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A Bright Future for Solar Energy- An Alternative Energy Source – 582
Alternative Automobile Fuel Source – 404
Alternative Energy Source Pros and Cons – 579
Alternative Energy Sources – A Brief Glimpse – 598
Alternative Energy Sources – Helping Businesses Succeed and Gain Positive Reputation – 578
Alternative Energy Sources – Helping Out In Times Of Energy Crisis – 580
Alternative Energy Sources – The Best Aid In Times Of Crisis – 614
Alternative Hydrogen Fuel Made on Site – 424
Government Grants for Alternative Fuel – 437
How to Spread the Word Out About Alternative Energy Sources Without Spending Too Much – 620
Out of the Ordinary-Alternative Energy Sources – 612
Pros and Cons of Alternative Fuel – 476
Running Unconventionally- Alternative Energy Sources for Cars – 585
Types of Alternative Fuels – 469
Warming Up- Alternative Energy Source and Global Warming – 628
Your Cost Effective Alternative Electricity Generator – 540

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Alternative energy is often referred to as energy from a source other than the conventional fossil fuel source like oil, natural gas and coal. Alternative energy is not popularly used and is usually environmentally sound. It is also often times renewable energy. Several alternative energy sources are solar, wind, biomass, wave and tidal energy.

Due to increasing global energy consumption and the probable depletion of the world’s non-renewable energy source, ways of exploring and using alternative energy sources are being undertaken. Using alternative energy source can be both beneficial and difficult. Let us explore the different pros and cons of alternative energy source.

It seems like the efforts to find the best alternative energy sources are seriously being looked into by lots of countries including most US cities. One proof is the signing of the Kyoto Treaty. The main aim of the concerned group and individuals is to lessen the greenhouse gases and pollutants.

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