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weight loss ecommerce digital products storeweight loss ecommerce digital products storeweight loss ecommerce digital products storeweight loss ecommerce digital products storeweight-loss-ecommerce-digital-products-store-wishlistweight-loss-ecommerce-digital-products-store-blogweight loss ecommerce digital products store

Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store with Private Label Rights


Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store Gives You INSTANT Cash from your buyers. Pre-Loaded and Private Label Rights.

Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store

Limited Quantity! Only 10 9 of these sites will be sold, so grab yours now before they are gone…

Who Else Wants INSTANT Cash In Their Pay Pal Account?

Here’s your opportunity to have you own close-to-automatic online money maker. It’s the closest thing you can get to an auto-pilot income on the internet. It’s one of my favorite ways to make money online because it works and it works well.

You’ll be getting a ready-to-go Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store PLR Website that comes stocked with ready-to-sell products. It’s ready to make you money. You own the products, so it’s 100% profits in your pocket on every single sale. There are no on-going fee’s.

Store in dedicated to the large and highly profitable Weight Loss niche. With so many people around the world who want to lose weight, and are unhappy with their bodies, these products sell and they sell well. Plus, since it’s an evergreen niche, the ebooks will not go out of date nay time soon. This market is also one of the “problem” niches meaning people NEED a fix for the problem.

I am sure i don’t have to tell you how large and profitable the weight loss niche is. We see the ads everywhere ever day because this kind of product sells. You won’t run out of potential customers any time soon.

It runs on it’s own…

Since it’s a Ecommerce store for digital products, your customers can literally help themselves. They shop, put what they want in their shopping cart, pay and download. You don’t have to be there. No more schedule, you work when you want. Besides the occasional customer support request, this site takes care of itself.

You get the money right away…

Being that it sells digital products, as soon as your visitor makes a purchase, the money goes right into your pay pal account instantly. No more waiting for affiliate payouts or waiting for checks in the mail. It’s the quickest way to profit online. With a pay pal ATM card, you could have cash in hand the very same day.

Imagine… checking your email and seeing all those notifications of payment sitting there.

Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products PLR Website Installation and Setup Included! 

We do all the work for you, installing and setting it all up for you, it’s included with the package. In less than a day you could have your own digital ebook store that practically runs on it’s own, putting instant money into your pay pal account. Since we get it up and running for you, all you need to do is generate traffic to the site, and we’ll even help you with that. (more on that later)

Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store Comes Loaded With:

  • 25 quality weight loss ebooks – They are all set up in PDF format so your customer can easily download and consume the content right away. Since the ebooks come in PDF, you’ll know your customers will have little problems. Less support time for you.
  • Blog Posts – We’ve also set up the blog section of the site and pre-loaded it with 10 weight loss and related articles. You have quality content right from the start. Text content the search engines could pick up and rank, sending you paying customers. And you can add as many new blogs post as you want. It’s another great way to drive social media traffic.

Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store PLR Website is also very easy to use. Add as many new products as you’d like. We’ve even included a guide to help you. Build a store with 100’s of products and build an income generating empire.

Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products PLR Website Features:

  • Pre-loaded Store – Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store PLR Website comes with 25 weight loss digital products (ebooks) already built into the site. Once we install and set it up for you, you get all the money from every sale, directly into your pay pal account instantly. Quickest money maker model on the internet. All ebooks are set in PDF so you customers can download instantly and consume instantly.
  • Complete Automation – You buyers can shop on their own, add ebooks to their shopping cart, check out, pay and download. They can help themselves and you don’t have to do anything. And customers often add more than one product at a time.
  • Streamlined Checkout – Since the products are digital we stripped down the check out to only the bare information, so you won’t loose customers because your checkout asks for too much. We’ve fixed it for you.
  • Sales Boosters – You have the ability to add Upsells to any product, or cross sell products in the shopping cart. This alone could increase your order size which means added profits.
  • Predictive Search – We’ve added an advanced search feature that tries to predict what users are searching for and gives them results in a drop down menu, with covers included, helping your customers find what they want, or discover new ebooks to buy.
  • Customer Area – Your customers have everything they need, checkout, account page, view orders, reset password, and change password. It’s very easy to use and they can access their orders quickly.
  • Reports – See at a glance from your dashboard, your sales (including history), orders, products and more. Stats include, Total Order, Total Sales, Average Order Totals, Average Order Items, Discounts used and monthly sales graph. Plus details on coupons and detailed customers page, see what they are buying and how much they are spending. This information will help you know what types of new products you can add to increase your sales.
  • Google Analytics – See all your traffic and all your sales with this integration. Made to work perfectly with your new ecommerce store. Though Google Analytics it will actually show you exactly where your sales are coming from, the website address and how much in sales each link is bring in for you. Great way to discover where your sales are coming from so you can get even more.
  • Professional Layout – Comes with a theme that was made for this type of store. It is a modern and quality layout. It has many options to customize it how you want. Or add your own theme, it’s your choice.
  • Email Templates – Easily customize customer email templates to make it your own and brand your site. Templates include: New Order, Processing Order, Completed Order, Customer invoice, Customer Not, Reset Password and New Account.
  • Coupons – You have the ability to offer your customers and visitors a discount which encourages and increases sales.
  • Download Control – Set the number of downloads per product and/or days before download links expire, so you can protect your products. It will keep the bad guys from sharing download links and stealing your products. We’ve already set them to industry standard but you can change them if you wish.
  • Advanced Editor – We’ve unlocked some secret buttons in wordpress for you so you have more control over formatting your product descriptions,, to create true sales pages with text highlighting and more. It can help you dress up your sales copy and increase conversions.
  • Blog – Built in and already active. A great way to drive traffic and generate visitors to your site. We even started you out with 10 pre-loaded weight loss posts, each over 500 words.
  • Blog Commenting System – We’ve installed a leading commenting system that stops spammers dead in their tracks. We know it works very well because we use it every day.
  • Custom related Products – You get to choose exactly what products show as related products for any give product on your Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store PLR Website. Target your customers for improved conversions and extra sales.
  • Wishlists – I can tell you from experience, visitors DO use wish lists and they DO buy from those lists. It’s built into the Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store PLR Website for you. Your visitors simply click a link and they can add what ever they want to their own personal wishlists. Great way to get future and on-going sales.
  • Social Sharing – Buttons are already built into the Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store PLR Website for you. So you visitors can share your pages on the biggest networks that could push more buyer traffic to your new store. Social sites include, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Built into the site to give you a better chance of getting your pages ranked and getting that sweet, profitable search engine traffic. You can set the data for each product to give you the best opportunity to get that buying search engine traffic.
  • Site Map – Great feature that helps the search engines find all the pages on your site and better to get them indexed.
  • RSS Feeds – Already active on the site and a fantastic way promote your site around the net and a easy way to build back links on automatic.
  • Customer Reviews – Visitors or customers can leave product reviews which can help sell your products. Or you can take out the feature, it’s up to you.
  • FAQ Page – Since we’ve been in the digital product business for some time, we set up a FAQ page for you that answers the most popular questions your customers might have. Done for you.
  • Simple Contact Form – Simple and effective contact form with Recaptcha ability, to keep out the spammers.
  • Terms of Service Page – We’ve included a page that is being required by some companies. Easy to edit and add your details.

Always something to sell…

When you have your own Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store PLR Website, you always have something to sell. Want a quick and easy promotion for your email list? Just send them to a page on your store. Talk about simple and fast profits! Add new blog posts that promote your products. Easy peasy.

But We have more for you…

Package also comes with the Get Traffic Report that covers many ways you can use to drive visitors to your site and make sales. It’s yours at no extra cost.

We’ve also included a guide that shows you step-by-step, how to add new products. It’s actually a very simple process, so you can easily build up a store loaded with products and the more you have to offer, the more your visitors are likely to buy. Plus it means bigger orders and more income in your pocket.

Easy to use…

Your new site runs on WordPress, so you know it’s going to be very easy to use, customizable and highly expandable.

Everything is included with the Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store PLR Website…

With this product, all you need to provide is the domain name and hosting, we’ll install it and set it all up for you. Usually takes a day to have your site up and running, ready to take payments for you and put instant CASH into your Pay Pal Account.

As with all our products, we are always here if you need anything, or if you get stuck on something.

Weight Loss Ecommerce Digital Products Store PLR Website Product Rights:

[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be placed on domain and flipped one time only
[NO] Can be broken down into separate smaller products
[NO] Can be added to paid membership sites
[NO] Can sell Resale rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can be given away
[NO] Can be added to free membership sites


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