Funny, I had a resources page for a long time, but some how it vanished off the face of the net. Weird huh?

So I am back to rebuilding it. This page contains useful tools, links and more. Some are free, some are not. Hope they help.


Godaddy – While they are not perfect, they are an okay place to start. Just make sure you get a real hosting package. Page builders won’t get you far and free hosting does NOT work.

KnownHost – When you are ready to step up to a real host, one with outstanding customer service, this is the place. I’ve been using them for several years now and they are the best I’ve used. And I’ve used many.

[NOTE] Over the years I’ve seen so many people try to be cheap with their hosting. worst idea, because hosting is by far the most important part of any online business. If it doesn’t work right, you don’t make money. Don’t be cheap with hosting!

Web Page Editors

Komposer – Free open source web page editor that is packed with features. For free, it still seems to be well maintained and updated.

Coffeecup HTML Editor – Another one that has been around for a very long time. It’s old in internet times. Although it’s not free, they do offer a free trial.

[NOTE] Though there is not as much of a need for web page editors these days (because of platforms like WordPress), you still really need to know how to use one, even if it’s just the basics. There will be times you’ll need to edit a web page,