30 second seduction plr list building

30 Second Seduction PLR List Building Package and Autoresponders


Build a Highly Profitable List TODAY with the 30 Second Seduction PLR List Building and PLR Autoresponder Package. Easy Email Marketing, Private Label Rights.

30 Second Seduction PLR List Building

File Format: MS Word Document, TXT
Number of Messages: 28 Messages (Over 15,000 words)
Squeeze page: Included, HTML
Confirm Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: Covers, Web page images, PSD’s
Cover Graphics: JPG in five different sizes
Miscellaneous Graphics: PSD’s for cover, so you can edit or change
Extra Pages: Giveaway Download Page, HTML
Extras: High Quality 18 page give-away report
Year Released/Circulated: 2012
Suggested Selling Price: n/a

Do I really need to tell you how hot this niche is, why it’s hot and why it will always be hot? Guys know exactly why it’s popular and women know why most guys REALLY need this information.

It’s also often a desperate, almost human nature market because of our need to date and mate. Also the fact that it’s evergreen and always will be, that makes it a highly profitable niche that will always sell well.

Here is your opportunity to cash in on a very hot and profitable niche.

We’ve included everything you need to build a list in the seduction niche. Not only will you be getting a brand new high quality 30 Second Seduction PLR List Building report to use as a give-away to entice people to subscribe to your list, this package also includes all the list building components needed.

There is a quality 30 Second Seduction PLR List Building squeeze page that only needs your opt-in form. A confirm page, to urge your subscribers to confirm their email address. Even a matching download page where your subscribers download their free report.

Download page also comes with a pre-loaded clickbank related digital product banner, giving you another chance to make a sale. They opted into your list, so this would be a good chance to make a sale.

The 30 Second Seduction PLR List Building report is 18 pages of high quality seduction information with the following table of contents:

Introduction 1

First Look 2

Appreciation versus Arousal 4

Loosen Her Up 5

Treat Others Well 6

Handling Other Men 7

Don’t Fall In Love 8

Show a Little Vulnerability 9

The Art of… Hugging? 10

Show Your Moves 11

Getting That Drink 12

Stand Out 13

Surprise Her 14

Seduction Resources 15

The report comes in PDF and also Word DOC format, so you can edit or change it any way you’d like. Add your own website links, or affiliate links, for evem more profit streams.

30 Second Seduction PLR List Building Report is professional done with proper page numbering and quality layout. You’ll look like the expert and authority in the niche, even if your not highly knowledgeable on the subject.

We’ve even created a brand new professional 30 Second Seduction PLR List Building eCover, brand new from scratch. You won’t find it anywhere else but here. You’ll even be getting the PSD’s for the cover, in flat and 3D, so you can edit or change it. Rendered cover comes in 5 different sizes, to fit most any need.

But there is more…

You’ll also be getting a ready-to-go autoresponder message series, a total of 28 messages. They are a mix of content and promotional, so your adding value, building trust and not bombarding your readers with only sales emails.

Best yet, all messages contain links to clickbank related seduction programs, even the content ones, so you have many opportunities to make sales!

30 Second Seduction PLR List Building Message series includes over 15,000 words of quality content, that is sure to hook your readers and keep them looking for your next email.

We’ve also saved you a ton of time because the 30 Second Seduction PLR List Building messages have been edited to 65 characters, to fit most any autoresponder service.

These messages are ready to go. Simply add your clickbank affiliate ID, copy and paste the messages and it’s ready to run on autopilot for you, even while your sleeping!

To give you an idea what the 30 Second Seduction PLR List Building messages covers, here are some of the subject lines:

Are You Doing THIS With Your Body To REPEL Her?
Creating Rapport For Instant Seduction…
300,000 Men Created This Seduction System…
Actual Useful Dating & Seduction Advice That Works…
Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes With Women…!
[Open Only] If You Really Want To Get Laid
Are You Scaring Girls Before Even Approaching Them?
Stop Repelling Women Before You Even Get A Chance To…!
[Time To Thank Me!] Gift Offer For You!
Ninja Asian Seduction Techniques…
UNDERGROUND Flirting & Dating Tactics
So She’s Younger Than You… No Problem!
3 Super Flirting Tips That Get Results
This Will Make Women [CRAVE] You
2 Things To Improve Yourself To SCORE With Women
3 Instant Tips You Can Use To Pick Up Women
Stop Making This Mistake…
3 Weird Online Dating Facts…
“How To Get Her To Spread Her Legs?” Use This
Did She Rejected You For These Reasons…?
3 Secrets to Communication with Women
3 Things to NEVER Say to a Woman You Just Met
“I’ll Call You Back”… What To Actually Do?
Copy + Paste = Facebook/MySpace women in bed.
a Must Read For All Men…
New Method To Read Women’s Minds

Plus, many of the 30 Second Seduction PLR List Building messages come with multiple subject line’s so you can pick and choose, for what fits your needs, or use the extra’s to split test, to obtain the highest open rate. You’ll also be getting a fill-in-the-blanks template so it’s easy for you to create as many new messages as you’d like.

There is also a default legal disclaimer, so you can cover yourself legally.

30 Second Seduction PLR List Building Messages come in both TXT and Word DOC format.

To sum it up, what’s included:

30 Second Seduction PLR List Building Giveaway Report

Quality Squeeze Page

Matching Confirm Page

Download Page

28 Message 30 Second Seduction PLR List Building Autoresponder Series

As said, everything you need is included!

30 Second Seduction PLR List Building Product Rights:

You can:

[YES] Customized issues can be given away via subscription [YES] Squeeze pages can be customized [YES] Content can be renamed, rewritten or edited.

[YES] You can add your name to the messages as the author.

[YES] Your links can be added to the messages [YES] The messages can be used as website/blog content with changes made. [YES] Content can be broken down into articles. [YES] Content can be added to autoresponder courses. [YES]Content can be compiled into an e-book and sold as a PDF file only [YES] Subscriptions can be offered as a bonus

You Cannot:

[NO] You can claim copyright to any of this content unless substantial changes are made that legally separate the original content with your own rewritten content, articles or products. (Basically “substantial changes” means that your reedited/rewritten versions bear NO resemblance to the original content).

[NO] Can sell the PLR Newsletter content or sets in any way

[NO] Can be offered through auction sites [NO] Can sell Resale Rights [NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

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