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I was looking over the blog for some posts to send to some one who wanted to know if it was possible for him to earn online.

Course it is an impossible question to answer because I don’t know him. Too many variables.

But, in looking over my blog posts I realized I did not have any about Affiliate Marketing. Really?

My first 10 years on the big ole net (was a little smaller then), was spent doing only affiliate marketing. Well, just shy of 10 years, but close enough.

Now, I am not claiming to be an expert when it comes to the subject, but I did spend some time doing it and I made some pretty good money.

And… since I usually recommend it for people starting out, I should have a blog post! Darn it!

So, that’s whats for dinner tonight. Are you ready?

The reason I recommend most people start out with affiliate marketing is the fact that it is the easier, lowest cost route to go.

Here are your only expenses:

  • Hosting – Starting like $5 a month and up, related to features and quality.
  • Domain Name – Around $10 a year.

That’s it. See why I recommend it? Not to mention all the benefits. You never have to talk to any one or provide any support, the affiliate programs take care of the buyers. It is one of the one of the lowest responsibilities type of business.

The basics are:

  • A product or service to sell, some affiliate program.
  • Some one to sell it to, an audience, traffic.

Some might argue there is more to it, but those are the bare basics. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be? Plus if you keep it simple, there much less chance of getting overwhelmed or fall into that information overload trap. Happens to way to many folks. Kills the vibe. Kills the enthusiasm.

It gets even better….

Finding something to sell is the easy part. Way easy. Because there is an almost endless supply of affiliate programs. Just look at the millions of different products to promote on Amazon alone. Or all the digital products on Clickbank or Jvzoo. You won’t have any trouble finding stuff to sell. Believe me.

The only thing is you need to pick a niche. And not get caught up in doing that. Just pick something and go. If it doesn’t sell, pick another program or another niche. They won’t all be home runs. And you can’t let it get you down. Every successful person has had flops. It happens. Some folks will say pick a niche you know, like a hobby you have. I USE to say that as well. Nothing wrong with it. But, it’s even better to go with something you know people buy alot of. Granted it might be tough to break into the weight loss or dating niches, so much competition, but think you get my point. There are also side doors or sub niche with less competition, for example the recently popular Ketogenic Diet, or the highly popular Bitcoin rush. You could even get something ready to go like a PLR Website or Amazon Turnkey Store

So that leaves one thing…

In my opinion it is the most important piece of the puzzle. It’s not content, it’s not the responsiveness of your website (that is a good thing though), it’s not about your Alexa rank (too many people worry about things that don’t matter or are not real).

It IS about traffic. End of story.

You could have the best content on the net, but if no one see’s it, what’s the sense? I am not saying content is not important, just saying it is not the most important. If no one visits your content, no one see’s your ads or clicks your affiliate links. Your fancy, big-word content make you nothing. Just saying.

If you master traffic, or at least some ways of driving traffic, then you have something. You have income potential.

Then you can track your ads and improve on them. You can find better converting affiliate offers. Most importantly, you start making sales and getting commission checks.

Oh we like those checks.

Putting it all together:

  • Get hosting
  • Get a domain
  • Put up a website (WordPress is easy and quick)
  • Find an affiliate program or offer
  • Put up affiliate links or ads on your website
  • Create some content giving people a reason to visit. Easy way PLR Articles.
  • Drive traffic to your website

That is a proven business model (income model) that has worked for years, still works and will always work. Matter of fact, it’s a model that’s worked way before the internet was even a thought in some ones head. Remember door to door sales people? What about Avon, Mary Kay or Amway?

Nothing new here, just a different way to reach people. Actually a much improved and easier way to generate an income. I use to sell those big satellite dishes door to door, many years ago. Believe me, affiliate marketing online is SO MUCH easier. And hey, no rejection 🙂

An important tip, DON’T get blogged down in the details Keep it as simple as possible.

In my opinion and from experience, there are a few keys to your online success, …or failure…

  • Mindset – You HAVE TO believe it is going to work. 100% with any doubt. You have to shrug off the naysayers and the well-intended, yet negative people.
  • Get it up and running – I’ve seen FAR to many people that put up a website, but don’t finish it, or drive traffic to it. Then they whine they have no made any money. Gee, wonder why. An unfinished project or website makes you? Nothing.
  • Rinse and Repeat – When one site starts making you money, you should have the model down, so why not start another? Multiple income streams?

That is not the end. One of the big reasons I recommend affiliate marketing is not only because it low cost start up, but it can also be a way to learn the ropes. You could learn enough to start sell your own products, start your own affiliate program… the sky is the limit.

Okay, that’s if for today. All that my brain can think of in this moment. Hope it helps.

I would like to say, I’ve been “online” since 1998. I’ve had plenty of flops. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been slapped by Google. I know all kinds of things that don’t work. It is not always going to be easy. But I can tell you, it can be worth it. Really worth it.

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Keep, keeping on.

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