Find The Perfect Job PLR Listbuilding Package


With 11 pages of quality job plr content, it’s sure to be a hit with your subscribers and earn you some cash in the process of just giving it away. Can you say easy money?


File Format: MS Word DOC, Open Office ODT, HTML,TXT
Give-Away Number of Pages: 9 quality pages
Squeeze page: Included, HTML
Download/Thank You Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: eCovers
Cover Graphics: JPG in five different sizes
Miscellaneous Graphics: eCover PSD in flat format
Extra Pages: Confirm Page, HTML
Extras: 8 Autoresponder Messages, Brandable Report
Year Released/Circulated: 2014
Suggested Selling Price: $37.00
Job PLR and employment listbuilding.
I don’t have to tell you that the job hunting and the employment markets are huge with plenty of customers. Thing is many people don’t know the best ways to get a job. They often don’t understand how to look for employment, write a resume or have a good interview.
Let’s face it, there will always be people who need help finding a job. It’s a problem that is not going to go away any time soon. 
Plus that fact that the economy is not in the best shape, there are plenty of people who are out of work.
I also don’t have to tell you that there is a huge selection of products and services you could promote to this group. Look at all the interview books, how to resume books. You’ll have plenty of items to sell to this market.
Not only will you be getting a complete job plr listbuilding package in the highly profitable employment niche, you’ll also be getting several other sales funnel components.
Package Includes:
  • Give-Away Report – Brand new job plr report we just finished creating. It’s something you won’t find anywhere else but here. It comes in editable formats, so you can easily edit or change it however you’d like.
  • Custom Squeeze Page – We created this page just for this package, it’s something else you won’t find anywhere else but here. Just copy and paste your opt-in code, upload and it’s ready to build you a list on automatic, even while your sleeping.
  • Confirm Page – If you use double opt-in with your email marketing, this webpage will encourage your new subscribers to verify their email address. This could help you build a bigger list.
  • Download Page – Ready for your download link. It also comes with a built in related clickbank advertisement. Just add your affiliate ID and you get credit for all the sales. This is often one of the best places to ask for sales. They trusted you enough to give you their email address, so they are more likely to buy what your promoting on the download page. Built in income stream that’s ready to go.
  • Autoresponder Messages – 8 email messages that are easy to customize, then copy and paste into your autoresponder series. Messages come with affiliate links
  • Brandable Report – PDF report that you can re-brand with your clickbank ID and get credit for every sale it comes with. These are the type of reports that could go viral and bring you sales for years to come.
  • Custom eCover – Brand spanking new eCover we created from scratch just for this product. So grab it quick to have the exclusive.
  • Cover PSD – We’ve also included the eCover PSD in flat format, so you can change it if you like. Add your name or website address, it’s your choice.
4 Simple Ways You Will Make Money With This Job PLR Package:
  • Build a list in the profitable Employment, Job Hunting, 
  • Interviews and Resume Niches. A list you could promote related products and services for a long time in the future.
  • Embed affiliate links in the Give-away report, for possibly viral profits for years to come.
  • Make sales from the built-in advertisement on the download page. It’s one of the best places in the funnel to grab the money.
  • Give away the Brandable report to your list, or website visitors and again, possibly make viral income for a long time in the future.
Let’s get on to the details…
Give-Away Report Contents:
Introduction ……………………… 1
Finding a Job Is Your Job ………….. 1
Analyze Your Craft…………………. 1
Prepare Your Resume ……………….. 2
Build Your Contacts ……………….. 3
Manage Your Contact List …………… 3
Out of Work. Out of the Loop. ………. 4
Don’t Answer That Phone ……………. 4
Give Yourself a Break ……………… 5
Interviewing ……………………… 5
Job Hunting Resources ……………… 7
Job PLR Report comes in Word DOC and Open Office ODT, so it’s very easy to change it around as you wish. Add your affiliate links for extra income streams.
Autoresponder Series comes with over 2,800 words of email content. Messages are promotional in nature with a clickbank affiliate link in ever message.
You could use these as a brand new series or add them into an existing series you already have running.  
Subject Lines
Looking for a job?
It can be easy to ace your job interviews…
Do You Know The #1 Interview Mistake?
It CAN’T be THIS EASY…to ace an interview, can it?
Economy sucks, but not for him, he got a new job!
17 Interview Questions & Answers
How Dave Aced his Job Interview
FW: I got the job!!!
Several messages come with multiple subject lines, so you can test to get the best open rate for your list. 
Messages come in Word Doc, Open Office ODT and Plain TXT, so you know they are easy to use. We also set them up so they are quick and simple to customize. Change the greeting, salutation, name and website.
Save Time…
All messages are pre-formatted to 65 char actors or less, the recommended width for most autoresponder services. No need to spend your valuable time editing, we’ve done the work for you. This job plr is copy and paste ready. 
Extra report….
As I’ve mentioned, this one comes with brandable PDF report and includes the rebrander software and instructions on how easy it is to add your clickbank affiliate links. Title of the report is, “5 Killer Interview Strategies”.
Brandable Report Contents:
  • Build Instant Rapport With The Interviewer With This One Technique
  • How Body Language Can Get You The Job
  • Effectively Communicate Your Skills In Less Than 2 Minutes!
With 11 pages of quality content, it’s sure to be a hit with your subscribers and earn you some cash in the process of just giving it away. Can you say easy money?
Simple to Use…
There are only a few simple steps to get this package working for you:
  • Copy and paste your opt-in code into the squeeze page
  • Add your give-away report download link to the download page
  • Upload web pages
  • Copy and paste autoresponder messages into your autoresponder service.
  • Send traffic to your new squeeze page, build a list and make money.
We’ve also included a set up guide to help you get this job plr package up and running quickly.
Product Rights:
[NO] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be used as a give away to build a list, PDF format only.
[NO] Can be added to free membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights
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