Welcome! Thought I’d post a little about me, so you know who your doing business with. Or if your wondering who is behind the site, and that there is a REAL person running the shop.

Ready for the exciting story? No nodding off now…

My name is Ron Killian. I Live in Michigan, USA. I am married to an amazing woman, who’s partly amazing because she’s put up with me for over 25 years. I have three great kids who are all adults now. Where does the time go? The saying, “They grow up fast” is SO true. In my down time I enjoy woodworking, gardening and just being outside (when it’s not too cold out. It does get friking cold here some times).


I started a business online back in late 1998. I was so tired of working for some one else, that I couldn’t take it any more.

It wasn’t even my last Boss, he was a great guy, it was just the “working for some one else”, that I’d had enough.

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I noticed others who were making cash on the internet and I took the plunge. I worked my butt of and was making more than my full time JOB paid within about 6 months. Just so you know, I am no genius, I did not discover any “secrets”, no GURU whispered in my ear, I just worked proven methods, that still work today.

I’ve been full time ever since. My first 10 years online I was an affiliate marketer, selling other people’s products and services. I actually miss some of the aspects of affiliate marketing. It sure has it’s benefits.

After 10 years I grew kind of tired of the affiliate game, well the niches I was in, and sold off everything I had at the time. I started this site and have been selling my own products ever since. I still do a little affiliate marketing, email marketing and product creation. You’ll also see an occasional WSO from me here and there.

Maybe I am odd, but I find online business fascinating and love private label rights products.

Am I an odd duck?

I enjoy helping people and love to see others succeed. I am always up for talking “shop” as well. So if you need anything or just want to chat, hit me up. Yes I know that sounds like marketing schtick, but it is true.

Also, I pride myself in superior customer service, so if you need anything, have any questions, or even complaints, don’t hesitate to contact me. Rest assured, I take care of EVERY customer, EVERY time.

Think that’s about it.

All I can come up with right now. Well, just that I am an Aries, enjoy long walks on the beach and collect antique nut crackers. (Okay, maybe not).

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DISCLAIMER: I was told not to talk about the aliens any more. Sorry.