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Merchant Accounts Online PLR Articles


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How To Create And Add A Shopping Cart To A Site – 303
How To Open An Online Merchant Account – 311
Internet Payment Gateways – Should You Make Your Own In-house – 315
Online Merchants Beware Of ‘Phishing’ – 306
Setting Up Your Site To Accept Online Payments – 303
The Benefits Of An Online Merchant Account – 283
What Are The Security Risks Of Online Merchant Accounts? – 306
What Are Transaction Processing Solutions? – 247
What Is A “Shopping Cart” – 317
What Is ‘ACH’ And How Is It Related To An Online Merchant Account – 353

Merchant Accounts Online PLR Articles Samples:

An online merchant account is an account that is known as a “Payment Gateway”. It is not a very difficult task to open an online merchant account.

A payment gateway is a software that your web developer or engineer will have to incorporate into your web site.

This is software that may or may not include a shopping cart, a system that allows visitors to your online merchant site to browse through your products and add them to a virtual cart, much like a shopping cart at a super mall.

This process is like any sale made in a physical store, where someone buys a product and passes his or her card to the check out clerk for payment. Only with an Internet payment gateway, the customer does not have to pass his card over but just enter the card data into a secure online form. Online transaction processing is a very crucial part of any online business. It is an electronic ledger of all the business transactions carried out by the online merchant account.

There are many online merchant transaction processing solutions available. A merchant may choose to get a ready-to-use transaction processing software or may choose to have a customized one made for his online merchant account. Of course, there are vast cost implications involved, however there is almost no difference in the security levels of the two.

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