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Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Audio Package – RTS


Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Audio Package is the Definitive Guide To Driving Massive Website Traffic in Any Niche. With Private Label Rights. Edit, Resell.

Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Audio Package

File Format: MP3 Audio Files, HTML
Number of Audios: 16 quality audio files
Salespage: Included, HTML
Download/Thank You Page: Included, HTML
Included Graphics: Covers, Webpage Images
Cover Graphics: JPG image format
Miscellaneous Graphics: eCover PSD’s in flat and 3D
Extras: Built in Pay Pal Sales System
Year Released/Circulated: 2015
Suggested Selling Price: $47.00

Who Else Want’s INSTANT CASH Into Their Pay Pal Account?

Here’s one that is ready to make you money today. It comes with a Ready to sell payment system.

Simply edit on file, upload the web pages and it’s ready to put money into your Pay Pal account.

It includes a payment system that is hooked up right to Pay pal. When you edit the config file, you add your pay pal email address, so you get credit for all the sales. All the money it makes goes directly into your account.

Takes about 10 minutes to set up the Niche Marketing Traffic PLR.

No need to mess with a complicated payment script. No need to design pay pal buttons.

We’ve done the work for you.

Comes with a ready to sell high quality sales page and matching download web page. We also created a brand new eCover, completely from scratch just for this product. The Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Sales page is also new with matching graphics to give you the professional look.

Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Audio Package is a complete training course that gives real world tactics and tricks to driving targeted traffic to any niche website.

Better yet the audio’s are already embedded in the download page for you customers. Once they purchase, they get sent to the download page and they can immediately listen to the audio’s.

It’s all hands free for you.

Simply drive traffic to your new sales page and watch the money roll into your pay pal account.

Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Audio Core Training

1 – Targeted Holographic Traffic Master
Length: 52:47 min

2 – Google Ad Planner
Length: 03:50 min.

3 – Generate Your Own Traffic – Your Own Watering Hole
Length: 26:07 min.

4 – Find Your Own Traffic Source
Length: 30:27 min.

5 – Finding Traffic Sources In Your Niche that Not Everyone is Using
Length: 34:06 min.

6 – Dig Your Own Well of Traffic – Different Niches Need Different Traffic Sources
Length: 45:55 min

7 – Find Unique Traffic In Your Niche
Length: 01:14:04 min

Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Audio Bonus Training Part 1

1 – How To Test – Advanced Content Networking Online
Length: 01:03:34 min.

2 – How To Master Traffic Sources
Length: 53:03 min.

3 – Advanced Content Marketing with Multiple Sites
Length: 34:03 min.

4 – How To Compete In Saturated or Competitive Markets
Length: 41:20 min.

5 – Use Article Marketing For Search Engine Rankings
Length: 24:01 min.

6 – Matching Message to Market
Length: 13:39 min.

Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Audio Bonus Training Part 2

1 – Kindle Marketing
Length: 42:34 min.

2 – Some Thoughts on Practical Daily Traffic and YouTube Marketing
Length: 27:31 min.

3 – Advanced Resource Box
Length: 26:10 min,

All audio files are in MP3 format if you wish to use them in another manner.

Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Audio Package Covers:

” How to Generate Unlimited Targeted Traffic in Your Niche”

Do You Need More Traffic?

Are you frustrated because you aren’t getting enough targeted traffic – meaning real people who NEED what you sell, right off the bat?

Do you need more targeted buyer traffic?

If so, you are going to love this: I have discovered a brand new way of generating unlimited, highly targeted traffic in any niche, 100% proven to work time and time again.

If so, you are going to love this: I have discovered a brand new way of generating unlimited, highly targeted traffic in any niche, 100% proven to work time and time again.

I explain about it in just a moment, but first I’ll introduce myself:

Hi, I’m Sean Mize and I’m responsible for over 25,000 articles and 3 million visits over at, I was the #1 author over at, and yet I rarely submit articles there anymore .

The big reason for that is that you used to be able to submit an article to ezinearticles and it would show on the first page of google within a few days, fairly consistently.

But not anymore. To confirm that, I did a test Friday with 2 articles. One article I put on ezinearticles came up on page 6 in google (how much traffic does page 6 get?)

The second article I put on a specialty niche website that is in my website rotation and it showed up on page one within 20 minutes! And today it is #1 for the keyword!

We just don’t see that happening at ezinearticles anymore.

So I’ve had to innovate and find new traffic sources.

And what I have discovered is absolutely amazing –

I have literally discovered a way to get unlimited traffic in your niche, and it is highly targeted traffic, the kind that turns into buyers!

And I’ve developed a super-simple method of getting that traffic in your niche and how to get that traffic to come to your website and take action.

Now, this method is not sexy.

It’s not the latest fad that is going to go away in 3 months.

Instead, it’s a solid source of unlimited traffic in you niche and if you are looking for highly targeted traffic in your niche and you want an unlimited supply of that traffic, this method is highly powerful and will get you an amazing amount of targeted traffic.

It is EXTREMELY simple to do.

And not only is it unlimited traffic – but the method I am using now allows me to get #1 spots in google in hours instead of days or weeks.

How would YOU like to OWN 3-7 of the top spots in google for your keyword?

What about for multiple keywords?

If you would like that, keep reading, because I can teach you exactly how to do it, and do it very quickly.

You can also position yourself to literally control the market for your niche idea, by positioning yourself as the niche expert on all of the top 10-20 websites or blogs for your niche. Imagine if a prospect is looking for information in your niche, and they find you in 3-7 spots in google when they do a google search. Then they go to the top 10-20 websites in your niche, and you are featured prominently on all of those sites.

I’ve used and tested this model of traffic penetration repeatedly, with many multiples of keywords and topics, and have repeatedly found ways to dominate a particular keyword with my ideas and credibility, and you can too.

Because I have created a powerful traffic training program that teaches you how to do everything I have just described, plus much much more.

Introducing my “Dominate Your Niche Traffic Mastery Training Program”

So here’s what’s you’ll learn in this brand new traffic training:

  • How to Find the Exact Traffic That Is An Exact Match For YOUR Niche and YOUR Buyers
  • My brand new proprietary targeting process
  • How to Find the Right Traffic Source for YOUR niche
  • How to “Dig Your Own Well” with traffic where your competition is NOT getting all the traffic
  • The exact source for the EXACT sites that YOU should be using in YOUR niche to get unlimited buyer traffic
  • How to Tap Into Your Competitors Traffic Sources
  • How to Get into the Top Ten in Google For Every Keyword You Have (I can do this on practically command with my websites network anytime I wish)


  • The exact method I use to get find where the buyers in my niche are looking for help online
  • How to Find Unlimited Traffic In Your Niche!
  • The exact method I personally use to dominate a traffic source and become seen as the expert fast . . . and you can too
  • How to Dominate Your Niche in Google Using a Combination of the Above Techniques.

What would you do with unlimited traffic online?

What would you do with all that extra traffic?

Would you turn it into subscribers and build a huge business with the traffic?

Or would sell some of your traffic to your competition?

Or maybe simply sell to that traffic, and make an unheard of income for your niche?

Here’s the thing, no matter what people are saying, google still accounts for most of the search traffic out there. And they probably will for a long time to come.

And in fact, this traffic strategy can be easily adapted to work on Bing, Yahoo, AND on FACEBOOK!

Imagine if you were to decide to become ultra-focused and instead of dominating 5-10 google keywords, you decided instead to choose your best converting keyword and dominate google, bing, yahoo, and facebook simultaneously for your keyword. Your prospects wouldn’t be able to go anywhere you weren’t looking.

And if you add in some simple re-targeting you can literally follow your visitors around on their website viewing for 21 days after they click the first time! Using organic traffic as the initial traffic source (not paid traffic, like your competitors might be doing).

Are any of YOUR competitors dominating google, bing, yahoo, and facebook simultaneously?

Do you want to?

If so, the next step is to just get this training.

So . . . . let’s talk about the price.

First of all, what would it be worth to you to get a large percentage of the online traffic for your niche keyword? (and by the way, you aren’t limited to one keyword, you can do this technique on as many keywords as you choose, day in and day out. Just don’t tell anyone in your niche what you are doing, don’t this training with them, and you can own the market until they reverse engineer what you are doing)

So, what would it be worth to you to dominate your keyword in google, bing, yahoo, and facebook?

If you doubled, tripled, quadrupled, or maybe even 25x – 50x the traffic you are getting now, what would that do to your income?

Would it increase by $10,000?



I don’t know exactly what your increase would be – but if it were just $10,000, would it be worth $500 to be able to generate an additional $10,000 in traffic?

Here’s the thing, I find that many times the single biggest thing that is holding folks back from having the business of their dreams is that they simply don’t have the traffic.

I’ve discovered the key to generate all the traffic you can handle in your niche . . . and although I’ve toyed with $500 as the right price, I’ve decided to price it so it’s affordable for any one.

Any one of the above listed techniques is incredibly powerful, but when you combine them and do them simultaneously for your keyword, you can literally dominate your keyword, owning access on nearly all of the top google listings, and having so much of that traffic to yourself.

It’s over 5 hours of hot, targeted training on audio mp3s so you can listen while you work, this is a method that NO ONE ELSE IS TEACHING (because I developed most of these methods)

And they are tried and true because I and my top coaching clients have been using them for several years as I’ve perfected them and their use

Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Product Rights:

[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Niche Marketing Traffic PLR Can be packaged
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be broken down into separate smaller products
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be added to free membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can be published offline (hard copy print format)
[YES] Can be bundled with other products (5 max)
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights

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