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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment – Be Aware – 547
Secondary Insomnia – 515
Sleep Apnea Symptom – Snoring – Snorting – Chocking – 568
Sleep Apnea Cures –  If Not Cures They Help – 511
Sleep Apnea Definition – 3 Types Of Sleep Apnea – 531
Sleep Apnea Dental Device – Help Now – 566
Sleep Apnea Depression – Devastation Waiting To Happen – 523
Sleep Apnea Effects – Be Warned – 514
Sleep Apnea Masks – Get The Right One – 512

The first sleep apnea symptom you may become aware of is snoring. Snoring is not always indicative of sleep apnea but if the snoring is loud or is more of a snort or choking sound, the culprit may be sleep apnea. Mainly caused by a blockage of the airway, sleep apnea can be successfully treated with a number of options available.

Your body needs to sleep to rejuvenate itself to keep functioning day to day. If you have sleep apnea, your body cannot stay in REM sleep because of the decrease in oxygen signal your brain to wake you up. You eventually have what is referred to as a chronic sleep deficiency and this leads to another sleep apnea symptom of excessive day time sleepiness.

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