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Holistic and Alternative Medicine PLR Ebook


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Holistic and Alternative Medicine PLR Ebook

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Complete ebook package on this one. Includes Sales page and Thank You/Download page with graphics. Extra’s include keyword lists, a large number of covers in several colors and styles. Health is always going to be a hot topic, here’s your opportunity to make some profits.

Holistic and Alternative Medicine PLR Ebook Table of Contents:

  • General Holistic Health Tips
  • Vitamins and Herbs
  • Natural Food Choices
  • Skin Remedies

Keyword Lists Include:

Natural Remedies

Holistic and Alternative Medicine PLR Ebook Extra Content Pages Include:

  • 101 Holistic Tips
  • Holistic Closers
  • Holistic Openers

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Holistic and Alternative Medicine PLR Ebook Covers:

While some would view the holistic approach to treating illness and disease contrary to the wisdom of conventional medicine, quite the opposite is true in most cases. In fact, most conventional physicians view a patient with a desire to work to improve their overall health as refreshing.

A majority of holistic medical approaches can complement traditional treatments.

  • Holistic care means focusing not only on a specific sign or symptom, but working to treat the mind, body and spirit of any patient who is willing to seek answers for what ails them. Most holistic treatment options are based on nature, and include few chemicals that are foreign to the human body. Here are some ways that you can begin to integrate holistic medicine into your life.
  • Holistic care treats the whole person, rather than just specific areas of the body. The primary difference between holistic care and conventional medicine is that holistic practitioners try to use naturally occurring substances to treat illnesses and disease instead of manufactured chemicals. Additionally, there is a focus on alternative therapies including chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage and even psychotherapy when appropriate. Here are some things that you might not realize about the many holistic techniques available today.
  • Have you found yourself to be little more than a passive participant in your medical care? If so, you are definitely not alone. One alternative that will make you an active participant is holistic medicine.
  • With holistic medicine, care is centered on the individual and not just the results of lab tests. The belief that medical care must depend on the individual often seems lost in the realm of medicine. By selecting holistic care, you are taking control of your medical care and will find that your overall well-being improves. Here are some approaches that set holistic medical care apart:
  • Are you tired of your doctor telling you that the symptoms you are experiencing are just in your head? Well, it turns out that they could very well be right! This is not to say that every unexplained medical problem is an unresolved mental disorder. Instead, it is the idea that emotional issues can potentially lead to physical problems within the body. For this reason, the holistic approach includes treatments for both the mind and the body.
  • Holistic medicine is not mystical, and it is not mysterious. In fact, holistic medicine is much more real than many people realize. In order to increase the positive effects of medical treatment, it is necessary that the treating practitioner get to know the patient as an individual. Observation and discovery can often uncover potential problems before they begin and help the practitioner to address any specific problems experienced by the patient. Here are some of the ways that holistic care can benefit you.

Do you suffer from a chronic health problem, but you just can’t seem to find a treatment that works? You might be a good candidate for holistic medical care. 

Believe it or not, there is a lot more to medical treatments than conventional medicine would have you believe. There are many forms of alternative medicine like homeopathic medications, massage therapy, aromatherapy and nutrition counseling. Each of these approaches focuses on you as an individual so that you can have your needs addressed in a way that is comfortable for you and that works to alleviate not only the symptoms, but the root cause of your problems. Here are some ideas to consider:

Holistic medical care is becoming a buzzword among thirty something’s who are looking to play a more active role in maintaining good health. Gone are the days where an apple a day was the only way to stay healthy. Those who have started to enjoy the benefits of holistic medical care will tell you that there is much to be said for preventative care that keeps the mind, body and spirit in excellent condition.

If you are an open minded person who would like to be more involved with your medical care, then holistic medicine offers you the ability to get involved and stay involved. Many holistic treatments require a significant contribution from the patient, in order to achieve the greatest results.

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