Here we’ve come up with some of the necessary tools and products for any one that wants to create or run an online business. I’ve used everything on this page, so I can tell you they work and work well. Some time savers as well.

Sales Systems:

$7DollarSecrets If there was one question we get asked the most often, is from new marketers that are not sure what to do next. This low cost script is a very easy way to set up your products to resell. It’s simple to set up and hooks up to Paypal for some instant cash in your account.

WooCommerce – Fantastic WordPress shopping cart plugin. I’ve used it on a few sites now and it’s one of the better ones I’ve used. Easy interface and so easy to add new products.  Works for both physical and digital products. Ton’s of add-on’s available as well.



Known Host – I’ve been with them for some time now and love the service. First off they moved all my stuff (ALOT) from my old host their system. All I had to do was give them the log in details for my old host. They did the rest. I did not have to lift a finger. Amazing and they did it fast. Just as important, these people know hosting, they are very knowledgeable. As for support tickets, they always reply very quickly. They are not a cheap hosting service, they are quality.

BIG TIP: Hosting is the MOST important part of any online business. Think about it, if or when your websites do not work, what happens? You lose business and income. Far too many people try to “cheap out” when it comes to web hosting. They often go for the lowest price. Hosting is like anything, you get what you pay for. Do yourself a favor and your business a favor, get quality hosting. It’s not worth trying to get the best deal. It’s too important.

What ever you do, avoid any hosting company owned by EIG. They own many big brands, so beware. I wont say any more, search if you want to know more.


Domain Names:

NameCheap – One of the better domain providers you’ll find. We’ve been using them for many years and love their service. Best place to get your domain names.


Email Marketing:

Aweber Autoresponders If you do any e-mail marketing or list building, which you should, Aweber is by far the best service on the net. We recommend them because we use them and they are superior.

GetResponse – Another high quality autoresponder service. Recently I’ve been using this service more and more because they offer more options than Aweber, ton’s of very nice templates and so much more. Love their RSS to Email features. This one will probably be the main service I use for all my email marketing.


Affiliate Networks:

Market Health – One of the leaders when it comes to health related products you can promote. Not only do they have a large selection of products to promote, they also have some fantastic payouts, some as high as $40 per sale.



Photoshop Action Scripts This is one of the best set of action scripts when it comes to making e-book covers. It’s easy to use and produces outstanding e-covers. You can also make many different graphics such as dvd or mp3 player images. The main set we use for our covers.

Gimp – Amazing free graphics program here, that seems to be giving photoshop a run for it’s money. Can’t say it does everything PSD can do, it’s a tool that should be in your marketing stash.


Web Page Editing:

Okay, I use to have web page editors listed here, but seems they have gone the way of internet history. Guessing because so many people use WordPress these days. So I’ll add some if I find ones that are useful. One solution is Dreamweaver, which is great, I’ve been using it for many years, but it can be kind of pricey.

Here’s one you might try:

I have not used it, so don’t ask me any questions. But it should be a good one. I’ll update, if I get using it. If you do try it, let me know your thoughts about it.

Here is another one, I can not attest to yet, but it looks promising:

But there is one tool you really should have and know how to use…

FileZilla Here’s a great free FTP program which is used to upload files to your website. All the features you need.


Social Marketing:

Flare – Here’s a social bookmarking plug-in I’ve been using on my blogs lately. Not only is is cool looking, but it has all the most popular social media sites built in. it also has a follow bad widget which is great getting followers to your blog. Plus it’s free!

Subscribe to Comments – While this is more a blogging wordpress plug-in, it is also a very important one to help with your social interaction. Basically it adds a checkbox below your comments box, so commenters can subscribe to receive an email when new comments are added. This is important because it’s a easy way to get people back to your blog.



Easy Azon – A complete Amazon Link Tool For WordPress. With the EasyAzon WordPress plugin you’ll be able to quickly create high conversion Amazon affiliate links faster and easier than ever before. Loaded with a ton of features that can make you more money.

WPRobot – Fantastic plug-in that allows you to add mass amazon products to a wordpress site. Or you can set it up so it “drips” new products to your site. I’ve been using it for years and loving it. While I have only used it to add amazon products it can also add content from clickbank and many other sources. This can help you add regular content to your wordpress site on automatic.

kStats Reloaded – While you should be using Google analytics on your blog, I like this plug-in because it gives a quick glimpse of your traffic, right on your dashboard. Also shows some useful stats such as referrers and user stats.

Magic Action Box – Niffty little plug-in that makes it much easy to create your own opt-in boxes for your wordpress blog. Not only does it help to make opt-in’s for your sidebar, you van put the boxes you’ve created just about anywhere on your blog.

Spam Free WordPress – A simple anti-spam plug-in I’ve been using and so far it’s done a great job. It is also stated to have spambot and hackbot protection.

Pretty Link – Great plug-in to shrink, track and manage your URL’s. Perfect way to make an affiliate link look safe. Very simple to use and it’s great to see how many times your links are clicked.


Required Reading:

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – If you think about it, much of what we do is selling. Whether we are selling our own products or affiliate products, we make money only when people buy. So it stands to reason that if we learn how to better Persuade our visitors to BUY, the more we can make. This ebook is the Bible when it comes to the topic. I’ve had my copy for several years and have read it many times.

The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells – Copywriting is by far one of the most important skills we can acquire. The more we sell, the more we make. This is one of the best books on the subject and shows it’s not as difficult as we might think.

Law of Attraction – One of the best, if not the best books about LOA. I think I’ve about wore out my copy I’ve read it so often. I am not only a believer of the Law of Attraction, I know it works because It’s worked for me. This is something we can NOT get enough of. Go get your copy now, you’ll thank me later.

Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness – Like, we can not get enough when it comes to attracting wealth into our lives. Here’s the perfect compainon the the book above. By the same author, so you know youre getting the good stuff.

Think And Grow Rich: The Secret To Wealth Updated For The 21St Century – This was one of the first books I read about getting what I wanted, about getting wealth. It is what motivated me to start my own business and make it a success. It is another one that MUST be on your bookshelf. Plus this is an updated version.

How to Win Friends & Influence People – I’ve learned over the years that networking and making connections online can make a HUGE difference in my business. Every time I’ve made it a point to connect with others, it’s almost always paid off in one way or another. This book can be a big help when it comes to networking, both online and offline.


Odds and Ends:

Audacity – Free open-source audio program for recording and editing. Here’s a tool you can use to make your own audio files.

FreeMind – Free mind-mapping software. It’s a nice visual way to map out your business, such as sales funnels and websites.

VideoLAN – Video player I’ve been using for years. Out of the box it plays just about any video you could throw at it. Don’t know if I’ve ever found video it wouldn’t play. Great for FLV and SWF files.