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Coping Techniques For People Suffering From Multiple Sclerosis – 554
Facts Surrounding Multiple Sclerosis – 566
Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis – 554
Multiple Sclerosis In A Nutshell – 593
Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms- Cognitive, Sensory And Motor Symptoms – 555
Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms – Problems With Vision, Balance, Coordination, Bladder, Bowel, And Sexual Dysfunctions – 598
Multiple Sclerosis Treatments And Therapies – 556
Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis: MS In Children – 570
The Different Faces Of Multiple Sclerosis – 591
Tips On Handling Multiple Sclerosis – 560
Having a chronic disease brings a host of changes in one's life and those of others who depend on you or interact with you on a regular basis. Once you receive a diagnosis, you would find that the symptoms are increasingly becoming more difficult. People are getting affected; you progress into something less able to function normally. And the condition gets worst. Your relationship with people, most of whom you love and care for, gets injured. On top of this, there are no known cures, only treatments that you hope will relieve the unpredictable symptoms. There may not be a lot you can do about it but there are some things that could ease your distress. One way of taking charge of multiple sclerosis is by knowing and practicing appropriate coping techniques. 
There are plenty of things medical scientists, researchers, neurologists and physicians know about the nature of multiple sclerosis, but there are also plenty of other things that they do not know. In these articles, facts surrounding MS are presented. 
Multiple sclerosis is a very frustrating condition. With the current lack of diagnostic procedures, tests and examinations that can provide clear-cut evaluations, many physicians find it hard to establish the presence of multiple sclerosis. Because of this, patients suffer both from the symptoms of the conditions and the confusion these symptoms bring. Though patients feel that "something" is seriously wrong about them, that "something" is typically not hard to miss.
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