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12 articles between 200 and 1300 words, including:

6 Secrets To Make Your Teen-Parent Relationship Work

911 Internet Savvy For Parent’s Part I

A Teen Life Coach on the College Homesick Blues

American Teens Say They Want Quality Time With Parents

What Parents Should Know About Teens And Teasing At School

What the Teens Should Consider in Choosing their Career

When Your Child Turns Eighteen

When Your Teenager Is Out Of Control:  Troubled Teen Programs

Why and how parents should impart their children with the right kind of sex education?

Why Do Teens Want To Be Fashionable?

Why is it Necessary for Teens to Learn Computer Skills?

Why You Should Monitor Your Child’s Computer

Your Teen: Tips On Successfully Fitting In

All children become teens. With that comes the complications such as dating, fashion, and careers. These articles help you to better communicate with your teen about what they want out of life.


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