Pick Up Girls PLR Website with Bonuses


Grab your share of the Relationship Niche with the Pick Up Girls PLR Website. Includes private label rights so you can change, edit or call it your own.

Pick Up Girls PLR Website

I don’t have to tell you how big the dating and relationship market is. It’s a multi-million dollar niche and it’s one of those evergreen niches that will always be around.

This one goes in to a very popular side niche of telling Guys how to pick up girls. Let’s be honest, it’s usually the guy that has to make the first move. It’s usually the man that has to do the pursuing.

It can also be some what of a desperate niche, with many, many guys who desperately want to meet women. I won’t go into the other powerful reason why this is a HOT side niche, as I am sure you can figure it out.

This is your golden opportunity to cash in on a huge niche that is full of guys who are often desperate to solve their “problem”. This is also highly emotional niche which means men who willing to try most anything to find a lady.

You become the almost instant expert and authority when it comes to picking up girls, even if your not highly knowledgeable when it comes to the subject. Your website could become the go-to-site when it comes to showing guys how to get the ladies.

Just as important, there are so many ways you could profit from this very popular niche, from affiliate programs, cost-per-action, even your own products.

From ebooks, video’s, memberships, even physical products such as books and dvd video. There’s plenty of ways to cash in. You could also lead your customers and readers towards relationship products, better love life, because it’s natural progression. Which of course opens another huge market you can promote and make money from. It seems to have no end.

Dating affiliate programs are also a prefect lead-in for this site. And you know how profitable those programs can be!

You could use this Pick Up Girls PLR Website as a base to grow your own following, or build a large list of cash-in-hand prospects, who need and want to learn how to pick up women.

You’ll be getting a pre-loaded Pick Up Girls PLR Website. It comes with 20 high quality text posts. It also comes pre-loaded with advertising, plug-ins, video pages and much more.

The work has already been done for you! Save yourself time and frustration with this pre-loaded web site. Everything is built in and ready to after it’s installed.

Pick Up Girls PLR Website Core Features:

Custom Magazine style theme/layout. You can change around how every you want. Even includes a PSD image for the header, so you can customize or brand it however you want. Add your name or website address and make it your own!

It comes with a raw PSD image for the header, so you can brand it or change it how you’d like.

Google Analytics to track your visitors and web traffic

Site Map so it makes visitors, and more importantly, the search engines easier to find all of your content.

Content posts Preloaded and already on the site

Plugin’s Pre-Loaded and Ready-to-go

RSS Feeds to spread your content around the world

Video pages from YouTube with related Pick Up Girls videos

Social marketing buttons on each post so your visitors can “spread the word” about your site. We’ve included the Sexy Bookmarks plug-in that includes professional graphics and it’s even animated, giving your site the quality touch and unique touch.

Pick Up Girls PLR Website Covers:

# How To Pick Up Girls

# Nice Guys Can

# Picking Up Girls

# What Do Girls Want

You will also be getting 3 Pick Up Girls video pages:

Pick Up Women Videos

Pick Up Girls Video’s

Pick Up Artist Video’s

These Video’s are embedded right into your site, which means people can watch the video’s right on your site, that means return visitors and possible viral traffic.

Gain the Advantage in the Search Engines with these Built in Features:

SEO Plug-in to help get your site to the top of the Search Engines.

Site Map so the search engines can find every single page on your site

Search Engine Friendly URL’s to make the search engines love your site even more

Pick Up Girls PLR Website related tags, which means more pages for the search engines to find on your site and rank! We even custom coded a tag cloud built right into the main page for you.

Pick Up Girls PLR Website Revenue Model:

Built in adsense advertising

Pre-loaded Clickbank Advertising

Or add any type of advertising you’d like, it’s your site to do what you want with it.

BONUS ITEMS: We’ve added some extra goodies to this one, just for you:

You will be getting a perfectly matched Ebook – How To Find, Meet and Seduce Women. It’s 45 pages packed with information for guys, on picking up and seducing women.

Ebook Covers the following:

It All Starts With Your “Mindset”
The Average Man’s ‘Dating Mindset’
The Woman’s ‘Dating Mindset’
The Seducer’s Mindset!
Make Her ‘Work’ For It
Build a Better YOU!
A Word on Rejection
Get Rid of the “Scarcity” Mindset
Raise Your Standards!
Be Ready for the “Tests”
Why Do “Jerks” Get All The Women
Visualize Your Way to “Super Confidence” & Dating Stardom
Plan Ahead!
Step Into “Their” World
Learn to Speak Their Language!
Figure Out Who You Are Targeting, Specifically.
Where to Meet Lots of Eager Women
How to Seduce A Woman: The Essential Steps
Pull Them Into “Your” World
Two Power Strategies!
Becoming a Master Salesman
Get Their Attention / Shift Their Focus
Be Funny, Not Goofy.
Create Interest and Intrigue
Let Her “Categorize” You!
Get Her to Chase You
Start Building a Relationship/Bond Immediately
Create Instant Rapport
Stay Away From The “Friend” Category
Introduce the “Attraction” Factor
Is This Fair??
Monitor Her ‘Comfort Level’
Go For the Kiss
Leave Them Wanting More!
Constantly Test & Improve

It even comes with a well-crafted Sales page, so you can sell the ebook and you keep 100% of the profits. Come in PDF format.

Ebook Rights:

– Can be packaged
– Can be offered as a bonus
– Can be sold
– CanNOT be given away
– CanNOT be sold on Ebay or Other Auctions
– CanNOT be used as web content or articles
– CanNOT be translated into other languages
– Can sell Standard Resale Rights
– Can sell Master Resale Rights
– CanNOT sell Private Label Rights

There is more…

You’ll also be getting a 6 message pre-written autoresponder message series dedicated to picking up girls. To give you an idea what it covers, the subject lines are as follows:

Wanna be a Woman Magnet?
Overlooked Secret To Attracting Women
Major seduction discovery that changed my life
Pick up girls… And I thought I knew it all!
Pick up girls, don’t be like Bob…
Moment to moment seductive tactics revealed!

Pick Up Girls PLR Website messages promote to well converting Clickbank programs. These messages are almost turnkey. Add your affiliate id into the pre-loaded links, copy and paste into your autoresponder series and it’s ready to start making sales for you, on auto-pilot.

Autoresponder messages are also preformated to 65 characters, to save you time. They also include a closing hook to help keep your subscribers looking for your next email. You’ll also be getting a template to add more messages and a legal disclaimer.

Everything is included with this package…

You will be getting everything you need to have your very own Pick Up Girls Website and it only takes very little time to get it up and running. For most people it’s 20 minute or less to install and set up. Everything is included. The site runs on latest version of WordPress, so you know it’s easy to use and maintain.

Get your Pick Up Girls PLR Website now and get in on this Huge Multi-Million Dollar market Today! The package includes the documentation showing how to install and set it up.

The sites are also very easy to add new content, edit the current content, or change the site as you wish. You make it your own. It’s your website to do with what you will. Adding new content is as simple as typing.

Pick Up Girls PLR Website Product Rights:

[NO] Pick Up Girls PLR Website Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[YES] Those you Sell to can Edit Package as they want

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