products. I’ve tried many ways and this is the best I’ve found to date. It’s pretty simple as well.

Working with Private Label Rights Products – This is a short course on editing and setting up plr products.

Simple and Easy PLR Profit Machines – Covers many of the ways you can make money from private label rights products. Our free

PLR checklists and Guides. Use them to get the most from your private label rights products.

Selling Digital Products Online – Guide that covers how you can set up and sell your own information products.

Setting up PLR Autoresponder Packages and PLR Listbuilding sets – Quick report that covers step by step, with pictures on how to set up our autoresponder packages and listbuilding sets. Goes over setting up the squeeze page and everything else.


Traffic Generation Reports:

Twitter Wonder Tactics – Sweet report explains how to harness the power of Twitter for Traffic and Profits.


Misc and Sales Reports:

Simple Income Strategy – Free report outlines how I’ve set up systems that puts cash in my Pay Pal account on a regular basis. It is a system that you only need to do once, and it runs on automatic forever. Once and done way to make money on the net. So easy any one can do it.

Profit Multipled “50 Time-Tested ways to Increase Your Products Value for more Cash in Pocket…Guaranteed!” I wrote this some time back and actually forgot about it. Thought I’d post it to help you get the idea’s flowing.

Daliy Action List – Something I made up for myself, but thought I’d hare it. It’s a worksheet to get yourself organized and more productive.

Creating Urgency – I wrote this report some time back, and it was only available to War Room members one the Warrior Forum, but I thought you might find it useful. It covers a number of simple tactics you can use to create urgency in your visitors so they are more likely to buy your product now.

The Tipping Point of Success and Failure – Another report I wrote some time ago. It talks about what I used and how I was able to get myself going with my online business and created a full time income within 6 months. It was also only available for the War Room, but I thought it might be of help to others.

Quick Internet Security Guide – I am not security expert, not even close, but I put together a few tips to help you. Mainly what mistakes I’ve made and how to avoid them.