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All About the Cheese in the Cheesecake – 601
Cheesecake Cooking Styles – 587
Cheesecakes for Health Buffs – 576
Creating the Perfect Cheesecake – 576
Going Conventional: The Sweet Cheesecakes – 580
Helpful Tips and Techniques in Baking Cheesecakes – 563
Savory Cheesecakes – "Sweetless" Delights
The Cheesecake Factory, Inc.: Revolutionizing Cheesecake Dining – 584
What You Need To Know About Cheesecakes – 574
Where It All Started: The History of Cheesecake – 584
Once upon a time, when athletes in Ancient Greece
started competing in rigorous events at Olympic Games,
slices of cheesecakes were made, which basically
contained the three basic ingredients: cheese, wheat
flour and sweetener. They pounded all the ingredients
together until it attained a paste-like consistency.
They baked the mixture, cooled and served to provide
athletes with the energy they need to compete. This
was known as the birth of the cheesecake.
What makes cheesecakes adaptable to any culinary style
is their cheese. Back in Ancient Greece, every market
sold cheeses to those who cannot make their own. By
the time the fourth century B.C. came, the most
accepted white Greek cheeses were being seasoned with
spices and baked into a manner similar to pies and
cakes. Even the Romans, during the height of their
power, used a great deal of cheese in their cooking.
They preserved cheese using a salt-based sauce and
provided the recipe for the celebration of the wedding
cake, which still contain cheese as the main
The invention of cream cheese in 1872 by a dairy
farmer was a milestone in cheesecake history. Today,
cream cheese is the most popular kind of cheese used
for cheesecake recipes.
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