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Snapchat Traffic Report Lead Generation Package MRR


Snapchat Traffic Report covers how to drive hits. Complete Lead Generation Package with Master Resale Rights. Resell and profit 100%.

Snapchat Traffic Report

File Format: Adobe PDF
Number of pages: 10 pages
Squeeze page page: Included, HTML
Download Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: eCovers in different sizes
Cover Graphics: PNG in 4 different sizes
Year Released/Circulated: 2017
Suggested Selling Price: $17.00

Snapchat Traffic Report Introduction:

It’s all too easy to overlook Snapchat as a social media platform that doesn’t really matter for business or marketing. After all, there’s no real way to discover new people to follow, the content doesn’t ‘last’ and it’s generally less geared toward marketing than something like Facebook or Twitter.

Or at least that’s the opinion of many business owners. In fact though, overlooking Snapchat for its marketing potential is a huge mistake. Let’s take a look at why…

Snapchat is Highly Personal

If you’ve had your ear to the ground, then you may have heard the buzz about live streaming. Live streaming services are quickly becoming incredibly popular thanks to their ability to allow direct and live communication between a brand and its followers.

But in fact, Snapchat has been providing something very similar for a long time. Snapchat allows you to update people about your trip to another country, it allows you to invite people to watch the public unveiling of your new product or service and it allows you to share a joke as you’re coming out the shower. This kind of personal communication has the power to create much more engagement, familiarity and trust. And if you look at the big names on Snapchat – like Arnold Schwarzenegger – then you’ll be able to easily see how it can be used to great effect.

It Has Incredible Engagement

Yes, Snapchat’s ‘instant’ nature gives it the potential to greatly increase engagement. And in reality, that’s exactly what it does.

According to a post on Huffington Post, a Snapchat user with 1,000 followers can expect 900 of those followers to watch each video. That’s huge! And this is in comparison to the far smaller amount of engagement you see on Facebook or Email. Email open rates are 25% when they’re at their very best and on Facebook, most of your followers won’t even have the option to see your posts unless you pay for them.

The Filters Are Awesome (And Often Times Relevant)

Snapchat’s latest big feature is its filters. These are not only an excellent accomplishment in terms of the sheer coding expertise (this is an example of ‘computer vision’ which is very difficult to pull off) but they’re also brilliantly viral. It’s not uncommon to see screenshots of these filters popping up all over the web!

So you’re probably asking by now, how do you get started by actually building a following beyond just asking people to follow you…

So how do you build your following on Snapchat?

Simple: you start creating a compelling story and post multiple times per week at least (ideally, you’ll post multiple times per day). Then simply make sure that you download a couple of those and share them on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram along with your Snapchat username. This way, you can show your fans what they’re missing and give them the opportunity to follow you more closely! You can also promote your Snapchat through your blog posts, your website and blog posts. Of course you need to ensure that the clips you show are engaging and exciting enough to attract more users.

Snapchat Traffic Report Package Includes:

  • Lead Magnet Report – A quality 10 page Snapchat Traffic Report PDF that explains how to drive traffic from the snapchat social platform, still one of the most popular social sites on the net.. It has a professional layout with quality graphics.
  • Squeeze Page – Modern guru style optin page with progress bar to boost conversions. Just copy and paste your optin autoresponder code into the web page, upload and it’s ready to build you a list on auto-pilot, even while you are sleeping. You’ll be building an asset that could pay you far into the future. Like traffic and sales on demand.
  • Download Page – Matching download web page for your new subscribers to get their copy of the report. Simply add your download link, upload the page and you are done.
  • Professional Graphics Package – A number of extra covers in here both 2D and 3D. Also some related web page images.
  • Email Series – 5 pre-written TXT autoresponder messages. There are 3 follow message for after they subscribe and 2 solo swipe emails to drive email traffic and build a bigger list.
  • Recommended Affiliate Products – Not only are you getting a quality lead generation package, but we’ve also included links to the affiliate programs you can promote to your new subscribers and make yourself some CASH. PDF file with several very related programs. Links to 7 tightly related products.
  • Hybrid Cheat Sheet – 2 page PDF check list that will help to follow the system by marking off every step of the process and it is completed. Follows along with the give away report.
  • Twitter Tweets – 10 pre written twitter messages you can copy and paste in your social account and drive some traffic. In TXT format. Of course they are all related to snapchat traffic and  marketing and traffic generation.

Snapchat Traffic Report Covers:

Discover How To Use SnapChat To Easily Build Your AudienceAnd Generate Massive Traffic!

Snapchat Traffic Report Product Rights:

1. You CANNOT put your name or pen name on the product as the creator.
2. You CANNOT edit the contents of the Snapchat Traffic Report product in any way
3. You CANNOT change the title and sub-title of the product.
4. You can sell the product (Report) in PDF format. The recommended selling price is $1.00 to $7.00.
5. You are granted the master resell rights, resell rights or to resell with personal use rights. Nothing else.
6. You CANNOT offer private label rights to this product. You are granted only the Master Resell Rights.
7. You can add the Reddit Traffic Report Lead Generation product into a membership site (paid only).
8. You can add the product into your product bundle or package and sell for a higher face value.
9. You can offer the Basic Resell Rights to the Snapchat Traffic Report PDF Report.
10. You can produce audio and/or video content from the materials found in this product.
11. You CAN give the product away for FREE, in exchange for an optin (email address) or lead.
12. You CAN offer the product as a bonus to another product you are selling. Or as a bonus when people purchase through your affiliate link.
13. You CANNOT sell the product on auction sites such as eBay.
14. You CANNOT use sell product in a dime sale event, under any circumstances or situations at all.
15. You CANNOT sell this product as a WSO, under any circumstances or situations at all.


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