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Alternative Energy Development in Japan
Alternative Energy for the Home
Alternative Energy from the Ocean
Alternative Energy in Ireland
An Alternative Energy Education Method
An Energy Alternative: Free Energy
Biofuels as Alternative Sources of Energy
Consultants on Alternative Energy
Developing Nuclear Power as Alternative Energy
Geothermal Power as Alternative Energy
Government Grants for Alternative Energy
How to Seek Grants for Alternative Energy R & D
Investing in Alternative Energy Stocks
Investment into Alternative Energy Research and Development
Investments in Alternative Energy
Jobs in Alternative Energy Fields
Pursuing Alternative Forms of Energy
Renewable Fuels for Alternative Energy
Resources for Alternative Energy
Solar Energy Collecting as an Alternative Energy Source
Some Suppliers of Alternative Energy
The Ways that the Military is Using Alternative Energy
University Research into Alternative Energy
What is Alternative Energy
Wind Power as a Viable Solution to Meeting Alternative Energy Needs

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There has been much debate about what is often called “free” energy—energy that can supposedly, with the right technology, be drawn straight out of the atmosphere, and in very abundant supply. The debates are about whether the stuff actually exists or not, what it would actually cost were it to be harnessed, and if it does exist is it truly as abundant and efficient as it’s being made out to be by proponents of research and development into this potential alternative energy source.

We must also switch to alternative forms of energy because our present forms are too damaging to the atmosphere. While this write does not believe that the global warming trend is much, if at all, sustained by the activities of mankind (in short, it’s a natural cycle and there’s nothing we can do about it except prepare for the effects of it), we certainly do contribute at present to the destruction of the environment and to things like air pollution with our energy sources as they are. Coal is another source of energy that we need to wean ourselves off of—again, it is finite, and it is filthy, and the mining of it is dangerous and environmentally disruptive. We can also explore new, streamlined methods for producing electricity that we presently generate so much of via hydro-power so that we are less disruptive of the environment when we have need of constructing things such as large dams.

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