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Aging No More PLR Report Listbuilding – Anti-Aging


Get into the Beauty and Anti-Aging niche with the Aging No More PLR Report. Comes with Private Label Rights so you can edit, or change.

Aging No More PLR Report

File Format: MS Word Document, PDF
Number of Pages: 9 pages
Squeeze page: Included, HTML
Download Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: Cover, Cover PSD
Cover Graphics: JPG
Miscellaneous Graphics: Cover PSD, so you can edit or change it
Extra Pages: Confirm page, HTML
Extras: 10 promo articles, keyword list
Year Released/Circulated: 2012
Suggested Selling Price: $27.00

Aging No More PLR Report Intro:

Do I have to tell you how big and how profitable the anti-aging market is? How doesn’t want to look younger or try and preserve their youthful appearance? Plenty! And they are more than willing to spend big bucks to keep looking younger.

Best yet, this niche crosses over into other niche such as Beauty, which as you well know, is a huge market in itself.

Imagine all the products you could promote with this product.

From the digital products, such as ebooks, to the enormous physical product line, it’s easy to say, you won’t run out of items to promote with this one any time soon.

Not to mention, since your building a list of prospects, you can market and promote to them over and over for a long time in the future. As you know, when you have a list, you always have traffic and you always have sales on demand.

Here is your golden opportunity to cash in on a large market that has no problem spending money, so why shouldn’t they spend it with you?

You’ll be getting the following:

  • Quality short Aging No More PLR Report give-away
  • Ready-to-go squeeze page
  • Matching confirm webpage
  • Report download page
  • Keyword Report
  • Cover PSD file
  • Promo Articles

Aging No More PLR Report Table of Contents:

Problems of Aging 2

Anti-Aging Treatments Available 4

Simple Ways To Prevent Aging 6

Conclusion 8

Aging No More PLR Report comes in Word DOC format, so it’s easy to change or edit it how you want or need. Add your name or website, or even your affiliate links, for extra income streams.

It also includes 10 promotional articles with the following titles and word counts:

A Few Tips For Indulging in an Anti Aging Diet – 473
The Best Anti Aging Foods – 485
Want an Anti Aging Product?  Here Are a Few! – 457
How Anti Aging Products Keep You Feeling and Looking Young – 463
Anti aging skin care – 379
The Benefits Of Anti Aging Supplements – 472
Should I Be Taking Heed of Anti Aging Tips? – 451
Anti Aging Treatment Examples – 477
Effective Anti Aging Treatments – 467
Vitamin C: One Of The Best Anti Aging Vitamins – 459

Articles come in Word DOC format, so you can edit or change them any way you’d like.

Wait there’s more…

We’ve also included a keyword list, so you can narrow in on buyers and the perfect customers, to build a list of cash-in-hand buyers.

Make it your own…

Package comes with the PSD file for the cover, so you can make it your own and brand it as you wish.

Aging No More PLR Report Product Rights:

[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be used as web content
[YES] Can be broken down into smaller articles
[YES] Can be added to an e-course or autoresponder
[YES] Can be added to membership sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can Sell Private Label Rights
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites

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