Nice Guys Get The Girls PLR Listbuilding and Email Messages


Pre-written autoresponder messages come with over 8,000 words, your sure to to hook your subscribers by providing some useful content. Messages are a mix of content promotion and every message comes with a clickbank promotional link. Just add your clickbank affiliate ID and you get credit for all the sales.


File Format: MS Word Document, TXT, HTML
Number of Pages: Give Away Report – 12 quality pages
Squeeze page: Included, HTML
Download Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: eCover, Ecover PSD
Cover Graphics: JPG in five different sizes
Miscellaneous Graphics: eCover PSD in flat so you can edit or change it
Extra Pages: Confirm Page, HTML
Extras: 22 Pre-written Autoresponder Messages
Year Released/Circulated: 2014
Suggested Selling Price: $37.00
I’m sure i don’t  have to tell you how huge and how highly profitable the dating niche is. It’s a multi-million dollar market and it’s world wide.
You know that this group of people is more than willing to spend dollar after dollar if they think it will bring them closer to the love of their life.
We see the dating commercials on television every day because it’s big money with a large customer base. It is also a evergreen niche, meaning there will ALWAYS be people needing help to find love.
Here is your golden opportunity to grab your share of a high profit niche full of buyers. 
You’ll be getting not only a complete listbuilding package, but all the autoresponder messages to send to your new subscribers. It’s a income stream in a box.
Package includes:
  • Give-Away Report – Brand new and hot off the presses, we just finished this one. Becareful, the ink might not be dry. It’s a high quality with a professional layout and look. It comes in editable format, so you can change it any way you’d like.
  • Squeeze Page – Custom made just for this product, it’s almost ready to go out of the box. Simple copy and paste your opt-in code and it’s ready t build you a list on automatic.
  • Confirm page – If you use double opt-in in your email marketing, this page will encourage your new subscribers to verify their email address. This could mean a much bigger list to promote to.
  • Download page – Just add your download link, upload and your done. Best yet, the page comes with a related clickbank ad already built into the page for you. Your visitors trusted you enough to give you their email address, so they are more likely to buy what your selling. With this feature, You could be getting paid to build your list.
  • Pre-Written Autoresponder Messages – 22 quality email messages that have already been created for you. This messages are a mixture of content and promotion and every one has a dating related clickbank link. So you have the potential to make money with every message sent.
  • New eCover – We also created a brand new eCover just for this product, completely from scratch. It’s something you won’t find anywhere else but here, so grab it quick to have the exclusive.
  • Cover PSD – Want to edit change the cover? No problem, with the PSD you can easily change it however you want. Brand it with your name, website, what ever you want.
Give away report is quick and to the point. Gives your subscribers just enough to want more, more being what your promoting. It has quality content with over 3,100 words of information your readers will love.
Table of contents:
Nice Guy #1 …………………………………………….. 1
Jerks are Self-Centered ………………………………….. 3
Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone ……………………… 5
Jerks Don’t Self Censor…………………………………… 6
Jerks Protect their Self Esteem …………………………… 8
Dating Resources: ……………………………………….. 10
Report comes in both Word DOC and Open Office format, so you know it’s easy to edit or change it to suit your needs. It also has a linked table of contents and proper page numbering. You’ll look like the professional and better be seen as an expert or authority.
The pre-written autoresponder messages come with over 8,000 words, your sure to to hook your subscribers by providing some useful content. As mentioned the messages are a mix of content promotion and every message comes with a clickbank promotional link. Just add your clickbank affiliate ID and you get credit for all the sales.
Includes the following Subject Lines:
Is looking good important to attracting women?
Do you know that special lady in your life?
Do You know exactly how women see the world?
What kind of woman do you want?
Where can you meet a potential girlfriend?
Final last reminder (hurry) …
Getting A Girlfriend – Can Geeks Find Love?
Best Place to Meet Girls – 3 Places For Shy Guys
Hook A Girl Up – 3 Tips For A Shy Guy
It’s amazing how jerks can get girls
The #1 Secret to Attracting Women
Practicing Your Inner Charm
Set the Bait and Let Her Come to You!
DON’T fall for this!
How To Get Any Girl You Want
Great Opener for Picking Up Hot Girls
Huge Mistake You May be Making With Girls
My new favorite girl, Ann Onymous
Major discovery that changed my life
…And I thought I knew it all!
Don’t be like Bob…
Moment to moment seductive tactics revealed!
Messages come in both Word DOC and plain TXT format so they are simple to use. We also made it easy and quick to customize each and every one of them. It takes only a couple minutes to edit the greeting, salutation, name and website.
Message promote 5 different clickbank related programs, so you have five different opportunities to cash in.
Programs include:
  • Girlfriend Success – Pays up to $40.50 per sale
  • Pick Up Masters – Pays $35.25 per sale
  • Ultimate Dating System – Pays $24. 67 per sale
  • Get Girls On Facebook – Pays $22.61 per sale
  • Alpha Male – Pays $33.45 per sale
Think there is some money to be made here? You bet!
Save Time…
The autoresponder messages are also pre-formatted to 65 characters or less, the recommended width for most autoresponder services. This saves you a ton of editing time, it’s already been done for you.
Keeping them reading…
Each message comes with a closing hook, which hints at what’s coming in the next email. This can help to keep your subscribers looking forward to, and opening your future emails. As we know, the more they open, the better chance you have of making sales.
Takes a couple minutes to customize the messages, copy and paste them into your autoresponder service and it’s ready to run for you on autopilot.
Easy to use…
This package is simple to use and only a few steps to have it up and running for you. Not only building a list but sending out promotional emails for you.
This is how easy it is:
  • Copy and paste your opt-in code into the squeeze page.
  • Add your give away report download link to the download page.
  • Edit the report to your liking.
  • Upload the web pages to your website.
  • Customize the autoresponder messages (takes only a couple minutes)
  • Copy and paste the email messages into your autoresponder service.
  • Push Traffic to your new squeeze page
  • Build a list and make money.
Easy peasy 🙂
Product Rights:
[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be broken down into separate smaller products
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be added to free membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can be published offline (hard copy print format)
[YES] Can be bundled with other products (5 max)
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights
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