DIY Fitness PLR Autoresponder Message Series


Inside every issue of the “DIY Fitness” newsletter you’ll learn valuable information on how to take control of your own fitness

File Format: Fitness PLR Autoresponder MS Word Document, TXT
Number of Messages: 12 high quality messages
Squeeze page: Included, HTML
Confirm Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: Fitness PLR Autoresponder Covers, webpage images, PSD’s
Cover Graphics: JPG in 5 different sizes including a blank cover
Miscellaneous Graphics: PSD’s so you can edit, change or brand graphics
Extra Pages: Titles, Paragraphs, Openings and Closings
Extras: 16 pre-written fitness clickbank ads
Year Released/Circulated: 2013
Suggested Selling Price: n/a

Here’s a business in a box for you, in a huge and highly profitable niche. I don’t have to tell you how big the fitness market is and how much money is to be made with it.

You also know that there is almost an endless supply of products you could promote within this niche. Just image all the physical products you could sell from places such as Amazon. You sure won’t run out of items to sell on this one.
Here’s a complete, Fitness PLR Autoresponder, ready-to-go money machine. Everything you need is included.
You’ll be getting the following with the Fitness PLR Autoresponder package:
  • 12 pre-written high quality autoresponder messages
  • High quality squeeze page
  • Matching Confirm page
  • 16 Pre-Written Clickbank Fitness Ads
  • Extra content, titles, paragraphs, openings and closings
  • PSD of graphics
We’ve done the work for you.
Series includes over 8,000 word of high quality fitness content which is sure to hook your subscribers and keep them reading your emails. The more they read, the more likely they are to buy what your promoting.
We’ve revamped the subject lines to help you achieve the highest possible open rate. They include:
DIY Fitness, Taking Control
Your Fitness Exercises and Training
Before You Buy Fitness Equipment …
Importance of good physical fitness
Benefits of Good Physical Fitness Magazines
Here’s How To Stay Fit…
Simple ways to make the most of workouts
Staying healthy and fit for life
Fitness on the Go!
Rev up Your Fitness Routine
Simple Tips For a Better Fitness Workout
How Fitness Affects The Way You Look and Feel
Fitness PLR Autoresponder Messages come in both Word DOC and plain TXT format, so they are simple to use.
Get them to open your emails…
Every Fitness PLR Autoresponder message also comes with a closing hook at the end of the message. So your subscribers will look forward to your next email and be more likely to open it. This could increase your open and read rates.
We’ve also made it very easy to customize each message to fit your own needs. It only takes a couple minutes to change the greeting, salutation, name and more.
There is more…  
You’ll also be getting tons of extra content with this package, as follows:
Extra Paragraphs with over 2,700 words
Extra Titles with over 1,100 words
Extra Openings and Closings with over 1,000 words
Use the paragraphs to add to your messages, or use them as posts on a blog so you have regular updates, which the search engines love. 
The extra titles could be used to test different subject lines or to test blog titles. Openings and closings could be used to again, add more to your messages, or even create new messages. They could also be used to make PLR articles more unique.
Extra Fitness PLR Autoresponder content comes in both Word DOC and plain TXT format.
Built in Profit Stream…
You’ll also be getting pre-written clickbank ads in the fitness niche. Simply add them to your messages where you’d like and you could have sales coming in on auto pilot.
Pre-Made Clickbank ads covering 4 different programs. With 4 ready-made ads for each program, for a total of 16 advertisements that have been done for you.
Programs promoted include:
Product 1 – Thrive 90
Product 2 – Interval MP3
Product 3 – Female Fatloss Over Forty
Product  4 – Triple 8 Body Burn
Just add your clickbank ID, copy and paste and your done. You could also use them on your blog or websites.
Simple to uses..
Simply copy and paste the Fitness PLR Autoresponder messages into your autoresponder service. Copy and paste your opt-in code on the squeeze page, upload the webpages and it’s ready to build you a list in the very lucrative fitness niche. 
Plus it communicates with your new subscribers on auto-pilot, when while your tucked in bed at night.
Make it your own…
We’ve also included PSD files for the graphics, so you can edit, change or brand them exactly as you wish. PSD’s include, header, footer, background and cover.
Fitness PLR Autoresponder eCover also comes in 5 different sizes, so it will fit pretty much anywhere you want. There’s even a blank cover.
Another profit stream…
Confirm page also comes with a fitness clickbank ad built right into the page for you. Simply change the ID and you’ll get credit for every sale.
This is the perfect time and place to promote something. Your subscriber has trusted you enough to enter their email address, so they are more likely to buy from your add. You could get paid to build your list.
Fitness PLR Autoresponder eCourse Covers:

Isn’t About Time You Took Control Over Your Own Fitness Plan?

The DIY Fitness Newsletter will provide you with proven, effective information, tips and advise that will help you learn how you can take control over your own fitness plan once and for all! 

Are You Ready To Learn Valuable Information That
Will Help You Take Control of Own Health & Fitness?

Inside each issue of the DIY Fitness Newsletter, you will receive easy to understand information on how you can become fit and healthy for life.

You will also learn some great tips and advice that you can use to improve your overall health, choose the best exercises, equipment and live the healthy, fit lifestyle you deserve! 

Inside every issue of the “DIY Fitness” newsletter you’ll learn valuable information on how to take control of your own fitness

You learn things like:

  • How you can become fit and healthy by taking control over your own fitness plan.
  • Some of the different types of exercise and training techniques you can try.
  • The secrets of maintaining good physical fitness and some important things you should know about stretching!
  • Some important things to consider when buying home fitness equipment.
  • Some simple, yet effective ways that you can be healthy and fit for life.
  • Some simple boredom busters to help rev up your fitness routine!

And that’s just the beginning. Once you join the “DIY Fitness” newsletter you will have access to great information in every issue that will help you learn how to finally take control of your own fitness plan! 

Fitness PLR Autoresponder Product Rights:

You can:

[YES] Customized issues can be given away via subscription
[YES] Squeeze pages can be customized
[YES] Content can be renamed, rewritten or edited.

[YES] You can add your name to the messages as the author.

[YES] Your links can be added to the Fitness PLR Autoresponder messages
[YES] The messages can be used as website/blog content with changes made.
[YES] Content can be broken down into articles.
[YES] Content can be added to autoresponder courses.
[YES]Content can be compiled into an e-book and sold as a PDF file only
[YES] Subscriptions can be offered as a bonus


You Cannot:

[NO] You can claim copyright to any of this content unless substantial changes are made that legally separate the original content with your own rewritten content, articles or products. (Basically “substantial changes” means that your reedited/rewritten versions bear NO resemblance to the original content).

[NO] Can sell the Fitness PLR Autoresponder Newsletter content or sets in any way

[NO] Can be offered through auction sites
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

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