Website Traffic Generation PLR Audio Collection


What internet marketer doesn't need or want more website traffic? Every one! It's a fact that traffic=sales. Hard to sell anything with website visitors.
And as you well know, generating traffic to their websites is one of the biggest struggles many marketers face. There are plenty of things to "sell" online, but getting the offer in front of surfers, is the toughest part of making a living on the web.
Here is your opportunity to cash in   with some high quality traffic generation audio's that will help those in need and you'll make some bucks in the process.
Best yet is that these audio's are in MP3 format and who doesn't have a device that plays MP3's these days? Practically every one! So it's an easy sell.
Also the fact that many people like to learn while they are on the go, such as driving, running, or just relaxing. It's one of the popular ways to get the information in the brain.
You could sell this as a stand alone product and keep 100% of all the profits. Or use it as a tasty bonus to a item your already sell and it could increase your sales conversions.
It would also be a fantastic addition to a membership site that pays you month after month, for some reliable and dependable online income.
You'll be getting a total of 9 quality audio recordings, by a respected, successful internet marketing expert, that are all dedicated to getting traffic to websites.
Audio's Included:
Advanced Resource Box – Time: 26:10
Explains how to create article resource box that get's the best clicks. The speaker get's a 20% and better click-thru rate on his articles, so he know's what he's talking about. This audio will pay for itself alone.
Article Marketing For SE Rankings – Time: 24:01
One of the most important aspects of why article marketing can be so powerful to getting ranked in the search engines. This one covers the details.
Article Marketing Traffic – Time: 57:32
Some of the best converting traffic you can get when done right and it's explained on this one. Since it can be the highest quality, this one will get you those sales.
Google Algo Change – Time: 31:43
Talks about the changes with google and how you can adapt to the changes. Most importantly it covers how to do SEO properly, so you don't have to worry about getting slapped, or losing ranks in the search engine giant.
How To Drive Traffic – Time: 36:15
6 powerful traffic sources and how you can use them to grow your business and increase your sales. Save the trial and error and learn what works. Plus it's highly quality traffic.
How To Master a Traffic Source – Time: 53:03
How to drive traffic in a unique way that works very well. Discover how to generate traffic where you don't have to worry about it, as it is always flowing to your websites.
Practical Daily Traffic and Youtube Video Marketing – Time: 27:31
Question and answer session that goes over video marketing on YouTube. As you know it's one of the biggest traffic sources on the internet and ignoring it, means leaving money on the table.
Targeted Traffic Master – Time: 52:47
Topic of driving traffic to websites and how there is often a disconnect that does not deliver that quality traffic that wants to buy what your selling. Also, the right way to go after the traffic that will convert into leads or sales.
Traffic Generation Content Based – Time: 50:15
This ones goes into some detail on social marketing and how it relates to what the search engines are looking for, when it comes to getting your websites ranked and the search engine traffic flowing.
There is more…
We also created a brand new professional eCover from scratch just for this product. Something you won't find anywhere else but here. So grab it to have the exclusive.
The PSD for the cover is also included so you can edit or change it how ever you want. Add your name, website address or brand it as you need. It's totally up to you.
Rendered 3D cover comes in 5 different sizes, so it will fit just about anywhere you need. 
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