Sorry this page is so long, just trying to cover most everything that could happen… So on with it..

If I buy a Product will I Be the Only One That Has it, or Can others buy it?

At our low prices, we could not make a profit or stay in business if we only sold each item to one person. Unless you know a secrets I don’t? Also, if only one person could own it, it wouldn’t be PLR, would it? Nope. So yes others can purchase. But, that is not something to worry about. For one thing, most people who buy something never do anything with it, or do very little. Not trying to be negative, just reporting the facts. Also, if you purchase a PLR you can edit it, so it doesn’t take much to make it different. A new cover, new title and editing the product, quick enough you have something that is your own. Still, worrying about others can be very limiting thinking. Look how many different places sell the same computers? Laptops? Mobile Phones, and an almost endless supply of products and services. There will always be competition. In reality, competition can be proof there is a market. So instead of worrying about everyone else, why not spend that time marketing and promoting? Not trying to preach of throw out self-help advice, just saying, there are better things to spend our time on.

What payment options do you offer?

You can use pretty much any valid credit card or debt card. All payments are done through our payment processor, Stripe. Since they handle everything about the payment, we can not help if your credit or debt card is declined. We do not have the power to “make” a payment go through and frankly we would never want that ability.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All payment details are done through our payment processors platform. This website does NOT store any of your financial details what so ever.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: All products are zip files, containing computer files, so they must be downloaded to a desktop computer or full laptop. They can NOT be downloaded to mobile phones or tablets.

How do I get what I ordered?

Everything purchased from the our store is downloaded from your customer account. When a purchase is completed and the payment has been made, you will be automatically returned back to our store, to your account page. On your account page, or the “My Account” page, it will list your order and provide download links.

If for some reason this does not happen, or the browser window is closed or the process stopped, you can of course log into your account at any time to download as well.

NOTE: All download links automatically expire after 7 days, to protect the product downloads. If your order is older than 7 days and you need to download again, please contact us, or click the Red Support link at the bottom right corner of any page on our site.

I Am Having Trouble Downloading

Even in this day and age, there are some parts of the world that do not have the best internet service. For all the people who have trouble, most live in the same parts of the world. It’s rare one of our downloads is actually bad, so often it’s an internet connection issue.

Some ideas…

Download Managers – Every internet browser offers these extensions and plugins.


Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

Or Save to your favorite back up service.

For Firefox:

DropBox – Saver Plugin (for Dropbox) Just right click on a link and you can save it to your dropbox account.

For Chrome:

Google Drive – Save To Google Drive

Dropbox – Download To Dropbox

OneDrive – Save To One Drive

Note: We have had some issues with Chrome and certain downloads. It’s not everyone, and it’s not every product. We’re unsure why. If you’re using Chrome and having difficulty downloading, we highly suggest trying a different browser. More often than not, that usually works.

What is your refund policy?

As we sell digital products, refunds or store credit are not guaranteed. We take requests on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind – digital products are out of our hands once they’re downloaded. We have no way to verify if a product has been completely removed from a device and unfortunately people have taken advantage of our kindness in the past when we were more lenient. We have our Support button available on every page for any questions or concerns before making a purchase, and our product descriptions are extensive.

Do you have a guarantee or warranty on the products’ information being accurate, honest or useful?

We have no guarantees and do not provide a warranty for the contents contained in any articles, ebook or any other materials provided in our products. In fact, many of our products contain a disclaimer stating that these are to be used and read for educational or informational purposes only, and no responsibility is taken for any results or outcomes from reading or using the material.

Remember, most PLR/MRR/RR content is created by regular people. While most make every attempt to make sure they include accurate, effective and/or useful information, it is not a guarantee.

My Password is Not Working

You can reset your password here: Forgotten Password. [PLEASE NOTE] That process is an automated email, so that email can end up going to your spam/trash folder with your email provider. So, if you do not get it, please check those folders. If you still do not get it, let me know. You can use the Contact Form, or better, click the Red Support Button at the bottom of any page.

My Computer Crashed, or I lost my downloaded file, what do I do?

All products are set to be downloaded 4 times, in case you have trouble, so if your order was placed within the last 7 days you can simply download again. If your order is older than 7 days, please contact us by clicking the Red Support link at the bottom right of any page on our site so we can reset your order.

Why is there 4 downloads available for each product I ordered?

Since we sell digital products, each only needs to be downloaded one time each. Downloading a product more than once will only get your the same file each time.

But things happen… so we set up the products so they can be downloaded more than once. Maybe you lose your internet connection, you’re not sure where the downloaded file went on your computer, those are just some of the reason’s each product is set for 4 downloads. For “Just in case”, or a backup.

After 4 downloads, the link will automatically expire. You’ll need to contact us if you need it reset.

The File I downloaded is a Zip File, why? What do I do with it?

Every product we carry has multiple files, some have many files, and the best way to package everything up into one easy to download file is with zip files. Plus zipping up files compresses them, for smaller file size, faster downloads. And zip files have been a way to “box” up multiple files for many years now.

Any windows computer from XP on, has a built in unzip feature. Using Windows Explorer simply right click with your mouse on any zip file, from the drop down menu, choose “Extract All…” and it will unzip the file for you. While I have not used a Mac computer for many years, from my understanding, they also offer a program called Stuff It, you can use to work with the zip files.

Couple more options for working with zip files are WinZip and WinRAR.

The file I downloaded is corrupt it won’t unzip properly.

On very rare occasions, product zip files do not download 100%, and in turn they end up being corrupt. Could be a problem with the internet connection, a glitch on our server, or the WWW germlins causing trouble.

This is one of the reasons we have set up the products so they can be downloaded more than once. Just in case. The best course is to re-download the file, over-writing what you downloaded before. If this does not work, please contact us, or Click the Red Support Button at the bottom right corner of any page.

I’ve bought products, but I am not sure how to use them. Can you help?

While it depends on the product, or type of product, we have a few guides that should help you get your products off the ground. They are listed here: Free Stuff

What can I do with the product I ordered? What are the rights? What is allowed?

This one gets asked alot and it depends. Product rights (what can and can not be done with them) vary per product. Every product we carry should have the rights listed at the bottom of the product description. This will tell you exactly what you can or can not do. If you find rights missing from a product description, please let me know. Also, the rights stated are that, we can not change them or make any exceptions, it wouldn’t be fair to every one else.

Do you have coupons?

You bet we do. Join the Update list and you’ll get a fresh one every single week. Sign up here: Updates

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Currently the store is not set up to automatically, but it is something we are working on adding in the very near future. But, if you’re looking at purchasing a number of products at once contact us, I am sure we can work something out.

Do you accept submissions?

Sorry, at this time we do not accept product submissions.

Can I sell my products on your store?

Sorry, at this time we are not set up to sell products for other people.

How long do you keep my order on file?

Right now, we’re set up to keep orders from the last 5 years on file. This is subject to change at any time. Please make sure to make backups of your products just in case.

Who is behind the store?

Are you REALLY sure you want to know? There is no going back. Only if you are sure, the details are here: About

Do you blog about Internet Marketing?

Oh you bet. Well, from time to time. I tend to go in spurts. All my spurts are here: Blog Stop by, have a read, leave a comment or just say hello. Did you bring any snacks?

What did I miss? Gotta be something. Let me know…

I am always open to feedback and suggestions. Good or bad I can take it. Have a product suggestion? Let me know. Some way I can improve the store? Or the shopping experience? Speak up. The door is always open.

Do You Trade Web Links?

Sorry, at this time I do not trade links. I also am NOT in the market for SEO services, pills, or Walmart gift cards. Thanks but no thanks.

Can I tell You about What I am selling?

Please don’t, I get enough spam in my email. If I need something I will find you. If you do email me, I will probably just hit the spam button. Sorry, just not cool dude.

Can You Help Me Get Traffic To My Websites?

As I mentioned before, there are some guides here: Free Stuff. Even better, you can get all the traffic you need by checking this site out: Upgraded Traffic Tactics.

Are You Available For Weddings?

Sorry, I don’t sing or dance for profit any more. Got me in trouble, I learned my lesson.

Do I Get Anything For Reading This Entire Page?

Umm… I have some Gold Star stickers. That work for you? There was some pizza rolls, but I ate them all. Sorry. You snooze, You…

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