89 Money Saving Tips PLR


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Who doesn't need to saved money these days? With the state of the economy and the lack of jobs, millions of people don't have the money to spare or get by now days.

Here is your opportunity to provide some solid real-world money saving solutions for the many people facing hard times and need to save every penny they they can. This group can also be a desperate niche, often "needing" a solution to their problem now.
This is also one of those evergreen niches, meaning it's a problem that won't be going away any time soon. There will always be people who need to make the most of their dollars.
Some money-saving tips covered:
Gift Giving
Thrift – Surplus Stores
Credit Cards
Mortgaghe Payments
Credit Card Interest
Financial Consulting
Break old habits
The right time to shop
Barter System
Comparison Shopping
And more… A total of 89 real-life money-saving tips.
This product also comes in two different formats. It comes in ebook format and it comes as web pages with built-in adsense ads.
You could sell or give away the ebook, or put up the web pages and make money from advertising.
Another idea would be to use it to build yourself a email list that you could promote to for a long time to come. You could even turn the tips into autoresponder messages to create a long series to keep your email subscribers hooked for some time.
Product Covers:

"Discover 89 Quick and Easy Strategies for Saving Money In Today's Economy!"
If you're tired of finding more month at the end of the money, then get this FREE
9 day course now!

    Here's what you'll discover today, inside…

  • What to avoid like the plague when money is tight
  • Why your neighbors could be costing you thousands
  • How to give like Santa at Christmas without spending a fortune!
  • Where to find name brand clothing for pennies on the dollar!
  • How to save hundreds of dollars per year by presenting this one tiny piece of paper, and it's FREE!
  • And Much More…

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