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 Table of Contents

Section 1: Assessing Physical Damage and Accepting the Importance of Exercise    10
Lifespan and Physical Appearance    11
Assessing How Fit You Are    12
Turning You into a Fitness Buff!    14
Slowly but Surely…    15
Benefits of Exercise    16
MORE Benefits of Exercise!    16
Section 2: No Matter How Busy You Are, there are Ways You CAN Include Exercise    20
A Simple Exercise Program    21
Frequency and Intensity    22
Variety is the Spice of Life    23
Walk before you Run…    24
Time Management    25
Cubicle Fitness    27
Family Exercises    28
Chores Burn Calories!    28
Walk, don’t Drive!    28
Section 3: Busy Traveler?  You Can Fit Exercise into your Trips!    30
Common Obstacles    31
Walk when on the Road    32
Fitness while Flying    32
A note about DVT    33
Important “to do” things when traveling    34
Working out with Friends    36
When there’s no Gym!    37
Yoga    40
Section 4: Exercise Equipment “To Go”    41
More Portable Exercise Tools!    42
IMPORTANT NOTE: Buyer Beware!    43
Using a Pedometer    45
Always Carry…    45
Keep a Record!    46
Eating Fit!    47
Section 5: Information/Resources for the Hurried and Harried    48
Fitness-Friendly Hotels    49
Fitness-Friendly Airports    50
Websites of Interest    51
Conclusion    52


“The Secrets Of Married, Full Time Working, Parents Who Still Have The Time To Be Exercise Junkies!”

Just because you’re stuck in your small office space 8 hours a day doesn’t mean you can’t keep your blood flowing. If you know where to look, there are opportunities all day long to burn extra calories.

Within my 50 page guide, “Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule,” you’ll learn all the tips, tricks, and tactics of those who must be creative to stay active. And you can get your hands on them in just minutes from now.


…here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • A new way to look at how you treat and care for your body. (Page 9)

  • 5 ways people end up looking older than they really are (a direct result of not taking care of yourself). (Page 10)

  • 3 questions you must ask yourself to honestly judge how fit you are. (Pages 11-12)

  • The secret behind "slowly but surely" and how it can save the day for people on the go. (Pages 13-14)

  • 5 reasons you’ll never regret getting in shape (that’ll keep you from falling back into old habits). (Page 14)

  • The lowdown on HDL/LDL counts, your cholesterol, and the risks of being in the red zone. (Page 15)

  • If you’re a woman, exercise can be one of your greatest weapons against the bone disease (that shows up in your gender 4 times as much as men) osteoporosis. (Pages 15-16)

  • How to prevent diabetes by fighting it off with exercise. (Page 16)

  • How being penny wise and pound foolish is a recipe for disaster. (Page 18)

  • 3 ways to manage your workout program like you would any other project in the office. (Pages 19-20)

  • The secret to keeping with your routine when you start to get bored. (Pages 21-22)

  • An easy way for you, the beginner, to make the transition to workout king or queen. (Page 22)

  • How to fit exercise routines into your work day. (Pages 23-24)

  • Keeping your blood flowing inside your cubicle. (Pages 24-25)

  • How to use your children to stay in shape. (Page 25)

  • The secret to walking instead of driving (in ways much more practical than you think). (Page 26)

  • How a good set of "traveling shoes" can keep the constant flier in shape. (Pages 28-29)

  • 6 tips every traveler can use to stay in shape and keep your routine while away from home. (Pages 31-32)

  • 6 exercises to use whenever you find yourself stuck without a gym. (Pages 33-36)

  • 11 exercise tools you can take anywhere. (Pages 37-39)

  • Warning! Not all exercise products do what they say! Read this and save your cash for something that DOES work. (Page 39)

  • How to use every exercise advantage possible while staying at hotels. (Pages 40-41)

  • An easy way to motivate yourself to walk farther distances. (Page 41)

  • The secrets to eating for exercise success. (Page 43)

  • 4 "fitness friendly" hotel chains you should be on the lookout for. (Pages 45-46)

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

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