Thick Skin and You Can’t Please Them All…

thick skin

You back again?


Okay stalker, here’s some food for thought…

Over the years I’ve come to realize that you need thick skin to have an online business.

Ya, some Revelation.

That old saying, “You can’t please every one every time“, holds true on the net even more than it does in the real world.

It’s amazing what people will say to you through email. Things they probably wouldn’t say to your face. Think they call them keyboard warriors? Not that I’ve even been one. No, never.

Even though I’ve been online since 1998, my skin has yet to be bullet proof. But I “try” to remember that 98% of folks are real nice. In reality there are only a few that can be “not so nice”.

I am still waiting for that one guy to blast me on Yelp because I wouldn’t take his money order for payment. Fingers crossed. Maybe he thought he was on craigslist.

But, even the random little nasty can make for a bad day. And can’t say I handle every customer service request (some times demands) perfectly, I am only human. I mess up too. I do try though. Really.

My point is, if you deal with people, there will be times that some one might put you in a bad mood. You can’t take it serious. They might be having a bad day, year or decade. Maybe the wife just left, or Fido just took a chuck out of their leg. Be prepared and try not to let it get to you. The delete button can make all the poison go away.

Yet another reason why affiliate marketing can be such a good business model.

Moving on… slightly…

Along the same lines, you HAVE TO REMEMBER that you can not please everyone, every time. Just not possible. I have found that if you try to make things right, it can go along way, and that angry person could turn out to be nice. Might have just been frustrated.

Just today, I had an unsubscribe from one of the email lists. It wasn’t nasty, just that the subscriber couldn’t take me seriously because there were too many typo’s and grammar errors in my emails. Not that it bothered me, just saying you have to get use to it. And that person is certainly entitled to their opinion. No ill will. Plus it reminds me I need to do better.

In my defense, many of my spelling mistakes, typo’s and bad grammar are done on purpose. They are done for a reason. Not all of them, but most.

Now if I was claiming to be some writing expert, then it would make sense. I wouldn’t take me seriously either.

But… you don’t need to be a super spellerer to make good money online. I’m proof. Plus the experts say you should write at an eighth grade level, so EVERYONE understands. Unless your niche is professionals, writers, ect. Others even go so far as to say that mistakes can make you look more “real”. A real guy or girl that might not be perfect. Like your audience. Hhhmmm.

There are plenty of examples of people who don’t have the best grammar and some marketers that even use foul language, who are huge successes and have made a killing online.

Don’t get me wrong… I am by no means saying you shouldn’t try to put out quality content. Of course you should.

My second point is…

Don’t let your possible lack of professional writing skills be another excuse that keeps you from getting started, or another reason you don’t take action.

Along with the third point, there will always be some one that is not happy.

Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because some one doesn’t have perfect grammar every single time, that they don’t have some knowledge or experience that could really help you. You could be missing out.

Seems this one was a rant huh? Guess my skin is still not thick enough 🙂

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