Testimonials from some of our customers:

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the customer service from The PLR Store. I bought a PLR website and, despite the clear instructions, still managed to mess up the installation! The support was almost immediate and they had my site up so quickly I was amazed. Their product price and quality may be excellent, but customer service is the true measure of value. Two thumbs up for The PLR Store.


Mike Major

I just wanted to say thank you for the immediate and professional response to my e-mail query. You went above and beyond! Your company’s customer service is exceptional and I will definitely do business with you again! I will refer everyone I know who needs quality plr products to the plrstore from now on. Thank you for a wonderful experience!


Kimberly Viera

Ron your website is unbelievable the high quality content that you offer & response rate is great I could go on & on… I am going on my 2nd year in Online Marketing & I am just really startled with what I have run across on your site, another great advantage is that you don’t have to pay to ton of money to learn what to do to make grow your business & that’s a plus for me! Your website has provided the missing pieces of the puzzle when it comes to trying to figure out how to do things & implementing what I’ve learned to my students. I definitely don’t have to wonder about what to write about anymore thanks to the plr store. You are a blessing in disguise & I appreciate everything that you have done. To Your Success…


Toshiba Burton

THANKS RON…THE WEBSITE IS AWESOME!!! I have been trying to get my own site for quite a while.  Getting someone to build it was way too expensive, and to build it myself was just too daunting.  I stumbled upon Ron’s theplrstore.com and was amazed at the selection of ready-to-go websites.  Of course, not being a computer tech guy, I was still nervous.  I contacted Ron with my concerns…several times…and he was very patient and understanding – A real pro.   Before long I had an excellent looking and functional website.

In many businesses, customer service after the sale has become non-existent.  Not so with Ron and the theplrstore.com.  I highly recommend this site.

Thanks Ron


Stephen Novak

This site I bought from you ranked very quickly on page one and if this plugin works out with this advertiser, it will be a nice little income from just that alone, so thank you for your help. I just bought some more PLR from your store today and appreciate your quality. Will let you know when it’s all working right! Again, THANK YOU!!!!



Hi Ron, Excellent service! ThePLRStore is from now on my first choice for PLR products! Thanks!

 Best regards,


Goran Olsson

“For years I struggled to build a web site which made me money and which was simple to develop.

I bought pre-designed templates for web sites and invariably got stuck and needed help. But
without exception the “support” was either non-existent or assumed I was fluent in five
programming languages. Or was too expensive to be practicle.

Then I discovered PLR Shop and bought a WordPress Template with a very close theme to
that required for my new blog. This fresh and newly launched site was a new departure for me.

I had never attempted WordPress before, I had relied on HTML web sites.

Long story short, I immediately had problems getting use to WP and was having problems
with my hosting company, who I ditched in favour of a much better host.

Throughout a six week journey of despair and nearl abandoment of the project I was helped,
mentored and kept cheerfull by the fabulous help provided by PLR Shop’s owner Ron Killian.

I cannot express my thanks and gratitude for his support and help to get this project running
and will admit that I probably would not have got it done if Ron had been like his peers. Just
interested in taking my money.

Oh, and the products. Superb. What more can I say?

I really cannot reccomend PLR Store and Ron Killian too much.”

Best wishes as always,


Barry Horwell

I recently found www.theplrstore.com while looking for content for my web sites.

After looking all over the site, I determined I would see how and if it worked. Other PLR sites I have visited were either incomplete or the cost was out of line or just did not fell right.  My experience with theplrstore has been better that I had hoped. Mr. Ron Killian has responded to every question I had in a more than timely manner.

I now have more content than I can use at less than one third the cost I excepted. Anyone looking for high quality articles on most any subject need not look further. My money has been well spent.

Thanks Ron


Harold Mayberry

Hi Ron,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks.

I have been very pleased with the quality of the content, and in the one case where I wasn’t you really bent over backwards to help me out.

I will most certainly be a long term customer.




Hi Ron,

What a little gem your store is, I have found more PLR stuff than I will ever need.
Its an internet marketers megastore, I love this site and I will be a long term customer of this store.

Your service is great, you dealt with my download problems promptly and efficiently and I for one
will be telling everyone to pay your store a visit.
It makes a change in this type of business to deal with an actual person rather than automated robots

I once again thank you for all your assistance and also for having a great store with great customer care.

Yours Sincerely


Anthony Hazelwood ( UK )

Hi Ron I am really appreciative of your level of service and won’t hesitate to recommend your store to my other buddies in Business. Thanks again. Kind regards…



I just ordered a golf PR pack, and it is of excellent quality.  Thank you very much, I will be doing business with you in the VERY near future.