5 Quick Ways to Profit From PLR Products

Although it’s not the complete list, here are a few ways I like to profit from PLR (Private Label Rights).

5. Sell The Product – Ya, nothing new or earth-shattering here, but it is a time-tested and proven model. Look.. many PLR comes with everything you need, such as a salespage, download page ect. Add your payment and download like, put the offer in front of people. Simple process that works.

If your unsure about setting things up for sale, your welcome to check out the free report I have about selling digital items on my Free Stuff page.

4. Use as a Bonus – Already selling something? It’s been proven that one powerful way to increase conversions is to add bonus items.  I bet, no matter what your selling, you can find a bonus to add to the product. Maybe a related ebook, or even some informative articles. You could even take PLR Articles and turn them into a short report as a bonus item.

3.  Content for your List – As you know, you need to stay in contact with your subscribers on a regular basis, or they will forget about you and unsubscribe, or stop reading your emails. Problem is, most email marketers don’t know what to send to their list. Here again, Private Label Right Articles are the perfect length when it comes to email messages. Add your personality, format them for better email reading and you have quick solid content.

2. Create Short Reports – I think few people stop to think how valuable short reports are. They have so many uses. You could sell them, use as possible viral content, bonus items, email marketing content, document sharing sites and more.

1. Re-purpose the Content – One of my all time favorite ways to make money with PLR. Examples:

* Turn articles into autoresponder messages

* Create ebooks and reports from articles

* Build Websites using PLR, loading it with articles or parts of ebooks.

* Re-work a PLR and have a shiny new, never-seen-before product. You have the exclusive.

As I’ve said, it’s not a complete list, but some of my faves and surely enough to get your brain juices stirring.

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