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Blasting Away Cellulite with Diet and Exercise – 582

Can I Remove Cellulite Through Lymphatic Drainage? – 546

Cellulite Massage – Does It Work Or Are You Wasting Money? – 543

Do Anti-Cellulite Diets Work? – 595

Exercises That Will Shred the Cellulite off Your Body – 557

Exercises to Remove the Cellulite on Your Thighs – 546

How Does Cellulite Form? – 531

How to Choose a Cellulite Treatment That’s Just Right for You – 567

How to Keep Cellulite at Bay – 571

How to Use Cardio to Melt Cellulite Away – 528

How to Use Resistance Training To Banish Cellulite – 537

Is Cellulite a sign Of an Unhealthy Body? – 526

Is Endermologie Cellulite Treatment Safe? – 519

Learn How to Make Cellulite Cream At Home – 727

Should You Go For Laser Treatment To Remove Cellulite? – 529

Using Yoga to Get Rid of Cellulite – 567

What Causes Cellulite and How You Can Avoid It! – 543

What Is The Cost Of Cellulite Removal? – 540

Will A Detox Cleanse Help With My Cellulite? – 564

Will Dry Brushing Your Skin Remove Cellulite? – 544

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Cellulite is the bumpy, dimpled, orange rind appearance of fats beneath the skin. Almost all women have cellulite and eradicating cellulite is a 12 million dollars per year industry. That’s how much women spend every year trying to get rid of cellulite.In most cases, the methods are neither effective nor long lasting. They’re just a drain on finances, time and emotional well-being. Many women get depressed and disappointed when the cellulite creams, massages, detox cleanses, etc. do not work. Everything just seems like a waste of money and time. The women start hating their bodies and develop a negative self-image.

The simple fact is that cellulite is fat. It looks different from normal fat. There is a reason for this. Beneath our skin is a hard fibrous tissue with bands that connect the skin to the muscle. These bands are known as septae. Women have perpendicular bands while men have bands that connect in a cross-checked pattern. This is the reason why men do not show visible signs of cellulite. Men may have cellulite too but it just cannot be seen.

There are miracle creams, laser treatments, and books on dealing with cellulite, special diets, massage therapy and many other ways that purportedly treat cellulite effectively. Most of these methods are ineffective, do not have any lasting effects and are just a drain on the wallet and emotions. Disappointment and regret often follow when women put their faith in these scams and poor products.

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