Should You REALLY Be Yourself Blogging?

Should you really be yourself blogging?  Should You REALLY Be Yourself Blogging? lazy

A short one today.

I call it a wonder post.

Something that makes me wonder.

There is an old adage online (old in internet time), that says you should be yourself when you write.

Write like you talk in person, they say.

I couldn’t agree more. 100%.

And when you are yourself, you are more genuine and that can come across in your writing.

Plus when you ARE genuine, you won’t have any trouble keeping up with what you’ve said before. You won’t have trouble keeping your story straight, so to speak.

When people talking about being yourself in your writing, it’s usually referring to blogging or more so, email marketing.


Oh you had to know there was a butt coming.

I’ve noticed a small growing trend. Ever so small it seems. Or I am just picky.

Blogging that contains profanity.

Potty mouth.

I guess what got me thinking was a blog I ran across a couple weeks ago.

(Yes I’ve been thinking a while)

It looks like a newer blogger. From all appearances. But what was surprising was the language. It was ripe.

Let me state for the record I am no prude. I REALLY want to stress that. I do cuss from time to time. Not that often though, really.

Truth be known, one of my favorite shows is the Trailer Park Boys. Not for the language, but it’s defiantly there.

It comes down to this for me…

To each their own.

Do what you want to do.

Don’t let me stop you.

One of the great benefits about the net is the freedoms, such as the freedom of speech.

I just wonder, when it comes to profanity, if it turns off more people (visitors, readers or subscribers) than it builds raving fans?

Now if you’re a Frank Kern you can get away with it. He has. And I am sure he won’t be changing his personality any time soon. Think most people wouldn’t want him to.

Of course I am not knocking Frank, “dude” knows his stuff, no doubt about it.

I can think of one other marketer off the top of my head. There are not that many.

But if you’re an unknown, can it help you or hurt you?

For me personally, I would rather error on the side of caution. So I keep the naughty words to myself when I am writing.

Now, the blogger I mentioned before, the newer one, the ripe language did not seem natural, so maybe it was just his way of trying to be out there, or be a “character”.

But… it begs the question

I am curious, what do you think?

Is it a turn off for you?

Or do you see the writer as more real?

I am sure there will be people from both sides, but I am more curious about the majority.

There are people I know in real life that would set off the swear meter if they wrote like they talked.

Not saying they are bad people, they are good friends and family (don’t tell anyone I said that), just saying, they enjoy saying the bad words. In some circles, there is not enough soap for them.

I’ll say it once again; people have the right to say what they want, in most countries.

I am not passing judgment.


What do you think? Yah or nay?

Don’t be shy now…

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  • What say you?

  • Hi Ron,

    Most sites I visit don’t use profanities. But there is one site I visit occasionally that makes a point of using it, almost like a branding.

    I guess the question is: is that normal behavior or a special behavior just for the website?

    I think it helps to be yourself when writing your own blog. But when you’re writing for other people, especially as a ghostwriter, then you have to slip into their style.

    No right or wrong answers on this one.

    Interesting debate though…
    – David

    • Hey David,

      Good to see you. Maybe you visited the same blog I saw.

      That is a good question, normal or special behavior. Did not think about that.

      I figured it there probably wouldn’t be a right or wrong.

      As always, do appreciate your input. 🙂

  • Jasper Oldersom

    Hey Ron,

    I think you should only do it if you truly know your target market in and out. For example, Copy Hackers uses the word “mofo” quote often. Bob Bly called Joanne Wiebe out about it, then she wrote a post explaining why cursing is not always hurting your conversion rate (or customer loyalty for that matter).

    Personally, I don’t think I have used profanities a lot in any of my writing. I have written edgy copy before, but you don’t have to curse to do that.

    It’s certainly a tough one. I agree, it’s best to stay on the safe side. It probably won’t dramatically hurt your sales short or long term in any case.

    Great post 🙂

    Have a great day.

    – Jasper

    • Thanks for stopping by Jasper.

      See, I don’t see mofo as that bad. Maybe it’s just me. Guess if you stop to think about what it really means. More like slang to me.

      Bob said something huh? That might have even increased her reach lol. Any press is good press?

      Like I said, I am not knocking it, I was more just wondering what others thought. Like you said, if you really know your market or they’ve grown up or followed you along the way, should make a big difference.

      Guess I also wondered, if others tried to follow suit (if johnny jumped off a bridge), trying to be like marketers, that can get away with it, that it might come back to bite them.

      I agree, playing it safe is the best route. Course others could argue, playing it safe might not make a superstar.

      Appreciate the input 🙂

  • Hi Ron,

    It’s all about what you want to achieve in the blogging field. There are many bloggers who write just for fun.

    But if want to build a professional blog for the business purpose then the real blogging with some stricks would work.

    We are no one to judge anyone. People will blog the way they want.

    • Oh I agree, every one has the freedom to type what they want. And as I aid, I am not judging any one.

      Just curious what people thought.


      Thanks for the comment.

      • Stricks is used here in a form of metaphor for working with focus.

  • Mark Newsome

    Hey Ron!

    Looks like I really got lucky with me timing!LOL! I definitely have to get by here more often! Anyway, first of all, let me state for the record (again!)

    Just how I much I truly admire and appreciate, your (what seems) to be, a genuine natural ability, to get your excellent points across, in a very down to earth, and natural manner.

    As if two old friends, are just sharing some thoughts. Personally, like you, I definitely say to each his own!

    But sense using any type of profanity, in terms of my particular writing style. It’s just not naturally who I am as a personal, marketer and or communicator!

    And my audience would immediately recognize my phoniness, in trying to portray a persona, I simply don’t have!LOL!

    It would kinda be like actor/rapper Will Smith, suddenly throwing a du rag on, and trying to sound rapper 50 cents!LOL! So not happening!LOL!

    But I definitely hear and appreciate where you’re coming from! Be real, maybe just don’ try to be overboard about what constitutes, being real!LOL!

    And that’s about as far into it, I can go, on advice of counsel!LOL!

    • Hey Mark,

      Good to see you. No timing needed. I don’t blog enough for people to miss much. 🙂

      I keep using the excuse that it’s not my main business model.

      Thank you for the kind works, though I think you might be giving me more props than I deserve.

      Yes, to each their own. Couldn’t agree more.

      Switching it up like that could be a disaster. You’re right, if it’s not “you” it will come through. People can tell. Just like when people talk about things they clearly don’t really know much about.

      Ya, Will might hurt his reputation a bit huh? If I remember right, he was more of a clean rapper. Back in the day.

      Overboard might be a bit much. That was what I was wondering. And if some one really is like that in person and always stayed to their personality, how much of a following, or how much of a raving fan base, it might or might not build.

      Guess I wondered how many would be offended, if many.

      Better take the advice of counsel 🙂

      Appreciate your thoughts Mark. Talk to you soon.

  • Ron, I would eer with caution on this one and say nay especially if one is blogging for professional – if just for fun then by all means do it anyway you want!
    Be yourself in blogging is best – no 2 ways around that one!

    • Hey Lisa,

      Yep that seems to be the conciseness, to err on the side of caution. I agree on nay if one is a professional, or trying to build a reputation.

      Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

  • Hi Ron! Great post sir. I go by the rule (now) of not posting anything I wouldn’t want my mother to see. There was a time that I didn’t think that… until my mother saw. Even though I’m much older now – it’s more important to make my mom proud – even as old as I am.

    • Hey Sunny, good to see you it’s been a while. Hope all is well with you. Hope the traffic is flowing and they are clicking.

      I like your rule very much. Sounds like a great way to decide what to say (or type) or not say. Though I guess it might depend on your

      But still, good way to look at it.

      Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for leaving a comment, it’s appreciated.

      Don’t be a stranger 🙂

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