public speaking plr autoresponder messages
public speaking plr autoresponder messagespublic speaking plr autoresponder messages

Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages


Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages is your Done For You Email Marketing Package. Private Label Rights Included. Edit as you want.

Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages

File Format: MS Word DOC, TXT, HTML
Number of Messages: 12 high quality messages
Squeeze page: Included, HTML
Confirm Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: eCovers, Webpage Images
Cover Graphics: JPG in 4 different sizes
Miscellaneous Graphics: PSD’s so you can edit or change
Extra Pages: Extra Titles, Paragraphs, Openings and Closings
Extras: 16 Pre-made Clickbank Ads
Year Released/Circulated: 2016
Suggested Selling Price: n/a

Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages Introduction:

Let’s face it, most people are plain scared when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people.

I know I am. You too? See, plenty of people out there.

Thing is, it’s often hard to get by without speaking to groups. Many people’s job’s require it.

Here is your opportunity to build yourself a list a popular and profitable niche. You Could build an asset that could pay you over for a long time to come.

This package comes with everything you need to build a list and more importantly the content to build that all important relationship with your subscribers.

Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages Package Includes:

  • 12 Autoresponder Messages – Over 9,000 words of high quality content, in ready-to-go emails. No more struggling to write your email messages. No more sitting in front of your computer screen with no clue what to type. The hard work has already been done for you. It’s pretty much copy and paste easy.
  • Professional Squeeze Page – Simply copy and paste your opt-in code into the web page, upload it and it’s ready to build a list in a profitable niche for you, on automatic. Even while your sleeping. Page is standard HTML so it’s easy to edit or change as you want.
  • Confirm Page – If you use double opt-in for your email marketing, this page will encourage your subscribers to verify their email address. Which could mean a much bigger list for you. This page even comes with a advertisement built into the page. An extra income stream for your business.
  • Clickbank Ads – Here’s an easy and ready-to-go way to make money with this system. Advertisements are pre-written for you, just copy and paste them where ever you want and grab some extra cash.
  • Extra Content – You’ll also be getting a LOAD of extra high quality content with this one. Includes extra paragraphs, extra titles and extra openings and closings.
  • PSD Images – Make this one your own, or brand it as you wish with the included PSD files. Add your name, website address or what ever else you’d like. Editable images include header and footer.

How You’ll Profit From The Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages Package:

  • Build a List – Build yourself a list in the highly popular PLR niche and you’ll have traffic and sales on demand. Add promotional links in your messages and send emails, as easy as that.
  • Confirm Page Ad – Since the package comes with a pre-made confirm webpage, it can be the perfect time and place to ask for a sales. They trusted you enough to hand you their email address, so more of them will be more likely to click on the confirm page ad and buy on the other side.
  • Clickbank Ads – The included text ads could be copied and pasted where ever you wish. Add them to your email messages, or your website or blog.

With high quality content of this autoresponder series, you’ll likely have better open rates, read rates and click thru on your promotional links.

We’ve also re-worked the subject lines to help you get better open rates.

Subject Lines Include:

Why Public Speaking is Important
Finding Your Voice Speaking To A Crowd
Public Speaking – Writing Your Speech
When Things Don’t Go As Planned…
Public Speaking – Where To Look
Public Speaking – Why You Need To Pause
How To Enhance Your Public Speaking
Making Your Speeches More Interesting
Speaking With More Than Your Voice
Public Speaking – Reading Your Audience
Maintaining Focus When Speaking
Public Speaking – Market without Marketing

Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages come in both MS Word DOC and plain TXT format, so you know they are easy to edit, change or use.

We’ve also pre-formatted the TXT version for you, so they are 65 characters or less, the recommended message width for professional autoresponder services. There is also a message template so you can create as many new messages as you’d like. Plus a legal disclaimer to cover yourself legally.

Keep them reading…

Each of the Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages comes with a closing hook, that talks about and hints at, what is coming in your next email. This can help hook your readers, leaving them waiting and wanting to read your next message. Of course it can improve your open rate and could increase the click rate on your promo links.

But, there is more…

You’ll also be getting pre-written clickbank text advertisements. We’ve included a total of 16 ready-to-go ads, promoting 4 different home brewing products. You’ll have a better chance of making sales because you have variety. Over 900 words. In both DOC and TXT formats.

Product Promoted:

  • Product 1 – Basic Public Speaking Certification Course
  • Product 2 – Public Speaking Cheat
  • Product 3 – Public Speaking Mastery for Sales Managers
  • Product 4 – Paid to Speak with Paul B Evans

Just insert your affiliate ID, copy and paste the advertisements where ever you want and you have auto-pilot income streams.

But wait there is more…

As I’ve mentioned, you’ll also be getting a ton of extra content.

Extra content Includes:

  • Extra Paragraphs with over 3,200 words
  • Extra Titles with over 1,300 words
  • Extra Opening-closing paragraphs with over 1,000 words

That’s over 5,500 words of extra content, for a total of over 14,000 words! think you can’t make some money with this one? You bet.

Use the paragraphs to create many more email messages. Use the extra titles to split test subject lines, or even blog post titles. The extra openings and closings could be added to PLR articles to make them more unique. Or add them to your website or blog to flush out your content. In both DOC and TXT formats. So many uses.

The Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages Package is Easy To use…

There are only a few simple steps to get this package up and running.

  • Copy and paste your opt-in code into the squeeze page
  • Add your affiliate ID into the confirm page advertisement
  • Upload the web pages
  • Copy and paste the autoresponder messages into your autoresponder service
  • Drive traffic to your new squeeze page
  • Build a list and make money

See, I told you it was easy.

BONUS: You’ll also be getting the “Setting up PLR Autoresponder Packages” PDF guide to assist you in setting it all up.

Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages Covers:

Are You Ready To Learn Valuable Public Speaking Information,
Tips & Techniques?

The Public Speaking Know How Newsletter will provide you with proven, effective information, tips and advice that will help you learn how to become a successful public speaker!

Are You Ready To Learn Valuable Information That
Will Help You Take Control of Your Next Public Speaking Appearance?

Inside each issue of the Public Speaking Know How Newsletter, you will receive easy to understand information many of the different aspects of public speaking.

Public Speaking PLR Autoresponder Messages Product Rights:

You can:

[YES] Customized issues can be given away via subscription
[YES] Squeeze pages can be customized
[YES] Content can be renamed, rewritten or edited. [YES] You can add your name to the messages as the author.
[YES] Your links can be added to the messages
[YES] The messages can be used as website/blog content with changes made.
[YES] Content can be broken down into articles.
[YES] Content can be added to autoresponder courses.
[YES]Content can be compiled into an e-book and sold as a PDF file only
[YES] Subscriptions can be offered as a bonus

You Cannot:

[NO] You can claim copyright to any of this content unless substantial changes are made that legally separate the original content with your own rewritten content, articles or products. (Basically “substantial changes” means that your reedited/rewritten versions bear NO resemblance to the original content).
[NO] Can sell the PLR Newsletter content or sets in any way
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights


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