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Year Released/Circulated: 2012
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As you well know, snoring is a major issue for many people around the world. Just ask my wife. Course we won't talk about who else snoring in the family! Not only can be be loud and unpleasant for others, it can often be the first sign, or first alarm of OSA, which is obstructive sleep apnea.
It can also cause sleep deprivation for the snorers themselves, but also those around them. Along with day time drowsiness, lack of focus, irritability and a decrease in libido. So it's an problem that many people would like to solve.
Here is your opportunity to grab your share of a highly profitable market. Just the physical product line alone, such as mouth guards, anti-snoring mouthpieces or breathing aids can earn you a nice income. Not to mention the digital products like ebooks.
You'll be getting a complete listbuilding package in the stop snoring market.
Product Includes:
  • Give Away Report – Quality 10 page report with over 1,900 words of quality content.  Report comes in Word DOC format, so you know it's easy to edit any way you'd like. Add your name, your website address, what ever you want.
  • Squeeze Page – Just copy and paste you opt-in code, upload the page and it's ready to building you a list on automatic, even when your not at the computer. Works even while your sleeping.
  • Confirm Page – If you use double opt-in with your email marketing, this page will help encourage your new subscribers to verify their email address. This could mean a much bigger list for you to promote to in the future.
  • Download Page – Just add your download link, upload and it's ready to go. Also comes with spots to add bonus items or related advertising.
  • Keyword Report – Target the right visitors with a detailed keyword report. Gives you the information to put buyers on your new list and build a more profitable email marketing list.
  • Promotional Articles –  Use these to drive traffic to your stop snoring squeeze page and build your list quickly. You'll be getting 10 quality articles.
  • PSD eCover Graphic – Quickly and easily edit the ecover exactly how you want. Change it or brand it to suit your needs.
Give Away Report Contents:
Introduction ……………………………….. 2
What Causes Snoring? ………………………… 3
How To Prevent Snoring ………………………. 5
Medical Treatments Available To Cure Snoring …… 7
Conclusion …………………………………. 9
Promo Article Titles and word counts:
Different Anti Snoring Devices to Eliminate Snoring Effectively – 478
Cures for Snoring and the Risk Factor – 525
Get Rid of Your Sleeping Problems with Snoring Aids – 520
Snoring Causes Listed – 508
Simple but Effective Snoring Remedies for a Better Sleep – 471
Is there a Need for Snoring Surgery? – 514
Surgical and Non-Surgical Snoring Treatment – 512
Different Stop Snoring Devices for a Better Night – 511
Why Choose Stop Snoring Mouthpiece – 511
What Causes Snoring and its Treatments – 513
Articles come in Word DOC format, so they are easy to edit or change.
Product Covers:
"Is Your Spouse Unable To Have A Good Night's Sleep Because Of Your Snoring? Report Reveals The Ways You Can Stop Snoring Today!” 
Here’s what you’ll discover inside:
  • What Are The Different Causes Of Snoring
  • Why You Should Try And Stop Snoring
  • Find Out How You Can Stop Snoring Naturally
  • How You Can Increase Your Daily Activities To Help You Stop Snoring
  • Find Out How You Can Use Medication To Stop Snoring

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[YES] Can be added to an e-course or autoresponder
[YES] Can be added to membership sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
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