Western Store PLR Amazon Turnkey Website


You’ll be getting a pre-loaded and pre-stocked western store with over 1,100 products pre-loaded into the site and ready to sell for you.

If your reading this, you probably already know how big the western lifestyle is. I’ve seen it first hand. My family was into the rodeo with our children completing in showing, barrel racing and pole bending. At one time we had 5 horses and rode often. Since we where in the world, I saw first hand how many folks had a incredible passion for everything western.
I can also tell you, from first experience, that these people willingly spend ALOT of money on their past time. For some it’s more than a hobby, it’s way of life, it’s even a job for many others. This means a huge market with money to spend and they could be spending it on your new store.
Here is your golden opportunity to cash in on a huge market. From the rodeo crowd, horse riders and lovers, to any one than enjoys dressing western or decorating their home.
You’ll be getting a pre-loaded and pre-stocked western store with over 1,100 products pre-loaded into the site and ready to sell for you. These products are built into the site with amazon affiliate links ready to be clicked.
It covers everything western from decor to boots and everything related to the western style culture.
Best yet, since it is an affiliate site, Amazon does all the work for you, including payment, shipping and customer service. This means little to no work for you. All you need to do is generate traffic to your site, the rest is done for you, and you get commission checks.
Product incudes the following:
  • Pre-loaded Western Store – With over 1,100 products (1,179 to be exact). Products are built into the site with full product descriptions and high quality amazon buy now buttons. It takes only a couple minutes to add your affiliate ID to every link and you’ll get credit for every single sale.
  • Custom Theme and Layout – We created this theme completely from scratch just for this website. You won’t find it anywhere else but here. So grab it quick so you can have the exclusive! It is also responsive, which is important for your mobile visitors.
  • Video Pages – We added three different video pages which include, Bull Riding Video’s, Funny Horse Video’s, Horse Video’s and Rodeo Video’s. These video’s are direct from YouTube and they are embedded right into your sites pages, which means your visitors watch them on your site. No more sending away your hard earned traffic. Plus, another reason for people to visit your site and spend some time.
Product line for the website covers over 45 Western related items as follows:
Mens Western Boots 
Western Bathroom Decor 
Western Bedding 
Western Belt Buckles 
Western Books 
Western Chaps 
Western Costume 
Western Decorations 
Western Earrings 
Western Fabric 
Western Figurines 
Western Furniture 
Western Gun Belt 
Western Handbag 
Western Hat 
Western Invitations 
Western Jewelry 
Western Keyrings
Western Kitchen Decor 
Western Lamps 
Western Leather Belts 
Western Light Switch Covers 
Western Metal Wall Art 
Western Movies 
Western Necklaces 
Western Ornaments 
Western Outdoor Decor 
Western Party Supplies 
Western Picture Frames 
Western Pictures 
Western Posters 
Western Rhinestone Belts 
Western Rugs 
Western Saddle Pad 
Western Shower Curtain Hooks 
Western Shower Curtains 
Western Signs 
Western Spurs 
Western Tablecloth 
Western Throw Pillows 
Western Wallet 
Womens Western Boots 
Womens Western Shirts 
Wrangler Western Shirts
Website Core Features:
  • Search Engine Optimization – We’ve included a SEO feature that will improve your changes of getting more of your sites pages ranked in the search engines.
  • Traffic Stats – Built into the site and displayed in your dashboard, you can see exactly how much traffic your getting, where it’s coming from and visitor details. When you know what your visitors are doing on your site, you can learn how to improve it.
  • Google Analytics – Option built into your new store that will show you exact what your traffic and visitors are doing on your site. This will show how to improve your site.
  • RSS Feeds – Already active on your site. This makes it easier to spread your sites content around the internet. It’s also a easy and automatic way to build back links to your pages.
  • Site Map – Google XML Sitemap option to create a map of every single page on your new store. This makes it easier for the search engines to find everything you have to offer and giving you a better chances of getting more of your pages ranked.
  • Tag Cloud – We’ve added a custom tag cloud that lists your western product tags, which means even more pages for the search engines to find and rank. Site comes with over 2,800 product related tags.
  • Spam Protection – Another option that comes with the site to help keep out the garbage comments and back link spam.
Easy to use…
The store runs on the highly popular, time-tested and highly stable WordPress website platform, so you know it’s going to be easy to use and administer. If you can type and click, you can run this site. Not to mention it’s highly expandable.
Everything Included…
You will be getting everything you need to have your very own Turnkey western Amazon Store Website and it takes very little time to get it online and running. For many people it takes 20 minute or less to install and set up. Everything is included.
Get your site now and get in on the highly profitable western Products market Today! Package includes the documentation showing how to install and set it up. Site is also quite easy to add new content, edit the current content, or change the site as you wish. You make it your own. It’s your Western Store website to do with what you will. Adding new content is as simple as typing.
Simply supply your domain and hosting and your ready to go.
BONUS: You’ll also be getting our “Get Traffic Report” at no extra charge. This guide covers many ways to drive visitors and traffic to your new site and make you some money!
Product Rights:
[NO] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[YES] Those you Sell to can Edit Package as they want
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