Are You Being Greedy?

Last couple days I’ve been helping a customer and it’s inspired this post.

Super nice guy, I couldn’t ask for a better customer. So this is by no means, picking on him. Not at all.

It’s just something I’ve seen, heard or noticed alot over the years.

He purchased a product from me and I helped him set it up to sell on JVzoo.

What got me to thinking, was how much we went back and forth on pricing the front end.

He asked for my advice, I gave it and he still went back and forth. More than once.

Hang On Now… I am not saying he was greedy, maybe that is too strong a word here.

But it’s an important lesson.

You need to give to get.

Here’s the deal…

Selling digital products online is a process, if you want to get the biggest value and the biggest profits with your product. It’s a sales funnel process. We’ve all heard it, but seems some folks don’t quite grasp it. If they are new it is understandable.

Not saying I am some expert or guru and I will be the first to admit I don’t know everything. Just ask my wife.

You have to understand, most people visiting your sales page don’t know you, your product, and they are most likely skeptical. Oh they are skeptical. Aren’t you?

So you need to lower the barrier to buy. You need to make it easier for them to click that buy button.

It’s all about getting people in your funnel, simple as that. Because, there is alot more to make in the back end.

And when you get people to buy, it is a commitment, even if it’s a small one, it can be very powerful. Think about it, they are a proven buyer, they trusted you enough to hand over some cash, so it stands to reason, they are more likely to buy more stuff from you.

Whats more valuable than a buyer?

Course I shouldn’t have to say it, but you need to have a funnel in the first place. If you need a funnel, let me know your niche and I’ll do the best to find you something. Click that red support button over there on the right to get in touch.

On with the story…

Before my internet career I spent about 10 years in the Home Improvement business, lumberyards and the likes.

The big boxes stores had a common practice of selling the commodities, most used products, cheap, often at cost or even at a loss. Why? Because it was a way to get people in their stores and they knew that at least some of them, many actually, would buy other related items, which were often higher margin/profit items. The customer buys drywall at a great price, but they will also need tape, mud and screws or nails to complete the project. It all adds up. The store is not looking to make money on the drywall, they are looking at making money on all the accessories. Plus they have a customer that may come back.

Every store has sales. For the same exact reasons. Just look around you, you will find plenty of inspiration and ideas. Watch what the the big companies are doing. Pay attention.

You have to give to get

Back in my lumber days, I lost count how many decks I designed for free for customers. A free service that most times resulted in a very nice sale. How many garages and house I priced out, for free, that resulted in big sales.

So how does this related to selling digital products online?

  • You sell your front end low getting more people in your sales funnel. Lowering the resistance to buy.
  • More BUYERS to see your upsell(s). By shear numbers and all things equal, you get more upsell sales.
  • More BUYERS see the related advertisements on your download or thank you pages.
  • You build a buyers list. One of the most profitable assets you can build. And something you can use (when done correctly) to promote even more products or services into the future.
  • More Buyers to move up to higher ticket items like home study courses, videos tutorials, ect.

Now I know you might be getting nervous about all this.

But here is the thing.. really listen here… once you set up your systems they can run on automatic for you. The key to success is not giving up because it might seem hard or there are things you need to learn. Learn what you need, it will pay off. I have proof on that.

And last but not least, learn how to do it on your own. It makes for a weak business if you are to dependent on others to do the important stuff.

Get Something Up

Biggest problem I’ve seen many internet marketers make, it that they don’t finish what they start. Yes, I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, again.

Even if it not perfect, nothing really is, get it out there and working. You can always fix and tweak as you go. Best yet, when you have something up and you start making money, it can be some of the best motivation you can get. Unfinished projects make you NOTHING. Read that again.

It failed

So what!? If it did not work, you tweak it until it does. If you’ve tried everything, you might have to let it go and move on. Just make sure you REALLY tried everything.

Remember too.. even a failure can be a success by what you learned.

Okay I am tired and my two fingers have typed enough for today.

Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated. And of course share if you found it useful.


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