Victorias Secret PLR Website Amazon Pre-Loaded Store


Over 650 Lingerie and Related Products From A Name Brand Fashion With This Victoria Secrets PLR Website Amazon Store. Comes Pre-loaded with Everything.

Victorias Secret PLR Website

You know all too well that women’s clothing is big business and it’s a market that’s proven to spend plenty of cash to “look their best”. Lingerie is a highly profitable segment of women’s fashion and again, they are more than willing to shell out good money to look sexy.

To make it even better is that fact that guys are more than eager to purchase lingerie for their ladies, for obvious reasons. But few guys are brave enough to wander into a retail store to buy ladies intimate items, so your online web store is the perfect way for them to buy with confidence and to purchase anonymously. This all means you’ll have the opportunity to make sales from both women and men, giving you a bigger market to profit from.

You’ll also be getting a store that’s dedicated to a well-known quality lingerie line, a brand name, that won’t take much selling on your part, as practically sells itself. There are also all the television ads promoting the brand to create a even bigger audience seeking sites like yours to spend their money.

The Victorias Secret PLR Website amazon store comes pre-loaded with just over 600 products (658 to be exact), direct from the Amazon shopping giant. Plenty of hot-selling products built right into the site. We’ve done the hard work for you.

Here is your golden opportunity to cash in on one of the hottest and more popular lingerie and women’s undergarments. It covers most everything Victoria secret from bra’s to perfume, totes and much more.

Best yet is the fact that the site is powered with amazon affiliate links, which means Amazon handles everything for you. When your visitors click your affiliate links, they go to amazon and purchase, you get a commission on everything they order. Amazon handles the payment, shipping and all other customer needs.

All you need to do is drive traffic to your site, they click and amazon does the work for you. It’s one of the best almost hands-off models to cash in online and it’s only a step away. Since customers are handled for you, you can spend your time on more important tasks such as marketing and driving traffic to your new site.

The Victoria’s Secret PLR Website Amazon Store also comes with a custom theme and layout we created just for this site. You won’t find it anywhere else but here, so grab it quick so you’ll have the exclusive!

Your new Victorias Secret PLR Website comes with 25 product categories including the following: 

Victoria Secret Beach Bag
Victoria Secret Body Lotion
Victoria Secret Body Mist
Victoria Secret Body Wash
Victoria Secret Bras
Victoria Secret Canvas Bag
Victoria Secret Eau De Parfum
Victoria Secret Fragrance Set
Victoria Secret Hoodie
Victoria Secret Hydrating Body Lotion
Victoria Secret Laptop Case
Victoria Secret Lingerie
Victoria Secret Lip Gloss
Victoria Secret Makeup Bag
Victoria Secret Padded Bra
Victoria Secret Panties
Victoria Secret Pink Bling Hoodie
Victoria Secret Pink Body Mist
Victoria Secret Pink Eau De Parfum
Victoria Secret Shimmer Body Lotion
Victoria Secret Strapless Bra
Victoria Secret T-Shirt
Victoria Secret Travel Bag

How You’ll profit from your new Victorias Secret PLR Website:

  • 650 pre-loaded Amazon products: when a visitor to your new site clicks your links, goes to amazon and makes a purchase you get a commission on their entire order. Remember, people often buy more than one item at a time and you get paid for all sales.
  • Adsense Ad spots built in: There are 3 spots pre-loaded into the site for you, these ads show on every page of your new site. When your visitors click the ad links, you get paid, simple and easy profits.

Also, it’s your site to change how you want, you can add other advertising if you’d like. There are plenty of other revenue models including affiliate programs, CPA, pay per click and more. It’s completely your choice.

Gain the advantage in the search engines:

  • Search engine friendly urls – You have the option of having search engine friendly url’s which means you’ll have a much better chance of getting your pages ranked and generating quality buying traffic.
  • Built-in Site Map – With this option is makes it very easy for the search engines to find all the pages on your site, to again, give your site a better chance of getting more pages ranked.
  • Product in Posts – All 650 products are built-in to the posts, which means there is a page for every product on the site, giving your site literally 100’s of pages of search engine bot content.
  • Product Tags – With over 1400 product related tags, you’ll have even more pages of content.

Victorias Secret PLR Website Core Features:

  • Content pre-loaded – just over 650 products, the work has already been done for you.
  • Built in social bookmarking – makes it easy for your visitors to post, like or “plus” your pages to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Squidoo and many more. These buttons are on every post, so it’s very simple for people to “spread the word” about your site. You can also choose the social buttons you want to show on your site, giving you a choice of over 80 different social sites.
  • Google Analytics – Easily hook up your analytics account and you can clearly see where your traffic is coming from and where it’s going on your site. Marketing information you can use to make the most of your site.
  • RSS Feed – Installed and already working for you. Provides great assistance with generating search engine traffic and building back links to your site.
  • All plug-ins pre-installed for you. 
  • Privacy Policy – Page already installed and ready to go. This is becoming more important to places like google, and we’ve done the work for you.
  • Contact Form – Already included and installed, so your visitors can contact you which can help build trust and gain you more sales.
  • Spam Protection   – Already added to the site to save you the frustration from fending off the spammers.
  • Hacker Protection – We’ve installed one of the best website protection plug-ins you can get. It will help to keep the hackers and spammers out of your website.

Everything is included…

Your new site runs on the every popular and highly stable WordPress platform. We’ve included all the files, nothing more you need. Everything comes with our package, you won’t need anything else.

Once you install the site on your own hosting and domain, you’ll have full and total control of your site, no on-going fee’s or extra charges for the package.

It’s so easy to use…

Since it’s built on wordpress, you know how easy and simple it is to administer, add content, change the site and more. If you can point and click, and type, your pretty much good to go.

BONUS: We’ve also included a PDF report that gives simple and easy way to generate traffic and profit from your new site. It’s yours at new cost.

Victorias Secret PLR Website Product Rights:

[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights Items.
[YES] Can be broken down into articles.
[YES] Can be used as web or e-zine content.
[YES] Can be added into PAID membership sites.
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[YES] Can be published offline.
[YES] Can be edited. [NO] Can be given away for free (any format).<
[NO] Can be added into free membership sites.
[NO] Cannot submit to auction sites such as Ebay

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