Wine PLR Amazon Store Turnkey Website


Site comes with over 2,100 wine and related products. They are already on the site, waiting to make you money. Each product comes with product image, full descriptions and a buy button.

Did you know that over 200 million cases of wine were sold last year in the United states alone? With a retail value of over $23 billion dollars. 
In 2012 it’s estimated that wine consumption was over 2 gallons per resident in the U.S. With total gallons of over 1.5 billion gallons.
And it’s only increasing. Just imagine the sales of wine for the rest of the globe.
Think there is some money to be made in the wine niche?
Ton’s of it!
Wine is also said to be healthy in moderation, as much of the world outside the united states has know for years. There are actually health benefits to drinking wine, and more reasons for people to buy.
Here’s your golden opportunity to grab your fair share of a multi-billion dollar market.
Here’s what you’ll be getting with this Wine PLR Store:
  • Pre-Loaded Product Store – Site comes with over 2,100 wine and related products. They are already on the site, waiting to make you money. Each product comes with product image, full descriptions and a buy button. Buy button is also one that has characteristics that have proven to get more clicks. This store has pretty much everything related to the wine niche, from coolers and chillers to glasses, racks, wine, accessories and more.
  • Professional Theme – Brand new Wine theme we put together just for this product. It’s something you won’t find anywhere else but here, so grab it to have the exclusive. The theme is also loaded with many options to you can tweak it yourself. It is also responsive so it works on most any internet device.
  • Built in Video Pages – Your new Wine store comes with pre-made video pages. These video’s are embedded right in to your store pages, so you visitors can watch them right on your site. No more sending away your hard-earned traffic, keep them in house and buying form your store. Video’s include, Introduction to Wine, Wine making and Wine tasting. You could even add your own if you wish, it’s a simple process.
One of the best ways to earn online… 


What makes this site a fantastic opportunity is that it’s an affiliate website. And the real exciting part is that Amazon does all the work for you. You have little responsibility.
Simply drive traffic to your new Wine PLR Amazon Turnkey website, when your visitors click your affiliate links, they are automatically sent to the Amazon site with your ID getting tracked. They buy something and you you get a commission. Easy. 
Plus, many customers will order more than one item at a time and you get commission for the entire order. 


Best yet, Amazon is very good at selling visitors, plus it’s a trusted brand, so you have a very good chance of getting the sale.
Since Amazon handles everything, you have NO customer service, you don’t have to take payments and no shipping to worry about. You site could run on it’s own, making you money, you don’t have to “be there”, it runs on auto-pilot.
It only takes a couple minutes to add your affiliate ID to every product link on the site. We’ve made it super easy. Once you insert your affiliate ID, you get credit for every sale your site makes.
Store is Loaded with 45 Wine and Wine Related Categories:
Dessert Wines 
French Wines 
Italian Wines 
Red Wines 
Rose` Wines 
Sparkling Wines 
White Wines 
Wine Set 
Wine Coolers and Chillers:
Wine Chiller 
Wine Cooler 
Wine Glasses:
Stemless Wine Glasses 
Wine Carafe 
Wine Decanter 
Wine Glass Charms 
Wine Glass Markers 
Wine Glass Sets 
Wine Glasses 
Wine Sippy Cup 
Wine Racks:
Metal Wine Rack 
Wall Mounted Wine Rack 
Wine Glass Drying Rack 
Wine Glass Hanging Rack 
Wine Rack 
Wooden Wine Rack 
Wine Accessories:
Wine Accessories and Gifts 
Wine Aerator 
Wine Aerator Pourer 
Wine Bag 
Wine Bar 
Wine Barrel 
Wine Box 
Wine Bucket 
Wine Carafe 
Wine Corks 
Wine Decor 
Wine Filter 
Wine Foil Cutter 
Wine Fountain 
Wine Glass Drying Mat 
Wine Labels For Bottles 
Wine Making Kit 
Wine Novelty Gifts 
Wine Opener 
Wine Preserver 
Wine Signs 
Wine Stopper
Here’s How You’ll Earn from this Wine Store:
  • Amazon Wine Products – Fully stocked store with over 2,100 Wine products already put into the site. Each product has it’s own page. The full description from Amazon is also included in the page. This gives your site many pages and many opportunities to make you money.
  • Adsense Ad Spots – We’ve included 3 spots, built into the website for you. They are embedded into the side bar so they show will be showing on every single page. You can add more if you wish. It’s also easy to move them around if you wish.
Of course, it’s your site, You can add what ever advertising you’d like. Amazon also have many ad widgets you could easily add if you wish.
PLR Wine Website Core Features:
  • Spam Protection – Plugin used by millions and one of the best ways to protect your site from comment and trackback spam. Keeps your site clean and free of the junk.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Easily add and edit the SEO properties of your pages, to get the best chance of ranking in the search engines and draw in that buyer traffic.
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s – Built in option to make all your websites pages more friendly to the search engines and could help get your ranked better.
  • Privacy Policy – Already active on the site with an option to easily add your details. As you know this has become popular for places like Google.
  • Advanced Categories – As you can see from the demo, we’ve added a custom feature that allows you to break up the categories into groups. Besides looking better, it makes it easier for your visitors to navigate your site, find what they are looking for and could help you get more sales from your site.
  • Broken Link Check – Feature that checks your site for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found.
  • Advanced Editor – We’ve replaced the WordPress default post and page editor with a has pretty much every bell and whistle you could want. Easily work with your content is any way you’d like, such as better Font control, text highlighting, tables and much more.
  • Google Analytics – Track your visitors and traffic on your site. Allows you to see all the details about your traffic in your Analytics account. This can help you to improve your site when you see how your visitors use it, or how they get to your site in the first place.
  • Dashboard Stats – Fastest real-time statistics feature so you can see at a glance who’s on your site, where they came from and where they are going.
  • Quick Adsense – Quick and flexible way to insert Google Adsense ad code into a post. Make some extra money by putting in Adsense in more places on your website.
  • Social Sharing – Feature that already activated on your site. Makes it easy for your site visitors to share your content. The more they share, the more you sell. Includes the most popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and many option. Also has an option to add many other social sharing sites if you wish. Social sharing icons are professional and are listed on posts, pages and even in your site bar. Great way to drive traffic to your store and make money.
  • Google Site Map – Generates a valid Google XML sitemap for your site, with a very simple admin interface. Makes it easier for the search engines to find all your pages and better chance they will get ranked.
  • Video Pages – Built in and already activated on your new site. Easy to add video’s and video pages to your website. Video’s play on your site, so you’ll no longer lose visitors by sending them off to a video site.
  • Website Security – Built in Security including Anti-virus, Firewall and  Site Speedup. Keep your new plr Coffee website safe and secure from those that want to break in.
  • Website Back Up – Simple automated backups of your WordPress powered website with one click restore functionality and Dropbox integration.
  • RSS Feeds – Already activate on the site. Great way to spread your sites content around the net. Also great way to build back links on auto-pilot.
  • Product Tags – Over 3,300 wine product tags already on the site for you. This makes for even more pages of your website for the search engines to find and rank.
Comes with Everything…
Everything you need to have a fully functional website just like the demo is included with this package. All you need to provide is your domain and hosting, nothing else is needed.
Your new site works on WordPress, a time-tested, proven web platform. All the wordpress files are included along with the theme and plugin files.
Easy To Use…
Since it works on WordPress, you know its very easy to use and grow. If you can type, point and click, you can run this site.
There is more…
BONUS: You’ll also be getting two exclusive special reports we created ourselves, something you can not get anywhere else but here.
FREE Reports Include: 


Getting Traffic – Covers many ways to drive visitors to your new plr website. Generate traffic and make sales.
Make Money For Your Amazon Store – In this one we detail ways you can make sales with your new Amazon store.
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