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Over the Counter Drugs
Q: I've tried a million over the counter products for acne and they work for a while and then they stop. I've tried oil-free cleansers, gels, cover-ups, and makeup – all of which claim they help acne-prone skin. But they're not; what am I doing wrong?
A: You're not doing anything wrong except wasting your money. The products you're buying don't work. Even though they are labeled oil-free, they really aren't oil-free. All products with the exception of water, are oil-based. Just like in the foods you eat, there are good oils and bad oils. The products that you have been using are full of bad oils and are producing new acne, not helping it. Over the counter eye shadows and lipsticks are fine, but when it comes to make-up and cleansers, the stuff you've been buying just isn't helping.
Acne is the scourge of the teenage years and a source of great distress and embarrassment at an age when young people are most conscious of their appearance. Almost no teenager, or adult for that matter, is spared a prolonged period of acne problems.  
Pubescent girls are generally affected to a more serious degree because of the hormonal upsurges associated with the onset of menstruation. Basically, acne is the result of increased hormonal activity, which causes excess oil production in the skin’s sebaceous glands. Unfortunately, the areas most affected by acne are those which are almost constantly visible with today’s youthful fashion trends.
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