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Sales Funnel PLR Videos Commando Package


Instantly Discover How To Craft Your Very Own Profit-Pumping Sales Funnel!
That You Can Use To Slam $100– to $300 Into Your Bank Account Per Day Online.

Sales Funnel PLR Videos

File Format: Sales Funnel MP4, JPG, HTML
Number of Videos: 8 high quality video’s
Salespage: Included, HTML
Download/Thank You Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: Webpage images, Promo Banners
Cover Graphics: JPG format
Miscellaneous Graphics: 8 promotional banner images
Extra Pages: 5 mind map image files
File Size: 56.60 meg
Year Released/Circulated: 2014
Suggested Selling Price: $47.00

Product Also Available as: Sales Funnel Commando PLR Ready To Sell

Sales Funnel PLR Videos Introduction:

How Wants To Make More Profits?

No matter what your selling, or how your selling it…

As you well know that the most important part of any online business is the sales funnel. The funnel is where the profits come from.

This is even more important when your buying traffic or leads, as the funnel can offset that costs of your advertising.

Done correctly a high profit sales funnel can actually help you break even and can even make you profits while building your customer base with paid advertising.

What many marketers and business owners don’t understand is how create funnels that actually work and that actually make money.

This package covers everything to setting up sales funnels that are high converting and make you money.

If your trying to build a email marketing list and it’s costing you an arm and a leg, you really need to pick this one up.

While the video series is geared to making money on the back end of  a listbuilding system, building it with solo ads, it can be used for any sales set up.

Even if your selling simple digital products, this WILL help you add more profits to what your selling, even if your not building a list.

I see so many marketers selling digital products and they have no funnel in place, and they don’t realize how much money they are leaving on the table.

How You will profit from the Sales Funnel PLR Videos package:

  • Resell It As Your Own – Since it comes with a professional sales page that is about ready to go. Simply insert your payment link, upload to your website and it’s ready to make you money on auto-pilot.
  • Membership Content – This one would be a great addition to a paid membership site, and keep your customers happily paying you month after month.
  • Improve Your Own Business – Increase the profits of your own business by watching the video’s and create bigger and more profitable centers into your business.
  • Profit While Building a List – While this video series can be used for most any business, it is also geared to creating profitable sales funnels when build a list with solo ads. Here’s how to not only build your list, but even cover some or all of the costs while doing it.
Here’s what you’ll be getting with Sales Funnel PLR Videos:
  • 8 Videos – High quality and packed with powerful tactics and step-by-step information that will show the viewer how to create high converting sales funnels from scratch. The Sales Funnel PLR Videos come in MP4 format and are already set up to play for your customers on the download page.
  • 5 Mind Maps – High quality JPG images showing sales funnel structures and examples to make it even easier for your customers to see the big picture and to help make it easier for them to understand the entire system.
  • Sales page – The easy way to make money from this product. It includes a professional sales page with high quality graphic images. Just add your payment link and it’s ready to make money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on automatic. Plus, you keep 100% of the profits on every single sale!
  • Download Page – For your customers to view or download the product. We also embedded the video’s right into the page so your customers can watch them right after paying. This means less problems with customers who don’t know how to play the video’s, less customer service for you.
  • Promotional Banners– We also created 8 brand new promotional banners in all the popular sizes, so you’ll have one to fit just about anywhere you need. This are text ads with elements that have shown to get higher clicks. Sizes include, 468×60, 728×90, 250×250 and 300×250. Post them with your sales page link to drive traffic to your new product.

Sales Funnel PLR Videos Product Covers:  

If your Still struggling to make money online when building your list then… 

Instantly Discover How To Craft Your Very Own Profit-Pumping Sales Funnel!

That You Can Use To Slam $100– to $300 Into Your Bank Account Per Day Online.

And how you can start copying my exact underground strategies to profit yourself starting 2 minutes from now…

Let me ask you a question.

Do you really struggle to make money from your sales funnel when building your list?

Do you end up losing money when buying solo ads to build your list and end up felling like this list building stuff is virtually impossible to make money from??

Are you sick to death trying to figure out how to put together a high converting money making sales funnel?

Worst of all… do you feel like banging your head against a brick wall trying to figure out how to create a high converting sales funnel for yourself that makes you money and feel like you’re actually getting somewhere?

Don’t Worry I Know Exactly How You Feel.

In fact… I use to suck big time when it came to sales funnels and list building.

I spent over 3 years working on my sales funnel because I was damn right fed up (the same as you are) with NOT making sales and getting pathetic conversion rates when i was building my list.

You see… I buy a lot of paid traffic so it’s crucial that I have a high converting sales funnel otherwise I will end up going broke.

And that is why I made it my mission to learn exactly what it takes to create a profit-pumping sales funnel.

Here is another thing to consider…

If You Don’t Have A High Converting Sales Funnel In Place You Will Go Broke Buying Solo Ads.

If you are reading this then the chances are you lose most of the money that you spend on solo ads when trying to build your list too.

Solo ads are great for building your list fast.

BUT only if you know what your doing.

Here’s how it works…

You buy a solo ad.

You Generate subscribers.

But no one buys.

Or you make make the odd sales here or there (if you’re lucky) but no where near enough to make back the cost of your solo ad.

This is a big problem.

Does it sound  Familiar?

Don’t worry you are not alone.

Here’s another thing to think about…

They Say “the money is in the list”. Nope. That’s only part pf the story.

The money is in the sales funnel!

And if you’ll allow me to do so, I would like to take you by the hand and help you to create the PERFECT sales funnel, starting today… Right now!

You see most people that are banking healthy profits from their sales funnels when using traffic methods like solo ads never tell you exactly what they are doing.

Well, that is all about to change…

How valuable for you would it be if you could see the exact sales funnel layout you need to be using to profit when building your email list with not only solo ads but ANY traffic method?

Pretty damn valuable right??


I’m going to reveal to you exactly how to set up your own cash pumping sales funnel in the quickest time possible.

I am going to spoon feed you my secret recipe for creating a cash busting high converting sales funnel which has taken me over 3 years of testing and thousands of dollar to develop so you can do this for yourself.

Here’s an example of a solo ad that I purchased.

I purchased a 100 click solo ad for $30 and made back $42.50. That is $12.50 in pure profit within 24 hours and I gained lost os new subscribers and buyers at the same time.

So basically I am building my list for free while adding buyers to my email list as well.

Once You Have  A Proven Sales Funnel That Converts All You Do IS Send Traffic To Your Squeeze Page And Let Your System Take Over and Make Money, It’s That Simple!

Here’s What The Video’s Below Will Show You:

  • How to actually make money when building your email list.
  • The perfect sales funnel recipe to use to profit when buying solo ads to build your list.
  • Why high opt in rate could be damaging your one time offers sales.
  • The X5 types of sales funnels that you need to know to squeeze out big profits when building your list.
  • How to create the best type pf squeeze pages so you maximize your one time offer sales and add more buyers to your list.
  • The 1 “Super Powerful Tactic” you can use to increase your one time offer conversions (I’ve been using this for over 3 years).
  • The 1 thing you MUST do on your squeeze page otherwise your are going to go broke very quickly.
  • The best type of one time offer that converts traffic into cash like gangbusters.
  • The i simple tweak I made in my sales funnel that instantly added an extra 15% to my profits.
  • The best prices to use for your sales funnel to make more sales.
  • How to crank out even more money from your sales funnel (when I included this in my funnel my profits tripled)
  • The 1 strategy I use to build a rock solid monthly passive income (include this in your funnel and your monthly profits will skyrocket)
  • The little known tactic I use when creating a free offer to increase my OTO sales. This tactic alone will greatly increase your conversions.
  • How to crank out insane profits when building your list even if you’re just an affiliate.
  • The exact sales funnel explained which I now use when building my list with solo ads to profit like crazy.
  • Plus Lots more…

Who is Sales Funnel Commando For?

  • Anyone that wants a step by step blueprint to see what you need to be doing to make good profits when building your email list.
  • Anyone that is fed up with losing money when buying solo ads, or any paid traffic sources.
  • Anyone that want to know how to build a rock solid monthly income.
  • Anyone that is fed up trying to figure out how to create a profitable sales funnel.
  • Anyone that wants to be shown the exact types of sales funnels you need to be using when building your list starting from the very basic funnel up to the exact sales funnel I now use in my business to crank out huge profits with list building,

Do your self a favor and stop jumping from one method to another.

Use this exact sales funnel formula to start making money when building your list and seeing results online.

Sales Funnel PLR Videos Product Rights:

[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can Resell and keep all the profits
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can be given away
[NO] Can be added to free membership sites
[NO] Can be used as web content

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