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Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding Set with Autoresponder Messages


Tap into the Huge and highly profitable self improvement niche with the Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding package. Comes Private Label Rights.

Abundance and Prosperity PLR

File Format: Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding MS Word Document, TXT, PDF, XPS, Open Office ODT
Number of Messages: 10 high quality messages (Over 5,500 words)
Squeeze page: Included, HTML
Confirm Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding Covers, Webpage images, PSD’s
Cover Graphics: JPG in 6 different sizes
Miscellaneous Graphics: PSD’s for cover, so you can edit or change it
Extra Pages: Give-Away Report Download Page, HTML
Extra’s: 11 page high quality give-away report
Year Released/Circulated: 2012
Suggested Selling Price: $37.00

Here’s a niche that never goes out of style and it’s one that will always be profitable. 

How does want more in their life? There will always be people who want more, or want “better”, it’s a evergreen market that won’t go away. It can also be a desperate niche because many folks ready need a change, they need more money in their life, or they are desperate for a good relationship.

Here is your opportunity to cash in on a highly profitable niches that always sells, even more so in bad times.

Great thing about this set is that it crosses over so many other niches, such as making money, better relationships, better health, there are so many products and services you can promote with this package.

This product has it all..

Everything you need to build a list in the abundance and prosperity niche and you’ll even have the message to start communicating with them and gaining their trust.

You’ll be getting the following with the Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding:

* High Quality Give Away Report

* Complete website to capture new email subscribers

* 12 Part Pre-Written Autoresponder Message series

Give-AWay Report Covers:

* Steps to Attracting Abundance

* Steps to Creating Abundance

* Steps to Attracting Prosperity

* Rules of Attraction

It’s 11 pages of high quality, usable content. It’s perfect for a give-away report because it’s short, to the point and it doesn’t give away the farm, that’s your opportunity to “sell” them the “more”.

Report comes in Word DOC and Open Office ODT so you can edit or change it any way you want. Brand it with your name and website address. Add your affiliate links to give you yet another profit stream.

We’ve even created a brand new eCover for the report, completely from scratch, something you won’t find anywhere else but here. You’ll even be getting the PSD’s for the cover, so you can edit. change or brand it exactly as you want.

The new cover also comes in rendered 3D, unbranded, ready to use and in 6 different sizes to fit most any where you need it.

The Pre-Written Autoresponder Message Series starts with a 7-day eCourse so your providing content and building trust with your subscribers, which can lead to a much more responsive list! And as you know a responsive list means more sales for you.

Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding Autoresponder Message Subject lines as follows:

How Does LAW Affect Me Financially?
How Is Lack Formed?
Thoughts and Emotions that Attract Lack
Activities that Intensify Lack
Forming an Abundance Mind-Set
Activities that Increase Abundance
Shifting Into an Abundant Reality
Create your own destiny
What Self-Help Books are Missing
Kickstart your birthright to a better life
The Missing Link To Success Is Here!

Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding Message series contains over 5,500 words of high quality content that is geared to a personal one-on-one level.

All message are pre-formatted to 65 characters, to fit most autoresponder services recommended width, and to save you tons of editing time.

Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding Messages also include a closing hook at the end of the message, to keep your subscribers looking forward to your next message, which means a much better open rate.

Pre-written email messages all promote related clickbank product with the affiliate links already built in. Simply add your clickbank ID and you get credit for each and every sale you make.

Just add your click bank ID, copy and paste the messages into your autoresponder service and it’s ready to make you some sales.

To top is all off…

You’ll be getting a complete webpage package as well. It includes a custom, brand new Squeeze page, matching confirm page and matching report download page. Simply add your opt-in code, report download link, upload the webpages and it’s ready to build you a list on auto-pilot, even while your sleeping.

The work has been done for you on this complete Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding package. It’s ready to build you a profitable list that you can promote to for a long time to come.

Abundance and Prosperity PLR Listbuilding Product Rights:

[YES] Can be used to building a mailing for free
[YES] Can be packaged
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[NO] Can be added to free membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can be published offline (hard copy print format)
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can Claim Copyright
[NO] Can be offered on auction sites
[NO] Resale/PLR rights can be given away for free

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