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25 Quality Paternity PLR Articles with the following titles and word counts:

Amniocentesis A Prenatal DNA Paternity Test (517)
Baby on the Way Think Paternity Leave (572)
Choosing Your Paternity Lawyer (510)
Chorionic Villous Sampling for Early Pregnancy (511)
Establishing Paternity (541)
Everything About Paternity and Whatnot (543)
Famous Celebrity Paternity Cases (540)
Fundamentals of Paternity Claims (565)
How to Establish Paternity (507)
Movements that Advocate Paternity Rights (506)
Non-Paternity and Non-Maternity Events (505)
Paternity Blood Test (551)
Paternity Involvement Dad and Baby Bonding (516)
Paternity Leave Around the World (550)
Paternity Tests Choosing a Laboratory (535)
Percutaneous Umbilical Cord Blood Testing (505)
Proofs of Paternity (537)
The Importance of Establishing Paternity (509)
The Real Deal with Home Paternity Testing (526)
Types of Paternity DNA Testing (528)
Understanding the Paternity Law (584)
What Establishing Paternity Really Means (516)
What is Paternity Fraud (529)
What You Should Know About Paternity Testing (519)
Why Undergo Prenatal and Postnatal Paternity DNA Testing (515)

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