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40 Quality Acne Fighting For Your Face PLR Articles with Private Label Rights. In TXT Format so they are easy to use.  Including the following titles and word counts:
5 Tips Which Will Guarantee You Get the Best From Your Doctor in Relation to Your Acne Treatment – 403
Acne, if Only It Would Go Away – 433
Acne – Know About Whiteheads And Blackheads For Clear Skin – 335
Acne: Laser, a good therapy for acne without side effects – 265
Acne – Living La Vida Loca – 547
Acne: Natural Hot Pepper Face Wash May Cure Acne – 249
Acne – Not Just A Problem For Teenagers – 801
Acne – Quick Tips – 351
Acne – Remove Milia That Look Like Whiteheads But They Are Not Acne – 374
Acne – Some Alternative Therapies – 742
Acne, The Bane Of High School – 462
Acne: The battle of facing acne – 347
Acne: There are a lot of treatments to fight acne – 283
Acne – What Causes Acne? – 587
Acne: What It Is And How To Fight It – 309
Acne: You Can Fight Acne with Masks – 268
Acne Accuracies – 606
Acne Adult Care Tips – 326
Acne Alternative Treatments – 327
Acne and Adult Acne (Rosacea), what is wrong with me? – 554
Acne and Alternative Acne Treatments – 736
Acne And oily Skin – 312
Acne And Skin Changes In Pregnancy – 420
Acne and Teenaged Psychology – 435
Acne And The Changes In Girls During Puberty – 381
Acne and Vitamin Supplements – 488
Acne As A Teen Disease – 585
Acne at its Worst – Uncommon Forms Which Can Disfigure – 701
Acne at my age? – 1595
Acne- Can I Treat My Acne By Removing Surface Oils? – 336
Acne Can Ruin Confidence – 604
Acne- Can You Stop Acne Formation? – 381
Acne Care for Adults – 392
Acne Care Skin Treatment – 561
Acne Causes and Treatment – 414
Acne Cleanser, Acne Lotion And More – A Quick Look At Common Acne Products – 342
Acne Control: The Top Things You Can Do To Heal – 379
Acne Cure For Sure! – 566
Acne Cures and Myths – 689
Acne Cysts And Their Treatment – 705
Acne is caused by excessive oils on your skin that clog your pores and eventually will result in an infection, which produces the pimple with its redness and swelling.  A blackhead is simply a pore that has been partially plug by oils or dead skin but still remains open and doesn't have an infection.
The key to controlling your acne is your ability to control the body oils that you have on your face, neck and shoulders. As a teenager your hormones are the cause of some of this excessive oil in you hair.  So it is important to keep your hair clean to help reduce the amount of oil you have around your face and shoulders.
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