5 Simple Digital Product Profit Hacks

Back to my favorite subject again?

Oh you bet!

And do I have some tasty profit idea’s for you today.

Some of them might help you earn your first dollars online.

No more struggling to make a buck.

Others could help you double or triple your profits.

And some could help you build a steady income online.

But they are all so simple and easy, you could get them working for you as soon as today.

Are you ready?

Let’s get to it…

One thing before we get started.

While I am talking about digital products, I do not mean using the same exact product for more than one concept.

1. Sell It Straight Up

I probably don’t have to explain this one.

It’s pretty simple.

You have a digital product, set it up to sell, or add it to your sales system and put it up for sale.

A sales page with a payment button and a download page is all you really need.

You could even create pay pal buttons to get the cash into your account.

Or use some of the digital marketplaces on the net.

Though I personally prefer to use my own system, and it’s more profits in your pocket.

Your choice of course.

I don’t want to get into the selling systems, as that is an article on its own. You can check out this post for marketplaces to sell: 4 Proven Hotspots To Sell Your Digital Products.

2. Lead Magnet

When I say lead magnet, I am talking about using your product as a give-away, freebie or bribe to build a email list.

You know the drill…

Squeeze page – give me your email address.

Download your free gift.

This might not be money in your pocket the same day, but it can be MUCH more than that.

Although it can mean money the same day, I’ll get to that in just a second.

Here’s how this can work for you in a couple ways…

First you’d be building a list of email addresses. A list of people, traffic on demand and sales on demand. A list you could promote too far into the future.

Second, these people trusted you enough to give you their email address, they’ve said “yes”, so it stands to reason, it can be a perfect time to offer something for sale.

Could be a one-time-offer (OTO) or a advertisement or banner on the download page. Heck you could put the sales page right under the download link, so you don’t feel tour being too aggressive.

Or, put the freebie download link at the bottom of the sales copy on the download page. Then they HAVE to see your sales copy.

And of course, as you know, the paid product should be directly related to your freebie’s theme. Say your freebie is about building a list, an good product to sell would be a video series cover the same subject. Or maybe pre-written autoresponder messages. Think you get the idea.

On a quick side note…

The idea behind a give-away or freebie it so give them a taste. If you give them everything they need, why would they need to buy anything from you?

I shouldn’t have to bring it up, but I do see some marketers giving away the farm just for an email address, then they wonder why they can’t make any more from their list.

Gee, wonder why.

3. Upsell From Another Product

I know you’ve been to a few fast food joints in your life. So you’ve seen firsthand how upsells are done in the real world.

You order a meal deal at the local burger joint and they ask you if you want to super size it, a bigger meal, which of course will cost you a little more.

Just ordering a burger, they will ask you if you want fries or a drink with it.

Standard practices.

Same idea translates well to the internet.

You have a product your selling…

They’ve agreed to purchase your main product, they’ve committed, they’ve said yet, it’s a done deal.

What better time to ask them if they want to make it even better?

Statistics prove, this can be one of the best times to ask for more, and usually get it.

After all, they have enough trust in you to get ready to click through to pay pal.

Time to strike while the iron is hot.

If you’re feeling frisky, you could have more than one upsell. I’ve have yet to be that salesy, but more power to you if you want to go that route. They say it works, for them. The guroo’s of course.

You just need to be carefully that you don’t scare the buyer off before they even paid for the main product.

Another way to go is to get the first sale, than offer a Upsell as they go to download their order. Least you have one bird firmly in hand. Least you have some cash in hand.

Here again, the upsell needs to be related to the main offering. The more closely they are related, the better chance you have of making the sale.

Better yet, if the upsell makes the main product even better, such as “You’ll make 3X more money with our super-fancy-money-making add-on”, your chances of making the sale increases even more.

4. Downsell From Main Product

Okay, so your sales page didn’t catch them in your net.

They are leaving without giving you any cash.

All is not lost my friend.

If your want to be aggressive (and make more money online), here is where you can add a downsell, which basically means a scaled down version of the main product offering, at a lower price.

Pretty simple, right?

Maybe your main product is a set of ebooks on a given topic, for say $27.00.

As a downsell, you could offer just one or two of the ebooks for $10.

Hey, $10 is better than they leaving without giving you a dime, right?

They are leaving anyways, how can it hurt? What do you have to lose?

In my opinion, here is where you can’t be afraid to sell, they are leaving, they are leaving, they are leaving.

Did I say they are leaving?

Unless it’s something like your blog, where you need to maintain a reputation.

But think about it, how many people are going re-visit your salespage?

VERY few. Probably now.

So, if they are leaving, never to come back anyways, why not one last ditched effort to make some money?

5. Bonus Item

Your sales page not making as many sales as you’d like?

Or no sales at all?

I can feel ya. Been there, done that, and no t-shirt to prove it.

Here’s a simple trick that can improve even the lowest converting sales letter.

Add a bonus item if they buy the main product.

Sure you’d seen plenty of examples on this one to. But do you practice it?

Sometimes visitors will buy just to get their hands on your bonus.

Happens all the time.

Sure I don’t have to tell you, here again, it needs to be related to the main product, or makes the main product even better.

Plus, this is another super easy “fix” you can set up in just a few minutes.

Grab a private label rights product, or even a master resale rights item and add it to your salespage copy. Put it on your download page and your done.

Easy Peasy, right?

So you may have an important question right now…

My ESPN works some of the time.

What if you don’t have your own product or you don’t want to take the time to create one? Maybe you don’t think you have the skills to create something from scratch?

There is an easy and low cost solution, and that is picking up Private Label Rights products. Like you didn’t see that coming.

Seriously though, it can be a huge short cut. You could have your own product, up for sale in less than a day.

I see so many people struggle and take forever to come up with an idea for say an ebook, then it takes them weeks, or months to get it written up.

Some people never get it done. And as we know, how much money does an unfinished product make you?

That’s right.. NOTHING.

You have to ask yourself, do you want to make money today, or never?

Thought so.

Best part is that they can be edited all you want, add your name and become an instant author or expert. And most every time they can be resold, and that’s where the money lies.

An bonus tip is to add links to other products you have for sale. If you don’t have your own, add affiliate links.

Extra income streams, that could pay off for years. I have reports and ebooks out there that still bring in sales here and there from links contained within.

At the very least add a link back to your website(s). Believe it or not, some people don’t even do that simple step. Talk about losing traffic, visitors and sales.

That’s it for today…

Do you have anything to add? Feedback? Questions?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Leave a comment below.


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