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10 articles between 500 and 600 words, including:


Future Opportunities:  Building Your Teaching Career

Online Teaching: Is It Effective?

Smooth Teaching Through Classroom Management

Strategizing: Teaching Approaches

Teaching Children With Learning Disabilities

Teaching Kids Discipline

Teaching Tips:  Effective Teaching For Teens

Teaching Tips:  Instructing ESL

Teaching Tips:  Making Math Easy

What Do you Get From Teaching?


According to surveys done in 2002, about 3.8 million people are engaged in teaching in different levels.  About 10 % of teachers work in private schools, while other would work in public, parochial and charter schools.  Public school teachers are required to pass licensure exams, while private school tutors are not required to take one.  But there are states that require teachers to have continuous education like a Masters in Education.  Why are there these numbers of people teaching or interested in handling noisy kids?

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